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News at Home: Big News!

I think most of you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram and already know the big news. But just to make it official for everyone…. drum roll please….

I’m Pregnant!

And that’s the main reason I’ve been a bit missing lately – not to mention all the other shit I’ve had going on since the start of the year. I found out I was pregnant fairly early in January and it was a complete shock. We had been trying, but I was not hopeful. We had tried for a good 7 years before I lost weight and, while my weight was a definite possible obstacle, the doctor said I was fertile and could conceive. But we decided to stop trying so I could focus on losing weight and we didn’t start trying again until September 2018. So when you look at it that way, we only started re-trying 3 months before conceiving. But I didn’t know for 4 (almost 5 months) and after all those years of trying, I didn’t have much confidence. So when I finally took the pregnancy test I was thinking “Let me go ahead and get the negative so I can stop hoping.” Yeah, needless to say I was shocked. I took 3 more tests within that week!

I’ve had a fairly easy pregnancy so far, I think. Yes, I’ve thrown up and yes, I’ve been exhausted. I’ve had some cramping and breast tenderness. But overall, I know many pregnant women have it way worse. So I won’t complain. We finally reached the second trimester Saturday March 9th and that’s when we decided to start making our announcement. I decided to wait to share it until I got back our genetic test results that nothing was wrong with baby – which was Monday March 11th. If you don’t follow me on social media, here’s the announcement:

Along with the genetic testing – which I got done because I’m technically having a geriatric pregnancy (delivering when I’m 35 puts me in the geriatric category!) you get sex chromosome testing and so we decided to do a gender reveal (I guess really, it’s sex since gender is a social construct, but you get the idea) party this weekend. My friend and co-worker, Rosa, got the call on Tuesday from the doctor (as in, no, I did not know the sex. She was the only one who knew!) and she was like, I can’t keep this secret for long… can we do the party this weekend? So our St. Patty’s day themed party was born. We did Green Shamrocks for a boy and Rainbow for a girl. Almost everyone was convinced the baby was a girl, as the pictures testify. The way we found out was by cutting a cake – if the frosting on the inside was green it meant boy, rainbow meant girl. Here’s a video of my husband, Kiko, and I cutting the cake:

So yeah, we’re having a boy! We’re super excited and looking forward to the journey these next few months. We already had our names narrowed down to 1 girl name and 1 boy name, so we know he’s Dante πŸ™‚ Franky, my step-son, has the job of picking out the middle name (We have veto power). We think that will be super special, to know Dante got his middle name from his big brother πŸ™‚ Franky is so excited – we had everyone write notes on a picture frame to the baby – in a pen color to match their sex prediction and Franky wrote a long note (in rainbow lol) introducing himself as the big brother. <3

In other news…

It’s been spring break and I feel like I’ve been SUPER busy. Monday I spent the day with a good friend of mine and finally got to meet her newest addition – her 3 month old son Mason. That evening I had a one-on-one session with the owner of the gym to go over some of my songs for my spin instructor training. It went well, but I left realizing I still had a lot of work to do.

Tuesday Rosa came over to plan the big reveal. After she left, I did a lot of baking – made banana bread and a casserole. That evening I had book club.

Wednesday I went registry shopping with my mom – I already had some items in mind but wanted to see them in person. Baby things are so expensive and I’m determined to be smart and economical about our purchases. Plus, I don’t want to take up a lot of space with a lot of stuff. But I’ve started building our registry! Squee! We had lunch with my brother and then I went to the gym and got in 3 hours of practice for my spin instructor training. I spent most that time on just 2 songs… but I think I’m doing better.

Thursday was my lazy day this week. The weather was beautiful and we have a balcony now, so I spent a lot of the day outside reading and napping on the balcony. Pretty great!

Friday I had a massage – yes! – went to the gym and practiced a couple more hours and saw a LOT of improvement (phew!) – and then had an appointment with my nutritionist. My blood sugar has been dropping super low, so she helped me figure out what’s making it drop and come up with a plan for keeping it much steadier. Nutrition is complicated after gastric bypass and even trickier when you’re pregnant.

And then yesterday was the big reveal party! Today I’m headed back to the gym for maybe 3 hours to practice with another spin instructor trainee and I have to get ready for the week. So a lot on the agenda for the last day before going back to work… can I have another week please?

Blog News

I think I can safely say I”m back! Yay! I have a couple posts scheduled for this week and even one for next week! Yay! My plan for today is to head out to the balcony in the morning and do some visiting. Fingers crossed I get to stop by and say hey to quite a few of y’all today! I’ll try to reply to comments this evening and throughout the week. But we all know I’m not great at that. I do read the comments though!

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