Out with the Old, In with the New ~ 2015 Recap – March

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Berls @ Fantasy is more fun and I are recapping 2015
and looking ahead to 2016 the next 12 days.
Feel free to join us!
I’ll be sharing highlights month-by-month and giving you a peak at what’s ahead in 2016.

out with the OLD: 2015

March was the month that started the downward spiral in blogging and the family. We had some issues during the year regarding my son. Right now things have been great with him after those 3 months of complete chaos and emotional drain we are now at a point where we have some issues but not as bad as it was. I am happy things are back to normal-ish but I think I need to remember that sometimes it’s good to take a break and remember to take care of myself.

in with the NEW: 2016

After everything that happened this year I realized that as much as I love my blog, and I do, I also need to remember me time and taking a much needed break when needed. I also realized that taking a break isn’t going to make me lose all my followers unless I disappear for 6 months, which I have no plans of doing,  but I am thinking a week or a weekend away wouldn’t hurt and would help me clear my head. So next year I plan to keep the blog ahead so I can take those me time moments and spend time with my family without having to worry about the blog. It will also help me read more if I am not stressing so much.

Books I read this month:

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Books I reviewed this month:

My Favorite Book this month:



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