Sunday Post with Berls | The one with the ear infection

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The one with the ear infection

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News at Home

What a week. I haven’t had the time to blog really at all this week and I’m pretty sure this summary of events will be all over the place, in part because I’m having a TALL glass of wine tonight and am very ready to go to bed.

This week never had a chance. Monday my step-son’s aunt (but she might as well be a sister or cousin, she’s only 1 year older than him) was found unconscious in her apartment and had been like that for 18 hours. She was in a coma until Thursday and is not out of the woods yet. She is doing much better than they expected – honestly I don’t think they thought she’d make it. She’s still looking at possible amputation of left foot and right hand, although the chance of her keeping one or both is much higher than it was at the start of the week. Her organs are still not doing well and we don’t know if she’s going to need to get on a list for transplant or what. She hasn’t spoken yet, but has communicated some with grunts and blinking. I watched her grow up, spent holidays with her, and took her on family vacations, so it’s been an emotional week. Especially since I’m distant enough family that I really can’t visit – not with COVID policies – and just have to hang out and wait for updates.

Tuesday Dante’s therapy was canceled because his therapist was sick. Which was fine, just a thing that happened lol. Also on Tuesday my brother’s partner, Zach, found out about an opportunity where he works for an apprenticeship in development/coding/software engineering. So I rushed together an application for that and I’m praying for an interview. Haven’t heard anything yet though 🙁

Wednesday was an in office work day and I was finished up early, so I went to see Phil and Zach. We were working on our plans to visit the state fair the next day (Thursday) when I got a call from Dante’s daycare. He had a fever and I needed to come pick him up. So there went state fair plans. When I got to Dante’s daycare he was playing and seemed fine. His teacher said it was while he was in the 2 year old room – they’re working on transitioning him – that he had the fever, but he’d seemed fine all day for her. So I started to wonder if this was a thing with the new teacher. He played fine the rest the afternoon and then all of a sudden at 7:30 his temperature jumped to 100.6. A higher, low-grade fever. So maybe the teacher wasn’t up to shit and he is sick. So I called in sick for Thursday and spent the day with Dante. He was eating and playing and then bam! fever hit again. Still low-grade. But enough that we decided to keep him home Friday too. So I called in again. And Friday was going the same when Dante got kind of lethargic and fell asleep in my arms around 11:30/12. When he woke up he was burning up – took his temperature and it read 103.8… immediately after we took it again and it was 102.9. Not sure which was right, but we decided it was doctor time.

At the doctor – after tyelnol – he still had a temp of 101.5. So baby was sick. Turns out, he has an ear infection. I was surprised because he wasn’t fussy and never messed with it. But we got some antibiotics and after he took them we saw an immediate change, he even ate some dinner (his eating had been down).

Then we get to Saturday – today. OMG it’s like the antibiotics took away the fever and now he’s feeling the pain. Dante was fussy all day and eating was a challenge. I’m so exhausted. I feel like I spent 90% of my day just trying to get him to stop crying. I am just praying he’ll feel better tomorrow. I had planned to get brunch with a friend, but I canceled since even though technically Kiko could stay with him that’s not really fair AND he just doesn’t have the patience I do for the crying. Really hoping he’ll be good to go to daycare Monday. And then the question is… do I take Monday off to go to the fair, like I had planned on Thursday? Or after missing two days, do I need to go in? even though I really won’t be falling behind? this is the last week the fair is here. I guess we shall see.

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10 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | The one with the ear infection

  1. Sorry to hear about your step-son’s aunt! How terrible for you all… I hope they manage to save her hand and foot! Losing one would be traumatic enough but losing both – especially so young – would be another level of hellish. 🙁

    Ear infections in kids are wild. They seem to spring up out of nowhere, cause chaos, then disappear quickly with antibiotics… Fingers crossed Dante is ok now!

    Enjoy the fair – if you go – and fingers crossed on the job application! I’ve missed so much… I had no idea you were looking for new opportunities/training. 🙂

    • LOL! I know, I said the same thing to my husband. If he was playing and eating, what made them randomly check his temperature? But they weren’t wrong, he was sick, so IDK?!

      Anyway, thanks! Have a great week!

    • I wasn’t going to go, but now I’ve had a third shot and the fair is outside, so I decided I want to go and just be cautious. But IDK if I’ll make it now or not.

      Have a great week Anne 🙂

  2. Yep, a tall glass of wine is in order. Hopefully, Dante will feel better by tomorrow for you and enjoy the fair if you get to go. Hopefully, your relation will get better, too. Whew, you were a busy buddy reader this week. Way to go.

    Have a better week, Berls!

    Sophia Rose recently posted: A Holly Jolly Diwali by Sonya Lalli
    • Thanks Sophia 🙂 Yep, a tall glass of wine indeed! Dante seems to be much better today *fingers crossed*

      Hope you have a great week!

    • I’m really hoping we’re able to work out a day that we can go to the fair still! I need a day of fun! Hope you have a great week!