Sunday Post with Berls | COVID Quarantine Week 41

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COVID Quarantine Week 41

News at Home

The short version

We had Christmas most the week in various ways, trying our best to both keep peace and safety. I was shocked by the news that I could already get my Pfizer vaccine which I got Monday. I was pretty lazy most the week, binge watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and playing a napping guessing game with Dante’s sleep schedule. But I manged to get some chores done in preparation for my return to work Monday.


Today was a real treat. Dante slept until about 8 and then we had a nice breakfast and I started his laundry. I did a little blog visiting and then went to pick up groceries. While I was out I picked up my brother and some pie for our rescheduled Christmas celebration. We spent the afternoon chatting, opening presents, sipping eggnog and watching Twilight (it was on our Spectrum app and it felt appropriately sappy for Christmas).

After I took my brother home (he has epilepsy so he doesn’t drive), I was doing dishes when I got a MyChart message. I logged in and saw that my group is up for COVID vaccine! So I’m scheduled for tomorrow! Kiko freaked out a bit about me getting it, but I feel good about it. I want to get to a world where it’s safe for Dante to go out and to get there, we need most people to be vaccinated. And the science supports the vaccine. It’s been tested and despite being fast, it’s based on years of earlier Corona Virus research. So I’m getting it and having a little bit of faith that it’s the next step to giving us back some normalcy.


Today was the start of my holiday break and I didn’t do much of anything. I put away Dante’s clothes that I washed yesterday, finished adding the books I have on OneDrive to Goodreads, and that was about it. Dante did not nap today, after leaving him in his crib for about an hour (not crying – he only started crying the last 5 minutes) I decided he just wasn’t going to sleep. I think we may be done with naps?

When Kiko got home, he took a quick shower so I could rush out the door to get my Pfizer shot. It was exactly the right amount of time, since after parking I had to walk through the hospital to the area they were giving the vaccine  – – I arrived 3 minutes before my appointment. The shot was quick and easy and then I had to sit for 15 minutes for observation. Then I went home. I feel fine, maybe a little sore as is standard from a shot. Otherwise good and full of hope.


Today Dante and I went to visit my friend that we always visit for a  Christmas playdate (she’s as careful as we are). We gave the kids gifts – she gave Dante this adorable Farmer Mickey that sings Old McDonald. He loves it. Her mom gave Dante his own Woody, with Dante on the shoe (Just like Andy from the movie). Dante slept for about 20 minutes on the car ride over and that’s it. He didn’t want to nap – day 2 in a row – and he’s not acting fussy. We had this hilarious moment when we were having dinner. We had said we weren’t that hungry, but we wanted to make sure the boys ate. So here we are – me, her, and her husband, chowing down and her boys won’t stay in their seats and then Dante picks up his plate and dumps it on the floor. We just started laughing. Like, yep, this is parental bliss. LOL

Vaccine update: I still have some muscle soreness in my arm and it’s in my neck a bit on the side where I got the vaccine, but that’s it. Coincidentally, that’s also the side I tend to carry Dante so, who knows how much is vaccine related. Otherwise, I feel great.


I spent the morning being lazy, relaxing with Dante, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and doing a little blogging. Dante took a 1 hour nap, so better than the non-naps of the past couple days, but still not the 2 hours I had been accustomed to. Kiko had his work Christmas party today – which turned out better than we’d feared. He was able to eat socially distant and the rest of the time he had on his mask. While he was at the Christmas Party the toilet in Dante’s bathroom started running. The bathroom flooded and I could only get it to stop by standing there holding up a lever in the tank. I called Kiko and he came and fixed it (yay for having a handyman husband!) and then I used all the towels we own cleaning it up. And since Kiko’s work clothes were in the washer, waiting for his current outfit to be run, I put the towels into the bathub for later. Far from ideal, since I’m going to have to scrub the tub now.

Since we’re trying to avoid big groups and Kiko had just been around Tequila (Franky’s mom and also Kiko’s boss) we decided it was best to do our Christmas visiting with Franky today… which meant driving to their new house about 1 hour away. We left at 4:50 and arrived a little after 6. Honestly, not a bad drive since I listened to an audiobook. And their house is in the country now, with tons of land, no neighbors and is really nice. We stayed for dinner, did gift exchange, let Dante play with his brother a bit. We changed him into his pajamas and got him all ready for bed before we left around 9:30 – that way when he inevitably fell asleep in the car, we wouldn’t have to wake him to get him ready for bed at home. We hit construction and an accident on the way home, so got back around 11:30. It made for a long day, but it was the best way to see Franky for Christmas and not expose ourselves to the bigger family party their planning on having tomorrow.


Dante woke up bright and early despite the late night. I got up with him and drifted in and out on the couch while he played. After breakfast, Kiko was up and I went back to bed for a nap. I spent the afternoon doing some bill paying, finishing laundry, and watching some more Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’m watching as I type this and I’m on Season 2 E16 (just finished the one where Oz finds out he’s a werewolf). After dinner we watched a movie and that about wrapped up my day. Enjoying our low-key Christmas and looking forward to Dante’s second Christmas tomorrow. We’ve been doing his Advent calendar every night and he’s started to really understand how it works, which is cool. There’s a Santa piece that we’ll put on it tonight while he’s sleeping. Yes, I know he doesn’t understand Santa or Christmas yet, but I’m still enjoying starting these traditions.


Today was a wonderful, lazy Christmas day. When Dante got up – around 8:30 am – we ordered breakfast from Denny’s and opened presents. Dante wasn’t really that into opening gifts, but he did enjoy his new toys. Between gifts from family and the ONE toy we bought him, I feel like the apartment is vomiting toys lol. We also got him some clothes, which he was less excited about but he needed. And some books, which I think he and I were both thrilled about.

Kiko gifted me a year’s subscription to which was quite the treat. I’m thrilled, since I just gave up Audible AND was thinking about getting a subscription to

Besides that we spent the day quite literally lounging in our pajamas. I watched some more Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Dante only napped for 30 minutes today. I don’t know what to think about the naps. I might ask the doctor about the amount of sleep he needs at his appointment next month and see if it’s time to drop naps. They’re just getting harder and harder.


I intended to be super productive today. I wasn’t. But I was semi-productive, so win, right?

Dante woke at like 8 and I started to get up. Kiko said he was already awake he’d get him. I told Kiko what Dante needed for breakfast (how to make it), how much milk, etc (do all husbands leave the details to mom? Kiko is a great dad, but he hasn’t a clue about the details). Then I went back to sleep and didn’t wake up until 10 am. It was bliss.

Then I got my breakfast started – oatmeal and apples in the microwave – I got Dante dressed so he could play on the balcony – the weather was beautiful today. Dante played on the balcony, coming in and out for a hours while I watched him cuddled on the sofa watching more Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Kiko emerged at noon and I went to clean dishes, prep dinner (zucchini lasagna in the slow cooker) and cleaned out the fridge. By time I was done with all that, Kiko had put Dante down for a nap, so I settled in to watch more Buffy. I told myself the cleaning I wanted to do would make too much noise and wake Dante. I did stop and put the bedding in the washer at least. And I put in my grocery order for tomorrow while watching.

Dante napped for 2.5 hours! I’m so confused by his sleeping patterns right now. Anyway, after he got up I just cuddled with him on the couch watching more Buffy and playing his caterpillar piano. Around 5 I finally got busy cleaning – I did both bathrooms. Then it was dinner time and then after dinner playtime, cleanup, bath and bedtime for Dante. Mostly a relaxing day, but I did get the essentials done.

Blog News

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Challenge update

I’ve decided to join Lark’s Backlist Reader Challenge, since in 2021 I plan to really focus on the books I have just spent the past few months carefully cataloging into Goodreads (I still need to do my Audible books and physical books,which I hope to get done before the 1st). I’ve made a Goodreads Shelf to track my progress. 

Also, in shocking (to me) news, I think I’m actually going to make my 2020 (amended) Goodreads goal of 100 books. I’m at 99 right now and about 80% on one of my current reads. So assuming I finish it before the end of the year, I will make it. Shocker!

Added to My Shelf

I’m trying to be more responsible about keeping track of the books I acquire, so I’m going to start sharing them again. If I share them here, surely I’ll remember to add them to Goodreads, right?

How was your week? What are you Reading?

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10 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | COVID Quarantine Week 41

  1. It sounds like your week was great and productive. I think 2020 has taught us to be more at peace with what we’re able to accomplish instead of a perfect ideal we think we should aspire to.

    I hope Dante’s napping situation is sorted. Kids are constantly changing and as long as he’s not fussy I would say he’s getting what he needs. (I don’t have kids though so🤷🏻‍♀️🤪)

    I really hope you enjoy Aurora Rising! It was a great read!

    Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter recently posted: The Sunday Post {1/3/21}
  2. Glad you had a good Christmas week! And also glad you got the vaccine and that there are no ill-effects! I’ll be signing up too once they work through the priority list to get to me…
    Hope the return to work goes smoothly.

  3. I enjoyed Buffy, but I just don’t seem to be watching tv this year, at all. I’m happy you got your vaccine. Do you still nee; my daughter was a huge napper. At his age she was still taking 2 naps of 2 hours a day. Does he always sleep until 8 in the morning? If he is getting 12 hours or more at night that may be enough. I think we only gave her 10 at night, but she dozed in the morning while I was getting ready after I fed her.

    It sounds like a good challenge. I did my own version of that but just trying to read at least 3 books I own each month. It’s gone pretty well. This month I’ve been flying through the Alpha & Omega series. which apparently I hadn’t read most of them in more than 8 years and forgot a lot. I have 2 left which is perfect timing right before the new one in March. Congrats on the Goodreads challenge!

    I hope this week is also great for you with at least some time off to relax.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Top 10 Books I Want in 2021
  4. Ugh, the flooded bathroom! At least you have a man who’s handy with tools, and it didn’t happen on Christmas!

    It sounds like you’re doing all right after the shot, so I’m feeling less nervous and more hopeful about the vaccine (not that it will be my turn too soon, I think).

    I watched Buffy (and Angel) for the first time months ago…or was it last year? It’s not on my Top TV Series list, but it was entertaining!

    Happy new year!

    Roberta R. recently posted: 2020 Wrap-Up: In Which I Outdo Myself