Sunday Post with Berls | Week of August 7th 2022

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Week of August 7th 2022

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kim @ Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog and showcase books and things we have received. Share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.

News at Home

Sunday – Monday

Sunday morning Dante and I had a play date with a friend at the park. He had a great time and got to catch up with my friend a bit. When we got home I finished up chores for the week, then we had our Readalong Chat. We had a great turnout and a wonderful chat. Then I did meal prep for the week and Franky visited again (twice in one weekend!). So good to see him always. I managed to get to bed around 9:30, which is actually a little later than I had planned.

Monday I woke up at 5:30 and yeah, I hadn’t quite hit 7 hours of sleep so trying to make sure I get to bed on schedule tonight. I did a 5 minute workout (that’s my new goal) and then got to work. We had a great morning – Dante was in a good mood, ate his breakfast well, and we got out the door right on schedule. Work went well and I actually was asked to do a special project. I also was asked to do a Knowledge Transfer to a new employee about our Fresh App, which I’m doing tomorrow. Shocked me, but maybe that means I’m doing pretty good? Dante had his SST therapy today and counted for her, waved at her and said so many words. I’m so excited for his progress. He only has 3 more sessions with her before aging out of the program but I’m really happy for the help they gave — they were instrumental in getting his Autism Diagnosis and setup with ABA therapy. We had a good afternoon and now I’m getting ready to wrap up for the day!


Today was really good. I got in my morning routine with my abbreviated 5 minute workout — something I’m surprised to find actually satisfying! And it’s part of my FitBit premium subscription so that may be my new plan. Work was good – I did a KT (Knowledge Transfer) with a new team member and it went really well. I also had my first real one on one with my manager that was really good. I’m starting to feel like I actually know what I’m doing a bit. Dante woke up in a good mood and we had a really smooth morning, getting to school on time without rushing. After school (therapy, but I call it school to keep things simple) Dante had his OT evaluation. It’s something we had to do for insurance purposes, but they actually think he would be benefited by OT as well. So it looks like we’ll be adding that to his schedule soon. They will do the full write up and probably sometime next week or two I’ll get the plan to get him started. Besides that we had a relaxing evening and are getting ready to head to bed!


I think today was a good day. Dante slept until I woke him at 8am and ate a great breakfast. Dropping him at school went really well and we weren’t rushed. Work I had a couple meetings – one was so long and it’s definitely my least favorite meeting. I’m also really struggling with my current task – I’m going to have to ask for more help tomorrow I think. But I’m also feeling like more a part of the team and like I know what’s going on. We actually have a new team member that I’m helping out a bit, which is cool. He’s more experienced than I am, but I know our resources and equipment setup. So yeah, that’s a nice confidence boost. After work Dante and I stopped at Target and I actually took him in the store. His reactions made me realize this was the first time since he was little he’s been in a store. He did great though and we were in and out really fast. Then we stopped by the office so Dante could play and I could chat with Tequilla (Franky’s mom) and the other office staff. It was a good time and then Dante and I walked around a bit before going to our apartment. It started to thunder so even though the weather was actually nice and cool I had to force him to go inside (he threw a fit – wanted to stay outside) and we made it in just before it poured. We’ve had a nice evening – internet was out for a bit so we were without TV which was nice. Kiko is ALWAYS watching TV. Now Dante is having a bath and we’re getting ready to wrap up for bed.

Thursday – Saturday

The rest of this week really flew by I guess! So much I really don’t remember too. Work I struggled with my current assignment, but got a little help on Thursday and by the end of my work day on Friday I had made really solid progress. I think I will likely finish by end of day Monday, if not earlier in the day.

Dante is continuing to thrive – I’m just so excited about his progress! We’re seeing more and more words and his BCBA told me he’s already starting to master some of his 6 month goals after just 1 month! Wow! I managed to get a couple videos of him talking — not the best ones, but if you want to see they’re on Instagram.

Saturday Dante and I went to my in person book club that I’ve attended maybe 2 times since he was born. I love this ladies but they usually meet on Tuesdays around 6pm a solid 30 minutes (without traffic, so more like 1 hour) from my apartment so I just don’t even try. But they met on the weekend only 20 minutes away at a friend’s house meaning I could go much more easily AND bring Dante. It was great to see them, Dante was so well behaved and happy – though he adorably got up and followed me every time I moved more than 2 steps away pretty much the whole time.

I also did grocery pickup today, meaning I can just do light meal prep tomorrow – not much to do because I have lots left over from this week. The new meds have me eating half portions (I’m sure that’s a good thing!).

Blog News

We have Can You Read a Series in a Month? coming again in September. Be sure to sign up!

Last week on Because Reading

Challenge update

This week I finished:

I’m participating in 7 Challenges, plus the Goodreads Challenge, this year. Here’s how I’m doing.

  1. COYER Seasons & COYER Community 2022
    1. Winter – 22 books (final count for Winter)
    2. Spring -33 books (final count for Spring)
    3. Summer – 23 books
  2. Bookish Resolutions – This was a challenge that Michelle used to do without me and she took last year off. This year we’re bringing it back together. Details on post, but basically I’m setting 5 “bookish” goals for the year: Here are my goals:
    1. Blog ahead at least 1 week. I’ve gotten back on track with this.
    2. Keep a blogging planner. Truly not even trying anymore
    3. Visit & comment on 7 posts a week. I need to find a time for this in my schedule.
    4. Reply to comments each week. Same… need to find time in my routine.
    5. Review books before starting a new book/on the same day. I’ve changed this to reviewing the books on the weekend and it seems to be working.
  3. The Backlist Reader Challenge –  37/50 books
  4. 2022 Audiobook Challenge –  65/75 books
  5. 2022 Library Love Challenge –  26/24 books
  6. 2022 Finishing the Series Challenge – My goal is 5 series.
    • In Progress:
      1. Mine by Cynthia Eden- read book 4 & 5 this year, still need to read 6.
      2. Mystic Bayou by Molly Harper – read book 4, still need to read 4.5, 5, and 6.
    • Completed:
      1. The Ivy Chronicles by Sophie Jordan – read books 2 and 3 this year, finishing the series.
      2. Amos Decker by David Bald Baldacci – read books 2-6 (#7 expected later this year)
      3. Witchless in Seattle by Dakota Cassidy – read books 8-13 this year
      4. Georgina Kincaid by Richelle Mead – read books 3-6 this year (thanks to Anne for realizing I could coutn this one!)

2022 Reading Challenge

2022 Reading Challenge
Berls has
read 4 books toward
her goal of
150 books.

FitReaders (hosted by Jen @ That’s What I’m Talking About & Felicia The Geeky Blogger)

My big goal for 2022 is to lose weight every month. I’m not setting a specific number goal; I just need to make sure I’m going the right direction (down) every month. I will weigh in on the last (or first) day of each month only (so I don’t get too attached to the scale).

This week was my second week of the new medicine and it’s going really well. I think I’m snacking less and I know my portions have gotten smaller. Some goals I had this week and how I did:
  1. Drink 64 oz water daily — struggled with getting in more than 44 oz.
  2. Take 1 minute bites — doing great with this. I have a little sandtimer I turn over when I take a bite and don’t take another until it’s run down.
  3. 5 minute workouts in the morning – did this every day and I’m surprised how well it works to have such a short workout. Really helping with my other goal…
  4. Get 7 hours sleep nightly – I missed two nights this week, but even then I got in 6.5 hours which for me is so good. I’m doing no screens except Kindle (Sunday – Thursday) after 8pm, bedtime meditation, and no eating (Sunday – Thursday) after 7:30pm. I think it’s really helping to get in that sleep — I’m going to be earlier and sleeping in later.

Weight gain/loss for the year so far:

  • +3.9 pounds Feb 1.
  • -3.0 pounds March 1 (for the year, so total loss for Feb was 6.9 lbs!)
  • -3.0  pounds April 1 (for the year, so no new loss in March, but no gain)
  • -7.0 pounds April 30 (for the year, down 4 pounds in April)
  • -3.4 pounds July 1 (for the year, up 3.6 pounds in June)
  • +4.4 pounds August 1 (for the year, up 7.8 pounds in July)

How was your week? What are you Reading?

About Berls

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  1. Jen

    So glad to hear that Dante is making such great progress! It warms my heart to see him thriving. And great work on the job… You are killing it! 😉 My week was pretty busy trying to catch up from being on vacation and then lots of outings and doing stuff.

  2. It’s been cooler here too because of the thunderstorms and the cloud cover. I used to have to pull my husband inside when it rained so I get it. LOL
    Everyone wants to be outside in the rain. My grown daughter is the same way. She had the door open and was standing outside in the rain this last down pour. Got everything all wet but she was happy so I didn’t say anything.

    Mary Kirkland recently posted: Apartment Life #317