4 Star #Review ~ The Transparency Tonic (Potion Masters #2) by Frank L. Cole

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The story picks up several months after the events that happened in the first book. Things are still unsafe for the Stitser family and the family needs to keep a very low profile but of course it does stay quiet for long. This was a fast paced fun adventure with strong characters and a wonderful group of pretty nasty bad guys.

It was so much fun to be in this world again. I really missed Gordy and his family. This was such a fun story and the characters are just fantastic. This is honestly one of my favorite MG series, I can’t wait for Book 3 to come out because that ending had me like, Oh MY Goodness!

Just going to list a few things the book, no spoilers (unless you didn’t read the first book)

  • Gordy seems a little more grown up in this story however he has his naive moments but he is still a kid so you would expect that.
  • His friend Max was getting on my nerves in the beginning, while I think he is a great friend to Gordy, his actions where just making me mad, I almost stopped reading but I was too invested in the family.
  • Adilene is a cute character but I liked her better in the first book.
  • Mexxarix (Gordy’s Grandfather) is still fantastic but good golly, he is really a super bad guy
  • The rest of the characters are just awesome especially Aunt Priss, I really like her.
  • Part of the story, I couldn’t put the book down. I would even find myself reading longer than I intended too.
  • The book has a few new characters that added a little to the story and a few that took on a bigger role.
  • You get to see another side of the Elixirist world and I loved how the story end and where we might be going in the next book

Over all I thought this was a really great read and pretty much is just as good as the first book. I do love the characters and the world is just so much fun to visit. I would highly recommend this book (and series) to Young, Old, and anyone in the middle. Now, I need book 3! 🙂

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