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I have always wanted to go to Italy, it looks beautiful and I have family that live there that I have wanted to visit. After reading this book, I want to go even more. It almost made me feel like I might have already been there. Kristin Rae has such great knowledge of Italy that it felt like I visited all the places with the Main Character Pippa. Anyone want to go on a trip to Italy with me? 🙂

Wish you Were Italian has really cute characters and Pippa was such a cutie and really needed this time to find out more about what she wanted out of life and not what her mom wanted for her. I fell for Darren as soon a she meet him and I pretty much could care less about any other guy in the book. I adore Darren I want her to be with him. Bruno was an interesting character but reminded me of a typical self-absorbed male and I loved Chiara and Morgan, would love to have friends like these.

I thought this was a really great book, the story was super cute but was a bit unbelievable only because a 17 yr. old roaming around Italy on her own and her parents trusted her that much? Totally could be the mom in me but I would be a crazy lady if my kid was traveling alone in another country. I would call the school she was supposed to be at everyday. I’m that much of a worrywart 🙂

I loved the details she gave about Italy and the romance was so cute however the ending is a little predictable but overall it’s a sweet story about a girl finding out who she is and what she wants.

I gave Wish you Were Italian by Kristin Rae 4/5 stars. It has a really cute story, lots of romance and great details of Italy. I really enjoyed the story and characters in this book and I totally recommend it.

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