Week in READ-view & The Sunday Post 5/25

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WIR vectorstock_43821-1-1Week in READ-view is a post I have posted on Sundays telling you what I have been up to this week and what I read or am reading. The Sunday Post is a meme sponsored by the awesome Kimba at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Blog News:

I am so BEHIND on reviews, I really should have written them as soon as I finished the books. Now I have 5 reviews to write and need to catch up before COYER starts in June or I’m going to be worse then I am now and I don’t even know where to start 🙂

This week has been a rather slow blogging week for me and I took a break from reading and had to read something for a friend. I am now back to finish up Clean Sweep Arc Challenge and I think I will actually hit my goal with maybe an extra book included.

CoyerSummerEdition(Signup) COYER kicked off this week and we have a bunch of new stuff added since COYER will be on Summer Vacation from June 21 to Sept 5. 2 and a Half Months of Summer reading and I can not wait. You can find the Sign Up here if you are interested in Joining or just want to know the details!

This Week on the Blog

Sunday ~ WIR & The Sunday Post

Monday ~ Author Spotlight – Jagjiwan Sohal

Tuesday ~ Review  Full Steam Ahead

Wednesday ~ Sign Up and Start Post for COYER
The Reason I Stay Cover Reveal

Thursday ~  Author Spotlight – Lillian Summer Part 1

Friday ~ Author Spotlight – Lillian Summer Part 2

Next Week on the Blog

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Saturday ~ Clean Sweep End Post

Books I read

wasn’t able to link pictures to goodreads so the links are in the names instead

I am currently reading  The Kiss of Deception by Mary E Pearson


Next I will be reading The Dolls by Kiki Sullivan

The Dolls

Books I got this week

I only got one book this week from Netgalley

Trial by Fire (The Worldwalker Trilogy, #1)

Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini

What else is going on?

At the moment we are down the shore (NJ) celebrating my husbands birthday which is today (sunday the 25th) and my birthday which is on Wednesday (28th).  Sunday we are having a big birthday BBQ and looking forward to just relaxing before the craziness of this week starts.

This week (next sunday) I will be able to share what has been going on I was hoping to do it today but not sure who reads my blog, however, I doubt anyone involved but you never know. Soon you will see why I have to be so vague and Thank you for understanding my vagueness I’m sure it’s annoying 🙂

I am looking forward to BEA on Friday and if you are going let me know would love to meet you 🙂 I am looking forward to looking at all the books and meeting a bunch of people. I just have to remember to print out my business cards!!!

So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Let’s Chat…

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading


Please ignore all spelling and/or grammar errors, I kind of typed this quickly and didn’t get a chance to read it over like a usually do 🙂 so it might suck a lot more then usual LOL

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33 responses to “Week in READ-view & The Sunday Post 5/25

  1. I just tried calling you and now that I’m reading this I realize you weren’t home because you’re at BEA!! Hope you’re having a great time! And yay – you get to share GOOD news Sunday. What a relief huh? Thanks again for taking a break for your reading to read my book 🙂 TTYL

    Berls recently posted: Book Blog Walkers | Check-in 22
  2. Bea

    Happy birthday to both of you! I hope you’re having good weather.

    I have three reviews to write today and then I’ll be caught up on writing them. I have a template for reviews and have them done for the next two weeks. I just have to read the books and write the reviews. 😀 Sometimes I go in and add thoughts and notes as I’m reading.

    Bea recently posted: Sunday Book Share #90
    • Thats a good Idea. I have been setting up the post on my blog so that when I am done writing them I can just pop in the review and schedule, it works out so much better then setting it all up.

      Thank you Bea, the weather today is beautiful, finally it was raining the last couple of days.

  3. Happy birthday! I hope you have some time to relax! And have fun at BEA, I’ll be participating in BEA Armchair instead as I can’t visit the real BEA.
    Trial by Fire sounds really good and the cover is great as well, I’ll have to see if it’s still on netgally so I can request it as well.

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #75
      • I just requested it, although it was mentioned the preference was for US reviewers. So I’ll probably get rejected, but I thought it was worth trying anyway. And else I can always buy it when it releases.

        Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #75
  4. I also had a problem getting behind so I have a new review method-before I start a book I know I’ll be reviewing, I set up the draft for the review, with the basic book information/cover image. Then after I read the book I put my initial thoughts into the draft. Then within a couple of days after I finish the book, I go back to the draft and clean it up/make it readable lol. It’s working really well so far!

    Finley Jayne recently posted: {EARLY Edition} Sunday Post-My Final SP
    • I usually write the review as soon as I am done with the books, like a crazy draft that usually makes no sense and I have to go back a day later to clean it up lol. I sometimes do the write as I go also. I have been setting up my posts for reviews early since WordPress has a plugin that makes it super easy to do it and keep yourself ahead, Because of the Clean Sweep Challenge I have been trying to read as much as possible and let the reviews slip 🙂

  5. Happy birthday to both you and your husband!
    I hope you have fun at BEA – I can’t even comprehend how awesome BEA sounds. Too bad I’m not even in US.

    Have a good Sunday! 🙂

    Milka recently posted: Sunday Post (#8)
  6. Happy Birthday to you and your husband.
    I hope you catch up on your reviews soon, I also find it annoying when I have reviews to be written and don’t get any relief from worrying about them until they’re done.
    I’ve joined up with Coyer also. 🙂
    Have a great week.

    • Thank you Sharon! I am so happy you are joining us, I will have to stop by your starter post 🙂 This one is going to be so much fun I can’t wait for it to get started.

  7. Happy B-Day to your husband and happy B-Day to you (I’m a bit early :D). Also I totally know how you feel. I’m behind with my reviews too and it’s not a good feeling. I hope you’ll catch up. Also I really hope you’re enjoying The Kiss of Deception. Great post 🙂

    Tanja recently posted: Sunday Post (#8)
    • I hate being so behind and it makes me forget all the good stuff that happened in the book when I wait so long. Thank you for the birthday wishes 🙂
      So far I am enjoying The Kiss of Deception but it’s kind of slow, I am hoping it picks up soon.