#Review ~ Lifel1k3 (Lifelike #1) by Jay Kristoff

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I can get lost in this book and when I stop reading I actually have to give myself a minute to adjust. It also has a tendency to creep back into your head and you have to stop for a minute to figure out if that was something that actually happened to you or did it happen in the book. The lines of reality get a little blurred. With that said, can you tell I loved this book. The words jumped off the page and painted such vivid images in my head. I can picture Eve and Ezekiel, laugh a Cricket’s comments and adore Lemon Fresh. It’s described as similar to a classic story but for some reason I am not feeling the Romeo and Juliet that it is compared to. I am getting more of an Anastasia vibe, maybe more of the cartoon version of Anastasia (I love that movie). It was the first thing I thought of especially with her name (that is all I will say). It also has a few other fairytale vibes to it also.

The story pulled me write in and this is my first book by Jay Kristoff alone, I also read part of Illuminae, which was great but not as good as this one. I loved how the story had both raw painful, no holding back moments and some really funny, laugh out loud lines. The story goes back and forth between “now” and the past. I loved the back story just as much as the present. This book has made of slang since it’s set in the future and it doesn’t appear to have any schools, it can get distracting at times to read the slang it is someone easy to understand. If you don’t like made up slang this might bother you more than it did me.

Overall, I loved this book and if you know me you know I am not a huge Sci-fi, dystopian fan but this book was amazing. I loved every minute of it slang and all. Thankfully the next one is out soon so I wont have to wait that long after that FUCKING ending! HOLY SHIT! My head is spinning and not even sure I know how to process everything that happened, my heart and head hurt! Highly recommend.

Seriously don’t know if I will be ok after the end….Tell me I will be ok! I just don’t know how to feel! OMG!

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7 responses to “#Review ~ Lifel1k3 (Lifelike #1) by Jay Kristoff

  1. I haven’t read Kristoff solo yet (just the Illuminae books) so I was curious about these. Glad you liked it (and wow better than Illuminae huh?). And the ending sounds bonkers lol. I had to laugh at that comment. 🙂 I love it when a book ending blows me away.

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    • Seriously need to find time to read it. In the last year I think I had one or two 5 stars and never after 50 pages in, it has to be really stupid for me to have given any less. I don’t know why I loved it so much and the end…I just can’t get over it. I need book 2. Thankfully it comes out in May (I hope)