Loving the “Family” in Laced in Lies #audioreview

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Shelby is back! Y’all, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in my life, when it’s time for the next Shelby adventure, I’m excited and I’m never disappointed. Laced in Lies was no exception. There were several developments in this one that I loved, despite Shelby’s hesitations… I love that there is a familial relationship forming between her family and Uncle Joey’s. I know, I know, he’s a mob boss. But he’s a good one! LOL! I know. Still, love him and I’m loving the closer ties.

When I think about Laced in Lies, it’s easy to think of two completely different stories happening – and yet they flowed so well together. Shelby heads to the Big Apple with Uncle Joey’s son to help him with her “special talents” while he auditions for a NY musical. I don’t care that it’s unrealistic, it’s awesome. There’s a whole family ties story that is a total mess (As anything with Shelby seems to be, in her sweet way she’s just destined for trouble) and yet it’s fun and I can’t wait to see how she untangles future messes sure to come from that.

The second story line is with Ramos. Y’all know I love Ramos and worry about him at the same time. Shelby is attracted to him and yet, she’s married; I love her husband and their relationship so it worries me. But I think Colleen does a really good job of having a bit of sexual tension there while maintaining that Shelby will never betray Chris – not even emotionally. So Ramos has a secret of his own a foot and Shelby gets caught up in it (doesn’t she always?) and of course, she ends up needing a bit of rescuing. She’s getting tougher though and there’s a moment with his motorcycle that I had a ball reading.

Honestly, there’s a smaller third story line involving Dimples – but it kind of connects to the other’s in it’s special, Shelby kind of way. If I were to fault this book for anything, it would be that I’d like some more Dimples time 🙂

I’m continuing to adore Wendy Tremont King’s narration and I will never stop listening (unless we change narrators! gasp! no!). There’s something in the way she makes Shelby come to life that is just special, as if Shelby could be my friend. I can’t wait for more adventures with Shelby!

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