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News at Home: Another Busy Week!

What I wouldn’t give for a normal, nothing extra going on week! Didn’t happen last week and isn’t looking like it will happen next week either…

To start with, this week I had duty – which meant 7:30 – 8:10 was lost to me while I watched the kids in the gym that arrived before school starts. I hate duty weeks, they feel so long!

So this week, Monday my kids had to do their CoGAT testing. Basically it’s an intelligence test to help identify the GT kids. What a beating! First of all, it’s not a self-paced test. The whole class has to take the test together. We can’t move to the next question until everyone is ready. Computer trouble, wait. Kid has to use the restroom, wait. Kid fell asleep, wait. Seriously, who designs this shit? And the questions are being read aloud to them by me! OMG, but the worst part was that the test had like 4 or 5 sections that took a total of 1 hour 30 minutes! Y’all ask 5 and 6 year olds to sit patiently and quietly to take a test at a computer for 90 minutes… seriously? I was so proud of my kids though, because they did it with little correction. And when it was over they broke into applause. It was the funniest thing. I immediately took them outside and let them run and play for twice as long as they’re supposed to. Sorry, not sorry. The needed it and had earned it.

Tuesday we had a staff meeting after school and it was so frustrating. It was about how to manage student behavior and it that hour and a half that I sat there, this specialist didn’t tell me one thing I’m not already doing. GRR! I really needed that time to get some work done, but had to waste it. I went to vote first thing in the AM so I could make it to vote, be on time for duty, stay for the stupid meeting, and get to the gym…. so yeah, I was pissed to to stay when I had to go through so much to fit everything in.

Wednesday my old AP brought a kinder teacher from her new school to come observe me and one of my partner teachers. I guess their team really needs some help figuring out how to keep the kids better engaged, on task, smoother transitions, higher expectations, etc. I have to say, this was a cool experience. I’ve had student teachers in my room and while I’m happy to help future teachers, they know so little about teaching really. But to have someone who’s struggling in the exact same thing I do come and observe – that feels like paying it forward. Remember when I started teaching and I got to go to a mentor teacher’s class and observe for a day? And then spent months asking her questions and basically letting her save me from hell? Well, I got to be THAT TEACHER to someone else. So cool. She’s already emailed me several times with questions. At one point my old AP came to sit with her in my room and I totally eavesdropped on the things they were saying (lol) and it was kinda cool to realize some of the things I’m doing that I forgot used to be SO HARD and now are just natural. For example, we did 45 minutes of literacy centers and I heard my old AP saying, “see how the kids know exactly where to go? she doesn’t have to remind them.” And then while they were working , she walked around asking them what they were doing. “You see how they know what their task is and why their doing it? And they go from one thing to the next with no direction. No one is disturbing her or her group at the small group table.” It was so cool to get that reminder that something that used to be so incredibly hard for me is actually easy now – just part of our normal day. I needed that boost!

Thursday we found out that we hadn’t sent home a form we needed for our field trip – the next day. Talk about stress inducing trying to get that form signed for all the kids in time! And to top it off, I had to run out of work to do blood work right one time, only to discover they had messed up in telling me that I didn’t have to be fasting so I had to go today instead.

We got matching shirts for the field trip. One teacher is missing because she went to the ER with stomach issues as soon as we got back.

Friday was the field trip. By some miracle, every kid brought back their form! yay! The morning was so hectic as you have 1 hour to turn in sack lunch requests, write the school name and phone number on each child with a sharpie like a tattoo, send kids to pick up their sack lunches, do bathroom break, turn in attendance and forms, get coolers loaded with lunches, get chaperones paperwork finalized, introduced to kids, go over rules for the field trip (Again), get students who aren’t going on field trip to the right location (and deal with ensuing temper tantrums which are the reason they don’t get to go), get coolers loaded on bus and then get all the kids on the bus at roughly the same time as the other 4 teachers. Phew! Exhausting! But we did it and went to the Dallas Arboretum where the kids had a fantastic time. I kept the most difficult group of kids for myself – not my chaperones – so I didn’t have as much fun until we were back on the bus and about half of them fell asleep.

So that was my week — which is why today I spent from about 11 to 5 at school working. I had so much going on, I wasn’t ready for next week when I left school yesterday. But I’m ready for next week now and after next week – a week off!! Woot!!

Blog News

Yeah, I’m still behind. Or treading water is more like. I’ll try to do some serious blogging over thanksgiving break so I can get caught up/ahead.

Can You Read a Series in a Month? Challenge

I’m so proud of myself! I’m already on my third book of the challenge! There are 6 books to read total, so I’m a little under half way there and we aren’t half way through the month yet. Woot! I may make it πŸ™‚

NanoWriMo Update

So as far as word count goes, I’m sucking. I just don’t have the time to write the amount that nano would like me to per day. However, what I have started back is a daily writing habit. And even though I have a million projects going (well 2 really strongly going), Michelle made a cover that inspired me and I’m writing a paranormal cozy mystery at the moment. If it comes to finality and is decent, I may have to buy that cover (if it’s available) and actually self-publish. GASP!

#FitReaders Update

Here are my November goals:

  1. Do yoga every morning for 10 minutes (minimum): Missed Thursday
  2. Drink 64 oz of water daily: Check!
  3. Eat 70g of protein daily: Missed Sunday by 20g πŸ™
  4. Go to the gym 3 times a week (Sunday – Saturday): Monday – 1 hour body sculpt class, Tuesday – 45 minute cycle lass, Friday – 45 minute cycle class, Saturday – 1 hour Dance Cardio Class
  5. Walk 8000 steps a day: Sunday I was under
  6. Do 1 5k walk with Buffy each weekend: we did our first C25K (for the millionth restart lol) on Sunday. Those 1 minute runs were easier than ever before!
  7. Lose 20 lbs: I’m at a plateau and I won’t lie, I’m starting to get very depressed about it. So far, I’m up 1.8 pounds this month. I know that’s not a lot – except look at all I’m doing! Working out like crazy, drinking my water, recording every bite I put in my mouth, getting my protein, taking my vitamins! I will be seeing my surgeon soon, since I did blood work today, and I plan to talk to him about this stall – even if I’m doing better when I see him. I feel so defeated… but refuse to stop working. It’s like, I had massive surgery for what?!

Days since surgery: 95
Total weight lost since surgery: 63.2 pounds

Last Week on the Blog

Coming Next Week From Me

Berls’s TBR List pick for November 2017
Sunday Post with Berls | Another Busy Week

#TTT Top ten books I want my future children to read

It's Monday! What Are You Reading

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a place to meet up and share what you have been, are and about to be reading over the week. This meme started with J Kaye’s Blog and then was taken up by Sheila from Book Journey. Sheila then passed it on to Kathryn at the Book Date. And here we are!

I just finished…

I’m surprised how much I’ve read in a week – I’m not sure where I’ve found the time! I finished Clutch by JA Huss and then started and finished the following book in the same series, Fledge. Both were good, but Fledge was way better.

I also finished reading Murder of Crows for book club this upcoming Tuesday. I liked it and definitely plan to finish this series someday.

Reading Now…

I’m listening to book three in the Just Junco Series, Flight by JA Huss. I’m not far into it, but so far, it’s good!

I’m reading On the Plus Side by Alison Bliss for book club, this Tuesday. I’m only 24% so I hope I manage to pick up the pace soon – it’s interesting but I want to be finished by book club.

For my self-help read, I started Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents: How to Heal from Distant, Rejecting, or Self-Involved Parents. A friend of mine recommended this book because we’re always trading parental tales and so far it’s feeling very enlightening. Like, wow yeah, that’s me. Between a hypochondriac narcissistic mother (who I love dearly and lives with me) and a Distant, often rejecting father (who I haven’t actually spoken to in IDK 2 years?) this book was made for me.

Up Next…

I’ll definitely be moving to book 4 in the Just Junco series in audio. For a physical read, IDK yet. And self-help will probably be a little while before I need to switch as I just read a few pages each morning.

How was your week? What are you Reading?

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18 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | Another busy week!

  1. Jen

    I’m a bit behind on blog hopping (again!). I hope this week has been a bit better on the weight gain/loss side of things. I hope the surgeon has some answers and suggestions for you. You are doing an amazing job with all of your other health goals, so I can see why you are getting so frustrated. *HUGS* are all I can offer at this point.

    Love that your old AP thinks so highly of you (as she should!) and wow on all of the permission slips coming back in one day! Unheard of!!

    • OMG right?! I could not believe all the permission slips came back. Proves that parents can when really motivated!

      Thanks about the weight loss. Some weight has started to move this week, so feeling a bit better about it. Very frustrated because I thought I’d see my surgeon next week and he’s decided to close up for the week. So now I don’t know when I’ll see him πŸ™ And it was my one chance to have an appointment that wasn’t rushed because of my school schedule.

      Hope you’ve had a great week!!

  2. OMIGOSH! You did have one heck of a week!! But it seems like you came through with flying colors so that has to make you smile. πŸ˜€ That is so neat that you got/get to be a mentor teacher. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be and that there are others with whom you can share you passion and techniques so that they can aspire to be as good as you are….yeah, that’s some amazing right there. *high five*
    So I was reading your post and got to the part about your surgery…WHAT?!? I missed so much being MIA and you didn’t say anything to me about having surgery while I was there! Anyway, it seems like you’ve made some good progress but I understand your frustration over stalling. You’ll have to let us know what the doc says.
    Anyway, I hope you’re having a good week so far! {{{BIG HUGS}}}

    Bookworm Brandee recently posted: Review ~ Master of the Mountain ~ Cherise Sinclair
    • Yeah it was quite the week. Being able to be a mentor to other teachers is super cool, makes me feel like I actually figured this thing called teaching out. I sure love it πŸ™‚

      Yeah, sorry about not saying anything but I told pretty much no one until the surgery had happened. Michelle found out like the day after. There was so much anxiety around it as far as if it would happen or not and then also fear of judgment (not from you, just in general). I actually never planned in telling anyone, but once I had surgery I felt the anxiety drop away and got more open about it.

      Miss you bunches, cannot wait for July and seeing y’all!! {{BIGGEST HUGS}}

  3. Wow, what a week! The testing… ugh. Surely there is a better way! Sounds like having the AP and the new teacher in your class ended up being a rewarding experience. Good for the ego – and a nice confidence boost. I can’t believe the field trip was pulled off even with the permission slip snafu. It’s a miracle! LOL

    Tanya recently posted: The Sunday Post #81
    • Hahaha right, seriously?! I was shocked when I got every permission form back. Made me want to say, “so parents, you can take care of shit when you want to…” yeah, helping the other teacher was a great confidence boost. I get down on myself a lot, so I needed it:) Hope you’re having a great week!

  4. That testing sounds horrible. We have to nominate students for GT testing in my district. It’s a joke. Kids who are legit GT don’t get PEIMS coded as GT, and there are kids who are coded and are most definitely NOT GT but they qualified in art in Kinder or 1st grade. We were told a re-eval was starting last year for all students coming to 6th grade, but I believe that was a big ol’ fat lie. I have to fill out gobs and gobs of paperwork. Last year I nominated 11 students. I’d finish the paperwork, then a few weeks later I’d get more. I got three sets of intensive paperwork throughout the year and they weren’t tested until April. Not doing it again. Your kids TOTALLY deserved double recess. I can’t believe they don’t conduct that in small groups. That would NOT work at the middle school level. I hate faculty meetings that are a waste of your time…or PLCs that are a waste of your time (we have one weekly). My new P just sent an email this week that he didn’t want to have faculty or leadership meetings if it could be an email. Such a drastic change from our previous P. I’m glad you got validation for being THAT TEACHER with a new teacher pushing in and learning from you. It is very hard to work with student teachers because you are absolutely right – they don’t know anything about teaching. It’s still important and still a learning experience, but you don’t realize what teaching is really like until you become one.

    • OMG you’re GT process sounds like a beast πŸ™ almost makes me grateful for ours. Almost lol! Yeah they so deserved double recess, I felt so bad for them and was so proud of how well they behaved.

      I’m still waiting for the faculty meeting that’s not a waste of time. Or the plc that isn’t. What I wouldn’t give to just have communication via email.

      It was pretty cool being THAT TEACHER, I didn’t expect to be in that position anytime soon and it was really gratifying. I know student teachers need the experience, but yeah, it’s just not the same. Not until you’re trying to juggle lesson planning, ARD paperwork left and right, RTI meetings, parent teacher conferences, and student behavior all on top of trying to actually teach and God forbid, have a life! Lol so stressful!

      Have a great week, we’re almost to Thanksgiving break! πŸ™‚

    • It was a pretty cool moment for me, realizing that I actually had something to give to other teachers. I’m hoping this week won’t be too much, though I know it won’t be slow. Fingers crossed it won’t be crazy! Have a great week!

  5. WOW, your busy week was even busier than mine, Berls! And next week will be even worse for me… I hope the week off the week after next will help you get back on track with everything.
    YAY for being inspired to write your paranormal cozy, I can’t wait to read it – you should totally self-pub it!
    Miss you much, girl! {{{hugs}}}

    • Crazy week, right!?! Do you have a fall break coming up? I hope so. I know I miss you so much, cannot wait for July in Denver. {{BIGGEST HUGS}}

  6. Nice that you could be a model for another teacher! That must have felt goods. But man you WERE busy!

    Good luck with NaNo! Love the idea of a paranormal cozy… πŸ™‚

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #219
    • It was a very cool moment for me, realizing that I actually have something to give other teachers.

      I’ve never tried to write a mystery before, it involves more planning and I’m usually a write by the seat of your pants kind of writer. So we’ll see. I kinda love the heroine so far though πŸ™‚

      Have a great week!