I’m back and in serious organize the blog mode ~ Task It Tuesday!

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Task-It-TuesdayWelcome to Task It Tuesday! hosted by the Awesome The Geeky Blogger

What is Task It Tuesday? It is where every week I list a task or tasks that I would like to accomplish on my blog or in Real Life before next Tuesday. It can be big or small but the goal is to get something done that will make my blog/reading life/challenges run smoother, faster, or more efficient and/or get those simple or complex tasks done in my real life.

This blog needs a little bit of organizing and with Michelle@Book Briefs awesome Blogging on a Time Crunch posts I have finally found a direction to go. I adored the resource page of this post and think I will slowly go through each link to see if it is something I want to apply to the blog to make it better and more entertaining to my followers. I feel like I have fallen off the blogging boat and let myself get too laid back but I have jumped back on and am ready to speed around the blogging sea with new and great ideas, posts and getting all those visits in. I love this community and I am done saying what I want to do and now officially going to just do it and have fun because honestly that is what this is to me regardless of all the work with lists and schedules I enjoy it. It makes me feel important and proud of what I created with this blog so lets get EVERYTHING ORGANIZED!!!

PS I started some of these tasks on Sunday to get a head start. I am pretty happy with how much I have done already. This week is going to be super productive πŸ™‚

My Task(s) this week:

  • ORGANIZE EVERYTHING! Yes this week I plan to organize my blogging life since I let it get a bit out of control. This week on the blog I have a good amount of posts to hold me over to be able to do all the organizing I need. I think I will list most of the stuff for next time as far as what I plant to do from now until the end of the year. 2016 is going to be an awesome blogging year for me! (I’m not even going to type, I hope, because I am determined to make it so)
  • Organizing Trello ~ Yes I have figured out exactly how I want to use it so I need to get it all organized and ready to use. Haven’t tried Trello yet? Check it out HERE
  • To Do ListTodoist is a great app and website that helps to organize your To-Dos, it super simple and can be used on all platforms, so you are never without your To Do List.

I am trying not to have to many places that have lists and schedules because I don’t want to get confused plus most of these websites do the same stuff so whats the point of having so many, so I am looking into zapier as well to see if it will cross post for me. In all honestly if I want to be super organized I can’t have so much stuff otherwise it will be overwhelming and I wont want to do the upkeep.

To do if I need a break…I will play around with doing some of this stuff especially the posts part. The HTML/CSS/Design I will be doing in September once the kids are in school and I have my Fridays alone again.

  • Spreadsheets ~ This needs to be finished.
  • Goodreads ~ I need to update my books.
  • Challenge Page ~ Update before next week.
  • Posts ~ Set-up App Reviews (as many as I can) also set up a few posts for while I am away.
  • HTML/CSS/Design ~Β I want to build the structure of the site this weekend and maybe start on the design of the header.

Tasks completed this week:

  • Client Design ~ Finish this before I leave for vacation πŸ™‚Β  It is all finished and I am hoping he loves it. I think it came out very nice but it’s really up to him πŸ™‚
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Do you have tasks you want to complete? Head on over to The Geeky Blogger and jump on the linky

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11 responses to “I’m back and in serious organize the blog mode ~ Task It Tuesday!

  1. Then you can organize me…LOL. Sounds like you got a good plan. I try using things but my follow through is not so well, most unorganized person on the planet..I have a calendar for my books but never look at it, I tried Trello don’t get it. I haven’t tried To Do, so maybe I will check it out..lol. πŸ™‚

    Stormi recently posted: Tuesday Teaser: Threads of Evidence
    • I use to be so organized but some how I lost my way. 2 days of organizing and it’s going great feeling so much better. Found some amazing things to help with blogging I’m very excited πŸ™‚

  2. While I organize and plan almost everything in my life, I actually don’t plan my blogging I have lose schedule that’s mostly in my head. I make sure I actually get posts written on time and it just works for me, somehow. I do love google calendar as I keep track there of eveyrthing so it’s easy to see on any day what post I have scheduled and which posts I still have to write.

    I haven’t heard of Trello or the to do list app. I think I saw you mention on facebook you would do a post about them, so I might check them out after that. I’ve never heard of Zapier either. I use the jetpakc plugin nowadays to share my posts on fb and google+, on sunday I try and customize the text and then I don’t have to think about social media anymore during the week.

    And my boyfriend loves his new blog design and me too, you really did a great job on it! Now I just have to make time to set everything up on his blog and he needs to find some time to actually start blogging. Gah it’s been a busy few weeks.

    • I’m thinking of doing a few posts about what I have been doing. It’s been really cool all the stuff I found about blog organization, posts and other stuff. Zapier is confusing and I’m not sure it’s working how I like but I want to do a how to on Todoist and Trello.

      I am so glad he likes it πŸ™‚ it was fun to make. Can’t wait to see it all put together. If you need anything adjusted let me know so I can fix them for you πŸ™‚