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SummerreadinglistI asked a few of my favorite bloggers to give me a list of books that they recommend for your summer reading list. As always I got a awesome mix of some really amazing books. I hope this will make your summer reading more enjoyable as you feel the sand between your toes and the sun on your face.


 Summer Reading Suggestions by Peyton@A Bookish Mess

First I want to thank Michelle for letting me stop in! If there is nothing I love more than reading, it is sharing the stories I love with others who will hopefully love them just as much! As a participant in the COYER Challenge this year, I am extra excited to be able to help others find that PERFECT Summer Read! Today I am going to share with you my Top 10 Summer reads. Some are older and some are on the newer side. The one thing they all have in common is that they are waiting to be devoured by readers who will hopefully love them as I do!

If you do come across this list and decide to take some of the recommendations and try them for yourselves, I would LOVE to know what you think about them! Did you like it? Was it not your cup of tea? Did the book completely rock your summer? Did you find a new favorite author from any of these recommendations? These are all things I am dying to know! Feel free to use the social link provided on this post to get in contact with me and share your thoughts on any of these novels! After all, connecting with other reads is what this is all about.

I hope you are all having a fantastic summer! Happy Reading to everyone & keep up the good work to those participating in the COYER challenge right along with me!


1. Summer Sisters by Judy Blume

This is not only my favorite book of all time, but it happens to take place over the course of many summers. To me, this makes it the perfect book! You can curl up on the couch with it – on the beach – in the swing on your front porch.. The possibilities are endless and the story is one that is begging to be read!

2. Chasing Perfect by Susan Mallery

The Fool’s Gold series is one of my all time favorites. They are such cute, light-hearted reads that you cannot help but fall in love with the entire town. Be warned though – there are many books and you are going to want to read all of their stories!

3. That Summer by Sarah Dessen

The title and cover kind of speak for themselves. I was recently introduced to this author and this is one of my favorite novels by her. I feel like it is a perfect fit for a summer read!

4. The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

Of all the novels written by Nicholas Sparks, I feel like this one is my all time favorite. There are a few that run a close second, but none of them have been able to top my love for the story of these two. While it is more a heart-wrenching read, it is also heart-warming and a must read during any season!

5. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I felt weird NOT having this one on the list, so it has made my top 10. I can re-read these montly and they would never get old. The story of Peeta and Katniss is one for the ages. Even for you Gale fans out there, this book is a must read. Looking to take it easy this summer – re-reading has never looked so good!

6. Sacrifice by Adriana Locke

I just came across this author in May of this year. This was the first novel I read by her and I have devoured EACH of her novels since then! Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed! She has a way with words and the characters are written to literally PULL you into the book. And the feels.. THE FEELS LADIES AND GENTS!

7. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

I feel like this one goes without saying. I know there are people out there who have not read these novels, or seen the book. But just as I said with The Hunger Games – if there were ever a time to re-read something, the summer months are the time to do it! This lovely 7 book story is one for the records. I am a die hard Harry Potter fan & this makes just about every list I ever make!

8. Flat Out Love by Jessica Parker

I read this novel when it first came out and I ugly cried. Seriously, it touched me that much. I have recommend this novel to any who has ever asked me for a good read. It just makes sense that it makes this list as well! You will not be disappointed!

9. Dirty Sexy Saint by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde

While this is one of the newer books that has come out, Carly Phillips has been a favorite author of mine since I came across one of her novels in 2005. I have read every novel she has put out and I have been scorched beyond scorched from the pages! This is the 1st book in the trilogy and I think it is the perfect beach read!

10. No Limits by Lori Foster

I have read every single book put out by this amazing lady. I could sit here and tell you that each and every novel she has written is worth reading this summer – because it is. I decided to pick just one though – to make the list a little diverese! This is the first novel in her Ultimate Series. Aside from Armie’s story – this is my favorite. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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