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So this week I had a lot of fun planning and getting ideas for Limabean Designs. I am very excited about it and will share more when I have all the details worked out. There is a lot to do and I feel like I might be getting a little overwhelmed but I am trying to take my time and organize everything first.

This weekend we are at the shore again and I forgot all my paper work and my planner soI can’t work on anything until this week ,I am so mad. I did spend time this weekend reading and sort of relaxing so that was different! πŸ˜‰ I wont be around much today so this is just really a quick update and I hope to get to some of your blogs, I am so sorry for being such a shitty blogger friend, I am really trying, real life just wont leave me alone.

Berls will be on the blog a lot this week again, I promise I will be back next month, just trying to get some stuff done while I have the time and Berls had a lot to share so I figured I would let her take the rest of July. August I have a few giveaways planned, I hope you will stop by to check them out.

Not sure if anyone catches my Monthly Rewinds, they will now be in the Sunday post at the end of the month. Found it kind of redundant to repeat stuff again, however, the book report will still be a once a month thing because I love that post. πŸ™‚

Last Week on the Blog:

What you might see this week:

  • Currently I’m 9
  • Friday 5 MG Summer Recommendations
  • My TBR List: The Supernormal Sleuthing Service: The Lost LegacyΒ (The Supernormal Sleuthing Service #1)
    byΒ Gwenda Bond review

Books read & currently reading:

New on the Bookshelf/Kindle:


So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading




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31 responses to “A little overwhelmed but excited! ~ WIR & SP

  1. *gasp* You are not a shitty blogging friend! I take the award for that. To be fair, I’ve been pretty stressed for awhile now. I’m hoping that shit settles down and soon because I want to get back to visiting and commenting. I hope you’ve enjoyed the shore. I’m so behind, you’re still there, right? What day is this? Where am I? Oh, fuck it. Pass the wine. XOXO

    A Voracious Reader recently posted: Kindle Review ~ Shifted in Seattle
  2. I am curious to hear what you have planned for Limabean Designs :)! Planning and organizing things in advance sounds like a good way to go.

    That’s nice you got to relax a bit this weekend at the shore. I hope the Supernatural Sleuthing Service is a good one! It looks good!

    Nice deal on the box sets! I recently got two box sets for a nice price as well, they can be hard to resist at times. I hope you have a great week!

    • I was actually going to email you about it because I might need your help when I get it up. You have contacts that might be interested.
      My slump killed that book for me. I just couldn’t get into it like I hoped πŸ™
      I’ve wanted that series for a while but didn’t want each book separate so I am glad the set was on sale.

  3. I have just shopped for new planners… I need something that will help me with school stuff… I am not sure a normal planner will do it for me, though, as I will teach 9 hours on Mondays, but have five different classes to teach :O
    I hope you’ve managed to find your planner, and that your groove is still going strong.
    Miss you! {{{hugs}}}

  4. I am finding I am getting more overwhelmed and anxious about things at this stage in my life. I don’t know why or what’s changed, but I have to face that fact. Every time I see someone’s meticulously detailed to-do list on IG, I would kind of laugh, but now I’m realizing I need to do the same thing to get all my spinning plates under control. To combat the overwhelming feeling of LBD, sit down and make a list of all the things you know you need to do. It will make it easier to streamline the changes and updates, especially if you have to work on it in short segments and can’t do it all in one sitting. I’m going to do this myself this year for all of the different things I do at school, on the bog, and at home. You’re not a shitty bloggy friend! We all just have life and sometimes it gets busy and sometimes it gets hard. I was basically AWOL from spring break until the beginning of July. I had enough posts scheduled that they rolled out, and I would do my Sunday Post, but once May hit I completely stepped away. It was just too much. I felt bad about not visiting and commenting (which of course hurts blog traffic, and I know I am sensitive about that – like me, like me!), but I just had to do it for my own sanity. Enjoy your trip to the shore!

  5. I want to know what you think of the Palm South series. Its in KU and I have been eyeing it lately but I want to hear from someone who has read it, ya know!
    Enjoy your time at the shore!

    Samantha recently posted: Sunday Post: So hot!
    • I’m hoping it’s good, I’ve been wanting to read it for a while but I didn’t want to read it one book at a time.

    • Thank you, I’m actually not a stay at home mom. I wish I was, I work during the day and do LD at night. I’m hoping to make it the dominant income and then get a Part time job because I hate my current day job lol.

  6. I know you’re feeling overwhelmed, but everything you’ve got cooking over there with Limabean Designs is going to turn out great, I know it ! And its probably a good thing you left your papers at home – forced you to really relax πŸ™‚ I know I’m no good at it either πŸ˜‰ Enjoy your day, TTFN πŸ™‚

    • By the time I get a chance to actually visit I am so tired I just want to go to bed. It’s like calling people, I still owe a few people phones calls but I am just too tired to do it.
      It was a great book, You need to try her other book Curiouser and Curiouser, Steampunk Alice it was so different.

  7. Have a great time at the shore! Sometimes a break is good, enjoy yours. πŸ™‚

    I’m sure Limabean Designs will be awesome.

    Ice and Embers- amazing cover!

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #204
  8. Yay for new ideas! Hope things work out for ya πŸ™‚ Damn, sorry you left all your paperwork. I hate when I leave stuff after working hard to pack everything up—but I always do! Ice and Embers looks fabulous! Hope you’re enjoying it πŸ™‚

    Sarah recently posted: Sunday Post #3 | Back at Home
  9. I feel like I’ve been a crappy blogging friend as well. I’m trying to catch up with blogging and hardly have time to keep up with commenting and visiting! I’m trying though! πŸ™‚
    That cover for Ice and Embers is sooo gorgeous! I hope it’s good! πŸ™‚
    Have a great week!

    Stacy Renee recently posted: The Sunday Post #69 - A Week Off For Fun
    • I know real life gets in the way sometimes but I still feel bad.
      I am in love with that cover and the book was really good πŸ™‚ I finished it last night.

  10. I had also forgotten my planner last week, but it’s worse – it was my work planner πŸ˜€ oh dang, right. Anyway, I’m not sure what I was even doing the whole of last week! Kind of zoned out, I guess.
    Have a great reading week πŸ™‚

    Evelina recently posted: Sunday post #16