Week in READ-view 11/3

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My friends this has been one hell of a week!

This week started off with Chocolate Covered pretzels, making goodie bags, cupcakes (I made twice because the first set tasted like a sponge)Rice Krispie treat pumpkins all for my kids on Halloween.

Now that both of them are in school on Halloween I had two parades to attend, one at 1:00 and the other at 1:30. WHAT A DISASTER!!! My kids are in different schools. My son is in a special needs program and is about 20 minutes from my daughters school. It rained and the parade for my daughters school started 20 minutes late so as she walked by I took a picture and my mom and I ran out the door to drive to see my son…..we missed it 🙁 So I didn’t get to see either parade! I was so bummed, I did get to see them both but not in the parades. The parades are one of my favorite things to do on Halloween besides Trick or Treat and after 2 years of waiting I can’t believe I missed them.

Once they got home after school we did have a great time trick or treating. It’s been 2 years since the kids got to do this. 2 years ago NJ had a bizarre snowstorm that caused complete chaos and last year was Hurricane Sandy. So this year my kids had a BLAST running around and getting candy. After such a disastrous morning it turned out to be an awesome night 🙂

Then all day Friday I spend baking for my daughters 6th birthday party on Saturday!
This is the cake my daughter wanted me to make, it didn’t come out like I wanted but my daughter loved it and that was what really counted 🙂
I also made my Pita Chips they are like CRACK!!! You can’t eat just one and they disappear so fast.
Super simple to make and they are the most amazing thing you will ever eat!
I made lots of yummy stuff and Saturday was a great day! She had so much fun and I was completely stuffed after eating all the yummy food and desserts. 
On Friday was the start of the Clean out your E-reader Challenge. So far its been so much fun. You can see all the progress on twitter with the hashtag #coyer plus on my Facebook and the Week in READ-view. I am a little behind on catching up with what people have been doing and I have been trying to follow everyone who is participating. If you notice I am not a follow of you please don’t hesitate to let me know I will be happy to follow you.

This week once again being so crazy and busy that I was only able to read one book (it was FANTASTIC) it’s for a Blog Tour I have on the 16th.

I really liked this book, such a different read and I am eager to read the next one in the series. The author is a phenomenal illustrator and the illustrations in the book are amazing.
I am now in 100% with the challenge
this is the book I am currently reading

It’s a Netgalley book since I am going to try and get through a few of them this month before I have to start 3 books for reviews in December.

The next one for the challenge I will be reading is this

Once the challenge is over I think I am going to stop taking review blog tours until January and continue with the Netgalley reads. I really want to get my ratio up and I know in the next coming weeks it will probably have some awesome books coming out. If the blog tour is associated with a book that’s on my TBR list I might sign up but for now I think I am just going to get through all the books on my e-readers to see how many I can read till January 1st.
I have a slow week coming up this week and I totally forgot to promote My TBR list yesterday so if you can hop on over and check it out that would be great. I have two Author Spotlights this week for two really great authors so please stop by and check them out. I am also hoping to have the review up for Alienated by Wednesday or Thursday. Really looking forward to a great month of reading and I hope you will all follow my progress and don’t forget at the end of the challenge I will be doing a giveaway for all the books I have read so stay tuned 🙂

 So tell me how was your week and Halloween?
What did you read?

Let’s Chat…..

Have a great week!
Happy Reading

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2 responses to “Week in READ-view 11/3

  1. OMG you just made me so hungry!! That's twice and with the same food! I'm reading Memory's Wake right now and really enjoying it. Love the pictures in it! I think I'll probably finish it tonight or tomorrow at the latest. And I'm so behind with my commenting that you're done with both the books you mentioned on here. Gah!