Monthly Book Report ~ Month 2 of Year 2020 ~ I’ve been MIA but the month was good.

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February started very strong but ending on a not so good note. I had a family emergency and have been MIA for a period of time. We are still dealing with it all but things are starting to look better and I should be back to blogging 100%. I also stopping doing the Sunday Post. I just wasn’t finding time to comment back to people and it was becoming quite the chore to figure out what to say each week. Of course the last 3 weeks in Feb was INSANE but I wouldn’t have been able to update or visit so I figured I will take a break from it for a while. I might come back or just use this platform to update about blogging, real life and books. 🙂

My challenges are going a touch slow and I wont be updating anything until the March Book Report. I didn’t read as much I wanted to this month but that’s ok. I am hoping the next few weeks will be better.

Books reviewed

All about the books

Book I read

Books I grabbed this month

Amazon Free Pick

Reading Stats

12 books completed out of 60 ~ 2 books ahead

2020 Challenges

2020 Bookish Resolutions

Reading Goals

      • Finish 3 Trilogies ~ working on it. 
      • Goodreads Goal ~ 60 Books  – 12
      • Read 25 Physical Books already on Shelf (before 2019) – I have to check it out more
      • Read for at least an hour a day ~ Still doing good with this, I try to read for at least an hour a night. 

Blogging Goals ~

      • Have at least 2 posts a week ~ not every week but I am trying.
      • Stay at least one week ahead ~ Will be working on doing this soon.

Personal Goals

      • Write in my 5 year journal every day ~ Yup and I love my journal. 
      • Lose 20 lbs before July ~ NOT YET
      • Eat healthier and clean ~ Slowly changing over
      • meal plan ~ Still working on this
      • mediate at night ~ Totally forgot this was a goal, will do this once things settle down.

Read these 12 books before the end of the year

  1. The Grace Year
  2. The Ten Thousand Doors of January
  3. The Merciful Crow
  4. The Priory of the Orange Tree
  5. Wicked Saints
  6. The Candle and the Flame
  7. Missing, Presumed Dead
  8. Gideon the Ninth
  9. Kinds of the Wyld
  10. Spellslinger
  11. Furyborn
  12. I hope you get this message

2020 Reading Assignment Spring Semester

I plan to do a complete do over in The Summer Semester but I am doing great in Professor Author Luvs Class 🙂 Already picked out the 3 for this month.

Professor Author Luv ~ Advanced Level – 3 books a month
Madison Faye

Jan ~ Bully ,Breathless and Barely
Feb ~ Bucking Bronco, Long Hard Trucker and Rough Rider

Professor Genre ~ Beginning Level – 1 book a month
Book Box Books

Professor Mix-It Up ~ Beginning Level – 1 book a month

    1. Winterwood
    2. The Girl the Sea Gave Back
    3. We Hint the Flames
    4. Rule



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9 responses to “Monthly Book Report ~ Month 2 of Year 2020 ~ I’ve been MIA but the month was good.

  1. I hope the coming months are better for you! Although, with this virus, things are looking kinda miserable for all! 🙁

    I’ve also been struggling with commenting and keeping on top of things… I recently managed to get back into a blogging rhythm but I haven’t managed to slot the commenting into it yet. *sigh*

    • I’m working on that now, focusing on trying to relax and spending time for me. It’s been a rough few weeks but things are starting to get better so that’s a plus.