3 Star #Review ~ Invictus by Ryan Graudin #MyTBRL

Posted February 23, 2019 by Michelle in Review / 3 Comments

Bad planning and lack of interesting characters has kept me from finishing this book on time.

The story follows Farway Gaius McCarthy who was born outside of the grid. Basically he was born in between time. Which just confuses me since wouldn’t he just be born in whatever day they are originally in even if it was traveling back to the present time.

I thought the writing style was very good and I was enjoying the story, sort of, I think my problem was I wasn’t clicking with the characters. It also has some rather pointless spots that sort of just didn’t really add anything to the story. I also HATED the love parts of it. I just didn’t care and I think that was because I wasn’t clicking with the characters. I tend to not have an issue with made up word but if they said Hash or Hashing (equivalent to the F word) I was going to scream. It was so over used, it was Hashing annoying! In the middle of the book I didn’t even understand what we were doing, while I loved the idea of going back to different periods of time it just didn’t seem to hold my attention like I had hoped it would and again I think it’s was because of the characters. I was also completely against the Far, Elliot and Pyria triangle.He was already in a relationship so I am not sure I liked having Elliot thrown into that. I would have preferred her just be a separate character.

I felt like the story lacked character build and the mystery girl was more annoying than a mystery, it was really annoying. This might be one of those times when everyone loved a book and I just didn’t, it was ok but not my favorite.

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3 responses to “3 Star #Review ~ Invictus by Ryan Graudin #MyTBRL

  1. I’ve wondered about this one! Good to know. And I hate made up words that are then over used, it’s so annoying. This book would probably irritate me too.

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #286
  2. Oh dear! Over-used words can get on my nerves faster than anything. Add that to characters that I’m indifferent about? I can see why it was an okay book even with the exciting premise.