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My Review:

I am not even sure were to start with this one. I picked it up for a tour but realized that the review might not do the tour justice however please know I did like this book I just has a lot of issues with it. I wont turn anyone way from reading it because I think it is a very enjoyable book to read but a lot of what was going on just didn’t sit right with me and made me feel like Meg wasn’t as strong of a character as I would like. The story was really interesting and I think I needed more secondary characters because you kind of get them all at the end and I really liked the banter they had back and forth. They were a fun group of guys and I needed more of that.

Ok let me tell you why I liked it and didn’t like.

The story is told in Meg’s POV, I really liked her but I had some issues. The relationship between Miles and Meg felt a little rushed and he was an ass (but hot) and she was very gullible. At some point they decided to be friends with benefits and that would be great if Meg wasn’t a virgin. How do you go from never having sex to having it every time you are with someone. Then when she felt like Miles might be lying to her instead of telling him no I am not doing this anymore she would get all angry he would kiss her neck and they would have sex and the issue would be done. What? I know the best part of breaking up is when your making up but for someone that is a virgin to be in a friends with benefits situation and told not to get attached is hard to believe. A lot of the story was sex and I don’t mind a lot of sex in a book but I would have liked more private moments with just them just a relationship build. I think the story was missing a large amount of character build and secondary character.

What did I like because I did say I liked this book. As much as all of that irked me I still actually liked the book. I enjoyed her writing style and felt the story wasn’t a bad idea, I just think, I wish Meg wasn’t a virgin, it might have worked better for me. I loved the relationship between them but I wish it wasn’t based on sex alone. I know they cared for each other but it just felt like something was missing.

This was my opinion of the book and I did enjoy it. I would recommend if you are looking for a lot of steamy scenes and an interesting take on friends with benefits. This is an adults only book, I wouldn’t be against reading another book from this author, I really did like her writing style.

I would recommend if you are looking for a lot of steamy scenes and an interesting take on friends with benefits. Click To Tweet


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3 responses to “#Review ~ Sing Your Heart Out by Crystal Kaswell

  1. Often, it feels like the girls in romances have to start out as virgins, so nobody can say of them that they are a ‘slut’! (I wouldn’t say that anyway, which is why I put it in ‘ ‘ ). And often, it seems weird that a girl who probably had her reasons for not sleeping with anyone up to that point would then suddenly do it with someone she didn’t even have a real relationship with, no?
    I’m glad you still enjoyed Sing Your Heart Out, even if there were some things that grated as well, Michelle 🙂 Great review!

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  2. I completely understand where you’re coming from, Michelle. I really think that emotions are involved when you lose your virginity to someone and it doesn’t feel realistic that a virgin would enter into a friends with benefits situation. Especially since it sounds like there weren’t enough moments between Meg and Miles to build on the relationship, no matter its definition, or to build their characters. I’m glad you did enjoy the story despite this issue though. Great review, my friend!