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News at Home

Even though I know I had a busy week, I’m really not so sure exactly what I did. It was on of those busy weeks that flies by and leaves you standing there going “where’d my week go?” Despite being a 4 day week, it did NOT feel like a short week at school. We had a team meeting Tuesday morning where I found out we have to change almost everything we’re doing in our literacy block. “Yay!” said no one. Then we had a staff meeting after school that took so long I missed the gym and had to pay a $15 no-show fee. Grrr. And I’m not 100% sure, but somehow I’m co-organizing a new coding club at our school. So I was busy organizing that Wednesday. Thursday we had a parent night, and somehow I ended up in charge of organizing the Reading Table (despite their being 6 other people assigned to the team), so I was also busy with that Wednesday… plus had to run things on Thursday. And when I left school at 7:45 p.m. I had to stop at the grocery store to buy things for our Fun Science Friday – because in science Friday we were finishing our lesson on matter and made root beer floats (solid- ice cream; liquid – root beer; gas – the bubbles it makes when the two meet).

So work kept me busy for sure, but I know there was more going on. I also know I was super tired… Thursday I fell asleep as soon as I got home and still slept in 2 hours! I wake up at 4:30 am… so 6:30 is my second alarm. It’s my backup alarm, in case I sleep in and also my “time to be ready and start visiting blogs” alarm. So 2 hours over sleeping was okay, but not the way to start my day.

Friday night we went to the dollar theater, though and saw Daddy”s Home 2 and it was pretty funny. We really enjoyed it and it was nice to have a night out after such a busy week.

Saturday was gym and then we went out to breakfast… where I had a kid’s meal again…. and didn’t finish it. Still shocks me how little I eat. Then I spent the day cleaning and I’m also looking into starting a second job. It’s an online job teaching kids in China. I know a few teachers who do it and since you can set your own schedule I think I can handle it. Between the costs that are still trickling in from my surgery and the car payment, I just don’t like my financial situation. I’m not broke, but I don’t feel comfortable like I used to. So yeah, second job here I come :/

Blog News

Michelle and I have done this crazy thing… we’re now co-hosting Bloggiesta with Emily @ Emily Reads Everything.  We seem to be addicted to hosting challenges or something. So watch for details on your new hosts and upcoming challenges 🙂

I did sucky visiting this week – I made it on Tuesday and I think that was it. I’m sorry y’all, I’m trying!

#COYER Winter Switch Update

We’re on to phase 2! I’m really happy with how I did in phase 1, reading 9 books off my list.

Phase 2 for me is The Strict – meaning Free or Nearly Free eBooks and/or audiobooks. So far, I’m doing okay, but not great on that. I’m still working on This Side of the Grave by Jeaniene Frost — I took a brief break from it to read a Library book for book club (which doesn’t count for COYER). On audio I read Sweet Tea and Sympathy by Molly Harper… so I have 1 book read for phase 2 so far.

#FitReaders Update

So liquid diet went well, in that I’m back down to where I started the month… plus 5 pounds. Part of me is frustrated, because all the hard work and surgery and I had to go on a liquid diet to stop gaining weight. But mostly, I’m relieved that the liquid diet seems to have worked at resetting the weight loss. Didn’t do great getting to the gym this week – because of all the late night work! I made it to the gym on Wednesday and Saturday and I’m going this morning.

Days since surgery: 165

Total weight lost: 102.8 lbs

Last Week on the Blog

Coming Next Week From Me

Sunday Post with Berls | What did I do this week?

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It's Monday! What Are You Reading

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a place to meet up and share what you have been, are and about to be reading over the week. This meme started with J Kaye’s Blog and then was taken up by Sheila from Book Journey. Sheila then passed it on to Kathryn at the Book Date. And here we are!

I just finished…

I read Little and Lion for book club and LOVED it. Such a good multicultural, LGTBQ book!

I also finished Sweet Tea and Sympathy by Molly Harper and I loved it as much as I expected I would.

Reading Now…

I’m listening to If Ever I Should Love You by Cathy Maxwell – so far, really good! I’m still reading This Side of the Grave by Jeaniene Frost – it’s taking a while, even though I’m really enjoying it.

Up Next…

Next on audio, I think will be Five by J.A. Huss… it’s coming on January 30, so I might end up with another book before it. Depends on how fast I read my current one. For print, I’m not quite sure yet.

How was your week? What are you Reading?

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16 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | What did I do this week?

  1. Jen

    I understand those weeks oh so well. I feel like I’ve been constantly busy but what have I done since the holidays. Between the days off for holidays and snow days, I don’t know which day it is half the time. But I’m still getting through it all.

    I’m glad the liquid diet worked, and hopefully it was enough to restart your metabolism, or whatever it was that slowed down. And good luck on the new job!

    Jen recently posted: Review: Stud by Kelly Siskind
    • Yeah the days off for weather really would have messed with me. So glad that didn’t happen here. Hopefully you’re feeling more into a routine these days! I’m so relieved the liquid diet worked. Weight is definitely coming off slower than I like and got used to now, but as long as it keeps going the right direction I won’t flip out 🙂 Still interviewing for the job, but if I can work out some technical details I think I’m good. Hope you had a great week! {Hugs}

  2. I think your doing great with your weight loss though I know you get discouraged with the gain, but that is the ups and downs of weight loss surgery of no surgery. We all plateau and have to do something different to get that boost again. We gain muscle and lose fat (which weighs the same just looks different) so sometimes you gain. So hang in there! 🙂 Part of me wishes I could afford to do surgery like that and the other part would be scared to do it.

    Hope this week is a good one!!
    Stormi oxox

    Stormi Johnson recently posted: The Week In Review #177
    • Thanks Stormi. The surgery is definitely a big expense, even with insurance. If only our country knew how to care for people’s health in a more responsible way… *sigh* but yeah, plateaus are to be expected I guess. I just was hoping they would take longer to come on, last less time, and involve less weight gain lol! I don’t want much, huh? 😉 I’m losing again, so I’ll just take the plateaus and work through them. Hope you’ve had a great week Stormi!

    • They are the most frustrating weeks! This week was much more check-off-able, so that’s something 🙂 hope you had a great week!

  3. I get those kind of weeks. I am so thankful our new principal is all about getting us out of faculty meetings quickly. I’m sorry yours went so long – and about your literacy block. Doing full revamps is a lot of work. I have also considered doing the online teaching thing. Let me know how it goes. I might be interested in doing it too. I want to cut out all my debt and not have to worry about it.

    Charlie recently posted: Sunday Post ~ The Really Short Week
    • I think our principal would to get us out – but has way too much on the agenda. I’m still in the interview process for the online teaching. My internet and lighting situation may keep me from qualifying 🙁 I’m working on some ideas today – because they are happy with my teaching abilities. I’ll let you know for sure! Hope you’ve had a great week!

  4. I typically blame these kinds of weeks on alien abductions. Though you actually got stuff done this week and I find that I just end up spinning in circles getting nothing completely accomplished. I love the idea of a coding club! My 2nd grader got this little robot thing where you use markers to tell it different commands and he’s loving it so I think he would love a coding club. I’ve been exhausted lately and my husband has been too so I’m thinking maybe it’s weather related? 6:30 is still not super late but I know that kind of thing throws off your whole day. Have a great week!

    Katherine recently posted: This Week in Reading - January 21
    • Yes, exactly! I was abducted by aliens. Had to be it, because there are just too many blank spots where I’m like, what did I DO?! I’m excited about the coding club, I don’t think it’ll be that much work and I want to learn the stuff too 🙂 Hope you had a great week!

  5. Those kinds of weeks are the most exhausting, and the most frustrating! Because if I feel that tired, I should have more to show for it, yeah?
    I have lots of meetings next week, and I know I’m going to be off my game. So I’m just staying lazy today – still in my pajamas at 5pm, because that’s how I roll.
    I hope the second job will be good, and that it won’t take too much time away from the things you want to do!
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading. {{{BIG HUGS}}} I miss you!

  6. I have those type of weeks all the time. It drives me crazy lol I would at least like to feel like I accomplished something, even if I did, it drives me crazy when it seems like it didn’t do anything.

    I am excited about co-hosting…and yes I might be a challenge hoarder. We are good at it so we should just keep doing them! 😉

    Have a great week, Berls! Happy Reading! ox

    • Hahaha yes you are definitely a challenge hoarder… More so than I am I think 😉 those are the most frustrating weeks right?! Because you’re still tired, but from what? At least this week I know I feel like shit because of the flu….:/

  7. I’ve had weeks like that. Where you can’t say what you did, but you were swamped. I hope that the second job works out for you. It is something I’ve considered, but I’m worried that I will were myself out. It doesn’t seem to take much. I do understand worrying about financials. You want to have money to save, so that you can retire one day. I hope this online thing will help. That would be easier than getting a second job in person.

    • Thanks Melanie. I’m still working on the interview process – my ability to meet the technical demands (internet speed, lighting) may keep me from getting the job. Fingers crossed I can take care of all that because the job would be easier than an in person job. Hope you had a great week!