Sunday Post with Berls | January 29th 2023

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January 29th 2023

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kim @ Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog and showcase books and things we have received. Share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.

News at Home

Is it February yet? This month is just dragging on and on and on…

I had another busy week where I’m not sure what the hell I did. I probably should try writing a little every night again because I just don’t remember by Saturday evening lol.

Let’s see – Dante is very moody lately and I’m starting to worry that he’s maybe trying to tell me something isn’t working for him with therapy. He has 4 new therapists because of the semester change so maybe he’s just struggling to deal with the change? But our mornings have been ROUGH this week. Thankfully once we get there he’s super happy. But I asked his BCBA for a meeting next week so we can try to see what’s going on and maybe adjust some things. I just want to make sure he’s happy above progress.

Work was busy-ish. I had a meeting on Monday and my boss asked me if I would like to lead the adoption of this new metrics program we’re adopting. I had done a lot of work on the previous one, so it makes sense and I’m really excited. When I told him yes, he said, “great, I have this conference I’d like you to attend next month the metrics company is doing.” Okay, cool, sure! And then I found out it’s not virtual, it’s in Austin! Yikes! I told him I needed to think on that – with Dante’s therapy it’s really hard for me to be away and quite frankly I’ve never been away from him overnight. NEVER! Ultimately we decided it was too big of a deal for me to not go, so I’ll be leaving Monday February 6th around 6pm and be back in the afternoon February 8th. So only two nights. I’m driving with my boss and a team member from another team under the same director. It’s a really cool opportunity but I’m also nervous. Oh and we had a club visit this week so I had to drive out to Plano for that on the rainiest day — 30 minutes in the pouring rain one way. But it was really useful, as we got to test out some of the features we’re working on in the club and also to see one of the interfaces we need to redesign this year. So it was good.

Home and my schedule are working-ish. My mornings are good but I can’t say that I have a good rhythm in the afternoons yet. I’ll keep working on it. But I am doing well enough that weekends are free for family time. Today (saturday), Dante and I went to visit a friend for an all day play date. We did a Walmart grocery run and then we baked cake and played with balls, talked and just had a great time. Oh and Dante ate his first whole apple (rather than sliced)!

So a good, busy as usual, week!

Blog News

I’ve been buddy reading like crazy and making having a really great reading & blogging month. I’m trying out Storygraph instead of Goodreads right now. I can’t keep up with both though so Goodreads is likely to fall behind and, if I like Storygraph, go into disuse completely.

Last week on Because Reading

Challenge update

This week I finished:

I’m participating in 8 Challenges, plus my goal of 150 books, this year. I’ve read 11 books so far this year! Here’s how I’m doing with my challenges:

  1. COYER Upside Down Chapter 1 – 11 books
  2. Finishing the Series – my goal is 5-8 series.
    • Series In Progress
      1. Well Met – I read book 2 so far this year. I’m currently reading book 3 and need to read book 4
      2. Sean King and Michelle Maxwell – I read book 4 this year, still need to read 5 & 6
    • Completed Series:
      1. Transplanted Tales – I read book 4 this year, which is all that is published so far (but I do think more are coming, so this is probably going to end up back in progress)
      2. Spoiler Alert – book 3 was the only book I hadn’t read, so that series now caught up!
  3. Library Love – 7/60 books
  4. Thrifty Thursday – my goal is 1 book each month:
    1. January –
      1. Just Folking Around by Penny Reid
      2. Marking Time by April White
  5. 2023 Audiobook Challenge – 7/100 books
  6. Backlist Reader Challenge – 7/50 books
  7. Bookish Resolutions  – here are my goals:
    1. Review all books on goodreads within 1 week of reading them. I have some review writing to do for the 3 books I read this week…
    2. Keep up with My TBR List each month! so far, so good!
    3. Complete all my COYER tasks on time. January I did well, I need to get my February tasks rolling!
    4. Sunday Post at least once each month. I’ve managed one every Sunday this month!
    5. Set aside minimum 1 hour each week for blogging.  This week was barely an hour, as I was really reading a lot. But I did get in 1 hour.
  8. 12 books from 12 friends – I shared the graphic in my first Sunday Post of the year but here are the books my friends have picked for me: (I haven’t read any yet)
    1. Filthy Rich Vampire by Geneva Lee Albin – Currently reading
    2. The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches by Sangu Mandanna
    3. Morning Star by Pierce Brown
    4. Slay by Brittney Morris
    5. Pride and Protest by Nikki Payne
    6. Blacktop Wasteland by SA Cosby
    7. A Psalm for the WIld-Built by Becky Chambers
    8. Discipline is Destiny: The Power of Self-Control by Ryan Holiday
    9. The Mary Shelley Club by Goldy Moldavsky
    10. What Angels Fear by CS Harris
    11. The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson
    12. The Darkening by Sunya Mara



    Felicia the Geeky Blogger and Jen @ That’s What I’m Talking About co-host this fitness-oriented group and I’m glad to be part of it for another year.

    Goals for 2023:

    This year I’m just focusing on habits that make me feel good and may/may not lead to weight loss. And rather than over-arching year long goals, I’ll be updating my goals on a week-by-week basis.

    This week: Blarg. I did not do well at all this week. I just can’t seem to keep my focus on ALL THE THINGS!

    Next week: I’m going to refocus on my 3 big goals right now — morning routine, water, and veggies at every meal.

    How was your week? What are you Reading?

About Berls

Michelle adopted me as part of her blog when I decided to close down my blog, Fantasy is More Fun. The blog was dying, but my love of reading and the blogosphere was still strong as ever - so I found my new home here at Because Reading!

I'm not just a book lover, but a one time author (that hopes to be more in the future), wife, mom to the cutest, happiest, best 2 year old and step-mom to the craziest, sweetest 22 year old on the planet. My family mean everything to me and they appear frequently in the Sunday Post with Berls. So grab a glass of wine and chat books, blogging, and family with me!



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7 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | January 29th 2023

  1. It’s so scary being away from the little ones overnight for the first time! But how exciting to be asked to lead this adoption process. I hope you get the answers about what’s bothering Dante. Honestly, I think just the change in therapists would throw my son. It takes him a bit to truly be comfortable with new people. I hope you’re having a great week!

  2. WOW! That’s a big deal… the first nights away from your baby. As my mom told me all those years ago – it’s going to be a lot harder for you than him (it was for me!). LOL. I hope it all goes smoothly and you have a productive time at the conference.

    I downloaded the Water Llama app finally and have been using it for a week – I’ll report on it on my blog next week. But so far I like it. It’s different in that it captures all liquids, not just water. I haven’t been keeping up with my food goals at all, but I finally got in some exercise this week.

    Jen Twimom recently posted: #FitReaders Check-In: January 27, 2023
  3. You really have made so MUCH progress on so many fronts over the past year. Give yourself a little slack. Dante won’t always be happy as no one is, but it’s harder when he can’t help you figure out how to help him. But my daughter as a teen couldn’t tell me even tho we were close and even though she knew, so I’m not sure that gets solved even as an adult lots of us can’t communicate if we feel vulnerable. I love all the buddy reading!

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  4. January always does feel so incredibly long! I guess it’s because we’re all so consumed with holidays and get togethers in December that stuff seems to happen almost every week (at least it does for me I guess! lol)! Then January is just so blah. Nothing happens so every day drags.

    Hope you have a great week ahead!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  5. I had to laugh because I posted that it feels like January has passed in a flash…. and here you are saying the month is dragging. Too funny. The conference sounds like a great opportunity but I can understand being nervous about leaving. I hope your schedule continues to work for you and that the afternoons find more balance. Have a great week… January is almost over! 🙂

    Tanya @Girl Plus Books recently posted: The Sunday Post #323 | January 29, 2023