#Review ~ Mistletoe Montana Books 4, 6, 7, 8 (not sure what happened to 5)

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I couldn’t resist, sharing this series once I found it on Amazon. Each book is released one day at a time, there are 17 books in total and I will be reviewing them once a week. Here is the next set that where released last week. Side note: I have no idea what happened to 5 I would assume it was suppose to be released on Tuesday but it’s not scheduled until the 15th so I think it was a mix up. Anyway I will have that one when it’s released.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
#Review ~ Mistletoe Montana Books 4, 6, 7, 8 (not sure what happened to 5)His Big Package (Mistletoe Montana #4) by Jenika Snow
Published by Jenika Snow Pages: 88

I’d felt arousal for the first time in my life when I spotted him across the room.
Logan Marsh was a big, burly man, towering over everyone and everything, his size almost inhuman, his masculinity having me keenly aware I was very much female.
And he watched me… God, he watched me like there was nothing else in the world that fascinated him but me.
We’d been thrown together for the holidays, him playing Santa and me Mrs. Claus. It was a professional relationship that turned out to be anything but. And my inexperience should have had me frightened by the way he looked at me… like he imagined me naked and spread eagle just for him.
But instead of running, which would have been the smart move, I found myself wanting all of it. With him.
The world tilted under my feet the moment I saw her. This tiny little thing who was half my size but called out to every protective, possessive instinct in my body.
She was the woman I'd been waiting for, and there was no deviating from my path to claim her.
Blythe was so very female to everything in me that was male, and I wanted to memorize every inch of her body with my hands, lips, and tongue.
Whatever primal need rode me, it did it hard and without apology. I’d probably frighten Blythe with my need for her, but better she found out now what kind of man I was when it concerned something I wanted.
And I’d never wanted anything as much as her.

Blythe notices this HOT guy staring at her from across the room, she is about to play Mrs. Clause to his Santa and it couldn’t get any hotter. I am a fan of Jenika Snow and have read a few of her books. This book was awesome. It has the growly alpha male and the timid girl that needs a good pounding from a hot man. Super over the top, lots of Christmas and I just loved Blythe and Logan. I think this one was my favorite with Book #1 coming in a close 2nd.

#Review ~ Mistletoe Montana Books 4, 6, 7, 8 (not sure what happened to 5)His Snow Angel (Mistletoe Montana #6) by Tory Baker
Published by Amazon Digital Services Pages: 70

Tyson Black grew up in Mistletoe, Montana and it suits him perfectly.It’s not that he’s Christmas crazy—like the rest of the town.Sure, he runs his family Christmas tree farm, but he rarely goes into town.That is until he saw Eve Stevenson, the town librarian.
Eve is everything that Tyson is not.She’s shy, soft, sweet and completely innocent.His exact opposite.
That doesn’t stop him from deciding to claim her.He’s going to make her his, and everyone will know—because when he’s done, Eve will be carrying his baby.

Tyson has always wanted Eve and they finally made it official. Good lord, he was all alpha male and over protective and could come off as sweet but I think after a while I would get annoyed. Like I’m an adult if I want to stand outside in my t-shirt in the snow, I should be allowed to without anyone telling me what to do.I did like Tyson but I think he was just a touch controlling but if you look past that it was a cute book and I did like Tyson and Eve together, he wasn’t my type but he was 100% hers.
#Review ~ Mistletoe Montana Books 4, 6, 7, 8 (not sure what happened to 5)Stuffed (Mistletoe, Montana #7) by Lena Lucas
Published by Lena Lucas on December 10, 2020
Pages: 62

I’d wanted Wellsie Ander for as long as I’d lived in Mistletoe, Montana. And that was saying something since I'd lived here my whole life.
She was the only woman who ever made me want… more out of life. But I’d always kept my distance, too afraid of rejection if I bared my heart and soul. Because I knew if she wasn’t mine, there would never be anyone else for me.
But before I made her mine I’d wanted certain things. I wanted to be successful with my own home and a thriving business. I wanted those things so I had something to offer the woman I loved, the girl of my dreams.
And now was the time for me to stake my claim on her, and make Wellsie see that she’d been mine before she’d even known my name.
I knew Beau watched me constantly. I felt his eyes on me like a physical touch. And I wanted him, too, but of course I was a coward in making the first move.
I pined and wanted, fantasized and dreamed of being his. But I was tired of the fear that controlled me at the thought of him turning me down. So I told myself now was the time. I’d tell Beau that I was in love with him.
And when the perfect opportunity arose, I was taking it. So I scheduled a private baking class with him and knew there would be no going back. I’d been prepared for rejection from him, maybe even a soft blow to my ego as I confessed, but what I didn’t expect was him to love me back.
What I didn’t expect was for Beau to tell me he’d been waiting for me his whole life.
Lena’s note: I know you like them fast and right to the point so don’t worry, this one gives you all the goods but with a healthy dose of romance (and holiday cheer) thrown in. A double virgins story to whet your appetite and burn up the pages! Enjoy this good old-fashioned safe smut-fest.

Beau Loves Wellsie, Wellsie loves Beau but neither of them will tell each other until Wellsie decides to take a baking class from Beau and they a whole lot more than baking. These two are super cute but the virgin thing was weird. I felt like I was watch something I probably shouldn’t have. I like the idea that they both saved themselves for each other but I wanted to the first time to be a little more, real. They also really liked to tell each other they only wanted them, after a while I was happy because I didn’t want them. Over all super cute, but I sort of missed where the Christmas was.
#Review ~ Mistletoe Montana Books 4, 6, 7, 8 (not sure what happened to 5)His Christmas Promise (Mistletoe Montana #8) by Elisa Leigh
Published by Amazon Digital Services Goodreads

Alexander Drakos was born into a loving family. All of that was stripped away when his parents were killed, and he had to go into foster care. The only thing that made life bearable was Zoe, a girl who's life seemed far worse than his with eyes that twinkled like Christmas lights. When he aged out, he made Zoe a promise before leaving for the military, one he's never forgotten. He's in Mistletoe this Christmas to fulfill that promise, and hopefully more.
Zoe Fisher moved to Mistletoe a little over a year ago to work as a nurse in the local hospital and loves every second of it. The small town is like Christmas all year long. What could be better than that? The only thing missing is someone to spend each magical day with. She can't help but wonder if Alexander remembers her, let alone the promise he made to her all those years ago.
Discover if the Christmas magic is still alive for Alexander and Zoe and if he'll be able to fulfill His Christmas Wish.

Alex and Zoe meet when they were younger. Alex made a promise to zoe and 10 years later they find each other again and he makes the promise come true. Well he sort of stalks her for 10 year and basically sets up her entire life in Mistletoes to be able to keep the promise which is a little creepy but sort of, maybe, romantic? if you like stalker alpha male behavior. First time they saw each other and hugged, he smelled her hair, The book is really cute if you can move past Alex’s manliness. Overall this one was a good friends to lovers.

This was a cute set of stories, while I did have some issues they were for sure exactly what I was expecting and was happy to have read them, now on to the next set! 🙂

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  1. Neat way to get things hot and spicy for the holidays with a new one each day. Jennika Snow is the only author I’d read of this batch. I think they were motorcycle club books and she definitely can write a solid alpha male character.