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My ReviewCan I tell you I really loved this book? I am quite fond of Middle Grade reads because they are so fun and have such strong stories full of imagination and make believe. I read Lindsay Cummings YA book and loved it so this book was a must for me to read and she did not disappoint. She created a world underground and 3 lovable characters that reminded me a little of the friendship in Harry Potter. I adore Albert, Leroy and Birdie and I loved the friendship they had, three quiet kids that connect with each other and work as an amazing team.

The story starts with Albert, it’s in his POV, he is chosen to be a keeper in a world that is located underground. With a Harry Potter feel and a journey to the center of the earth layout, this was so much fun to read. I really enjoyed it and I look forward to having both my kids enjoy this book when they are ready for a fun adventure in a world unlike any I have every read. The world build was great and I loved all the characters in the book. The only problem I had with this book was the end was a bit rushed. It was so exciting I kind of wanted more of that and less of them training, I also wanted a little more back story of the characters however not knowing didn’t take anything away from them but I wished I had a little more detail. The kids each had to find tiles and really enjoyed how each one gave the person who wore it a different ability, very interesting and unique idea. I wonder what I would have gotten; I hope the one that Albert received because that one seems really cool. I think a lot can come from this story I look forward to finding out more about the characters, world and tiles in the next book. I am 100% for sure reading the next one I can’t wait.

I honestly want to rant and rave about this book but I don’t want to give anything away. I love Lindsay’s imagination and her writing style is wonderful. She can tell an incredible story. I am happy to add her as one of my favorites and pretty much am looking forward to anything she writes.

I gave The Fires of Calderon 4.5/5 stars. Action, Adventure, Friendship and a whole new world to explore, this is a fantastic book for middle grade and adults. I would 100% recommend this book, Lindsay did a fantastic job and I really can’t wait to read were she takes Albert, Leroy and Birdie next.

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