Much Better! The Accidental Human #audioreview

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The Accidental Human was better. Easily my favorite of the series so far. The humor is starting to feel a lot less forced, for one. I think the character felt a lot more authentic and even though there was still that annoying emphasis on swearing, it felt more appropriate in this character. I think it really helped that the subject matter was deeper – we’re dealing with serious illness and that just lends itself to a better book I think. It really brought the friendship to a new and interesting height.

I read it much faster and was much more eager to see how things would develop… who was the accidental human and how? What would happen to fix things? I was actually concerned which was great. Oh and I loved Heath and his man servant. Great characters.

I did have one major frustration – either Cassidy (the author) or Wanda (the MC) need to read a lot more paranormal. At the end, so this is a spoiler sort of – we see the introduction of a brand new-to-them paranormal species. But if you read paranormal like I do, or like Wanda supposedly does, you know what that species is called and a little bit about it. Well the name they give is WRONG and what it’s capable of is WRONG. Which fine, create a new lore. But I prefer that to be in acknowledgement of it’s newness. So that bugged me.

Also this felt like a series ending – so now I’m really thrown as to where the series goes after this. I know we’ve got lots more books. Curious to see! Loved the narration as always πŸ™‚

4 stars Pretty Great

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