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Week in READview:

Real life, Blogging & Reading:

I know at some point the busy is going to end and I can breath again but I might be actually sad about it. While I am not a fan of taking work home and I was almost out the door before my boss caught me, I don’t mind being busy at work. I listen to my true crime podcast while I work and the day just flies by. However, after two months of non-stop work, I need a break.

The kids are almost done with school. I do plan to take the 25th off so I can go with my daughter to get her certificate, yearbook and stuff from her desk. I feel so bad that she spend her entire school life in the school and the last year she doesn’t even get to say goodbye. Next year is a new school for her and a totally different layout, she is so nervous and so am I. Not sure how they plan to do school yet in our town since our town likes to wait until the last minute.

I have been organizing my blogging and jotting down ideas. I made a few new logos and plan to redo how I write reviews. I am hoping to be back to actual posts by July 1st. I figure at this point what is another few weeks and it will give me time to really get in order what I plan to do from now until the end of the year.

My reading is going on, the money I won for my birthday I decided to get myself a new Kindle Paper White since my old one died. It is so nice to not have to read on my phone anymore and I already picked up my next read on it. I missed reading ebooks. I still would read them on my phone but prefer the kindle since it’s bigger.


I have decided to do a huge redo of my feature prices and If you have a new feature, meme or challenge you want to start but don’t feel like making a logo? Well…Let me do it for you! For $5 I will make you the logo you need.
Each logo is ONLY $5!
Email me today to get started!

Next weekend is Father’s Day and I wont have a Sunday Post, I am having my mom, sister and nephew over for dinner and I know it will be a hard day.

On the Blog:

What you missed:

What you might see this week:

Organizing and working on stuff, I am so excited. I even made a few new logos!


What I grabbed:

These were in my owlcrate box for May. With the virus, the box was a little late but I am super excited to read Zoraida Cordova’s Book. Her panel at Bookcon was my favorite.


So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading




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14 responses to “The Sunday Post ~ I forgot to name this post ~ Week in READview!

  1. I hope you get that break you so desperately need, Michelle. I really do. We’re in the same boat waiting to see what will happen with the new school year. I heard we should get an answer by July 21st. School is supposed to start August 10th. Talk about no prep times for the teachers . . . I am sorry for your daughter. At least my daughter will be staying in the same school. Yay for your new Kindle Paperwhite! Those are the best. I hope you have a great week, Michelle.

  2. Oh just wanted to say too I hope my last sentence didn’t come off as insensitive. I know you’ve had a horrible loss and I realized after I read my comment that that a stupid way of saying it, just hoping that your get- together with your relatives is nice even though of course it’s going to be so hard. Sorry for my asinine way of saying that!

  3. I feel so bad for the kids and the way their school year had to end. Has this year been shit or what? I hope you’re hanging in there. with everything going on I’m about over all this crap in 2020 lolol.

    Have a great Father’s day weekend next weekend!

  4. It can be nice when you’re busy at work as the time goes by faster then, but it doesn’t sound good how you’ve been so busy for so long. I hope you get a break soon.

    That must be weird for your daughter that she spend all her school years there and now doesn’t get to say goodbye before she goes to another school.

    I look forward to see what new things you’ve planned for your blog and how to do reviews. That’s sounds like a good idea to start on 1 July so you have a bit of extra time to prepare.

    That’s great you got yourself a new kindle with your birthday money. I hope it works well and that’s nice you can read ebooks on an ereader again.

    I hope your new prices for logo’s will work well and you get some new clients. I love the design work you’ve done my my blog and my tour company. I am so happy to have you as my banner designer 🙂

    That will be tough to have your first father’s day without your dad. Hugs! I hope you’ll do well and if you ever need to talk to someone, just let me know!

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #391
  5. Being busy helps me keep from too much social media and anxiety. I have to plan breaks because otherwise my days are all the same mostly. In another month, we will need to make some decisions about whether my daughter will do online or in class this fall for college.

    Happy reading and stay well!

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Series on Saturday: Audiobook series
  6. Nice new reads! Incendiary is a popular book box choice lately. Lol. It’s always weird to me when the main box people end up choosing the same book, but it’s fun when the covers are totally different! I hope you enjoy the new reads!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  7. I need to get back into practicing my skills and I have also been thinking about trying something new for my blog reviews but not sure yet. I am good with coming up with ideas for things but not following through…lol.

    Hope you have a great week and happy reading!

    Stormi Johnson recently posted: The Week In Review #304