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Welcome to Task it Tuesday, created by the fabulous Geeky Blogger and adopted first by Because Reading!

What is Task it Tuesday? Task it Tuesday is a monthly meme dedicated to the list makers of the blogging world 🙂 It’s all about being productive and organized – on your blog and in real life (if you so chose). By sharing our lists we get instant accountability partners and also get ideas of things to add to our lists (or sometimes ways to tackle tasks more efficiently). We hope you’ll join us!

Task it Tuesday will be the first week of the month. 

Very proud of myself this month, as much as I wanted to get a lot done, I got enough done that I have a good set plan to help get the blog organized and even real life. I still have a way to go but this is such a great start I am super excited. I have lots of posts that I need to draft up and get organized for the holidays so I plan to focus on that a lot this month. I am also participating in Blog Ahead so I know I will try to get as many posts scheduled as I can. 🙂 YAY!

I didn’t work on the organizing of goodreads yet but I tend to do that a little at a time however, I really need to focus on that at some point since I want to have everything super organized for next year.

Blogging Tasks

  • Reorganize Shelves on Goodreads
    • Make new shelves to better organize my books
    • Create Challenge shelves for books I read
  • Combine my Amazon Shelves with Goodreads.
  • Go through READ books and make sure I read all those books.
  • Clean shelves for have shelf and have ebooks (add and delete)
  • Organize books I read this year in my book tracker book, I made.


  • Draft a few posts
  • Get holiday posts drafted/typed/scheduled
  • Get out with old in with new posts complete. (fix logo)
  • Brainstorm some new ideas
  • Get COYER Winter organized.
  • Set up kick off and end post for Can you read a series.


  • Make Halloween and Christmas Header for blog
  • Make a few new images for new posts.
  • Do two jobs for clients
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Have a great day!


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4 responses to “Task It Tuesday! ~ Organized and Blogging Check #Taskittues #joinme

  1. Impressive to-do list! My blog to-do list is pretty simple: make a post or visit someone everyday. If I accomplish that i”m really happy lol! I’m so excited to see both of us coming out of our blogging slump 🙂 Good luck with all your tasks!

    Berls recently posted: Just a Few Pregnancy Books I Read
  2. Nice! You’ve worked really hard, Michelle. 🙂 I’ve not done such a great job at getting organized reading/blog-wise but I’ll get there. I just have so many projects I want to do. I think my kids think I’ve lost my mind with the home projects! LOL The Goodreads shelf re-org is something I really want to do but they don’t make it easy to take books off the “Want to Read” shelf. Grrr!

    Bookworm Brandee recently posted: Blogger Wife Chat Review ~ Johnny ~ JA Huss
  3. Good job on all you’ve accomplished! I’ve gotten better, not as much as I wanted but it’s getting there. Habits take a bit to sink into my mindset, but my task keeping is on the right track and I’ll grab that and hold on tight. 🙂

    • It’s been so long since I had a set plan for stuff so I’m getting back into it and it’s slow but I’m feeling as accomplished as I can. We totally got this! We will get there 🙂