Berls Reviews Memory Man by David Baldacci

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My top thoughts:

This was a surprising read for me and not one I would have picked up on my own, I don’t think. It was a book club pick, but I didn’t start it until the day before book club. Well, guess what? I finished it in time for book club. It was that good!

Who I think would like it:

If you like quirky main characters, I think you’ll like Amos. He suffered a football injury that changed the way he sees the world and gave him a perfect memory… but also removed his “normal” people interaction skills. He reminded me a bit of a high-functioning autistic person in some ways.

This is, above all, a murder mystery. It’s not one that I feel like you could really solve without knowing everything that Amos knows, but as he reveals things he’s figured out you can make a guess at the next step — and you’ll be wrong at least half the time, but it’ll make sense. He just sees things in ways that the average person doesn’t.

This does hit some triggers – you’ve got child murder (you don’t see it happen, but you see the after), you’ve got rape (once again you don’t see it, but read about the after) and you’ve got some gender/sexuality questions. I felt like it was all handled well, though realistically (meaning you will see some insensitivity and it will piss you off as it should). But if those are major triggers for you, it may not be the book for you.

I’m actually disappointed that it’s a series  – not because I don’t want to read more – but because it worked really well as a stand alone and I worry that it won’t hold up over several books. Oh and the fact that I now have another series to keep up with!

Narrator thoughts:

The narration on this was FANTASTIC. First off, the primary narrator was Ron McLarty, but for female voices  Orlagh Cassidy chimed in and it was pretty great to get that genuine female voice. They also had sound effects that flowed seamlessly into the narration. I will definitely be listening as the series continues and recommend you do too!

5 stars Flipping Fantastic
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