The Sunday Post ~ It was a good week until I got sick ~ Week in READview!

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Would still be reading the same book, I thought I was going to be finished with it but by the end of the week I just wasn’t feeling all that well. I was hoping to make this month a better reading month but the reading gods seem to be against me at the moment but I will keep trying 🙂 Also reading a few spooky books because tis the season.

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What I grabbed:

Nothing this week but I can’t promise next week, I got a $50 gift card to amazon for my anniversary from my mom and I already know what I want to get

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CAN YOU READ A SERIES IN A MONTH? Challenge is here again! The Sign Up is LIVE! So if you think you can read a series in a month! why not join us! 🙂

I will be hosting a challenge for the readathon! You totally need to sign up this is one of my favorites! Hosted by our awesome friend Kim@Caffeinated Reviewer
Who is ready for a spooktacular readathon?
Mark your calendars for the Fraterfest Readathon! This year’s event will begin Thursday, October 10th and run through Tuesday October 15th. During the event read or listen to as many books as you can. You choose the fear level from cozy mystery to sleep with lights on. 📷
During the event there will be fun mini-challenges to delight you and a chance to win fun prizes. If you’d like to host a challenge, please email me: Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer

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Week in READview:

Real life & Blogging:

This week was going so well and Friday I woke up with a cold or allergies. I have been so snotty all day on Saturday and just not feeling all that well at all. I wasn’t even planning to do a post today but figured I would do a quick one since the week was just a normal week.

Saturday my husband and I celebrated our 17th anniversary. We didn’t go anything at all and just hung around the house (being sick I really couldn’t go anyplace) we plan to go out at some point but maybe after football season when our daughter has no more games. We did put up the halloween decorations so the house is now nice and spooky. I also have to say my kids are awesome because know I wasn’t feeling well they both helped their dad bring up the stuff and get the groceries later in the day. It was just the anniversary gift I wanted! (we didn’t exchange this year because I got the computer and that was pretty much all I wanted)

Today I have a game to take my daughter too and then it’s just going to be a nice of I hope rest until I go to work tomorrow. If I still feel crappy, I will probably make a visit to the doctor but I am hoping I wont have to do that.

I was super productive on Friday with the Blog and I feel AMAZING! This entire week was really awesome. I tried very hard to put my OCD aside and just do what I needed to accomplish and it worked being sick did put a damper on my Saturday plans but I am good the week and only have to finish one more thing that wont take me too long to do. I can then start working on the next week and some design jobs that I have. Most I need to pull from back up so I need to find them first.

What I am watching:

This week I took a break from watching anything and just listened to Small Town Murder and Crime Junkies. My husband and I still need to catch up on AHS but I always prefer to binge so I don’t mind waiting.

What I am playing:

I didn’t play much of the sims this week but made a girl that I am loving and hope to get a full story out of her. I have been building also but with a foggy head from this allergy/cold I can’t really think so building will be on hold until the fog lifts. 🙂


So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading


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17 responses to “The Sunday Post ~ It was a good week until I got sick ~ Week in READview!

  1. I hope you are feeling better soon, Michelle. My week was going well at the start too–and then boom. I landed in the emergency room. Luckily it wasn’t anything more serious than an infection, but, add to that this cough and stuffiness. Ugh.

    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! You’ve reminded me we need to get our Halloween decorations down and put some up. We have a lot to do today and haven’t even started. It’s already 1:00 p.m. Where has the day gone?! I guess sometimes you just need a lazy weekend day, right?

    Have a great week, Michelle! Take care of yourself and I hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Awww feel better! I hate being all stuffed up and for your anniversary to boot! Don’t forget, your anniversary present was the furniture 😉 I’m so excited to see both of us back at the blog! Maybe we’ll finally hit a good stride! Take care of yourself {{Hugs}}

  3. Bummer about not feeling good. My husband had to cave and go get antibiotics for his infection.

    Happy 17th! Enjoy whenever you guys get to go celebrate.

    Looking forward to your Fraterfest Post. I’m going to do the RAT part.

    Have a great week, Michelle!

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon. I used to always get sick every October when the first came on until I started taking Allegra. Dust and mold were just as bad as pollen and cats for me. I’m allergic to most things except food.

    Overall a great week until yesterday. Happy anniversary! I hope this is a great week with some good reading time!

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    • Because of the meds I’m on I can only take Claritin and that doesn’t work but Flonase will be my best friend for a while. I love that stuff.

      Thank you! I’m hoping to read a bunch this week.

    • Thank you! I’ve been living on water and tea. Once my daughters game is over I’m laying on the couch the rest of the day.