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The one with the sick Dante

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News at Home


Today was Mother’s Day and despite all the sickies, I did manage to have a nice day. Kiko woke up with Dante… which lasted about 5 minutes because he was fussy and I was worried about him after he was throwing up so much yesterday. We ordered Denny’s for breakfast… though we stuck to oatmeal and water for Dante. He kept it down really well and seems to be feeling better, just lethargic.

I spent most of the day just getting ready for the work week – meal prep, cleaning (more because of all the sickness). I also got some pretty nice gifts – Dante’s daycare had him make me a clay pot with his fingerprints on it to make a butterfly. Kiko got me a digital picture frame for work (which I REALLY wanted), some roses, and a mom necklace (that I also really wanted). Then Franky unexpectedly showed up with more roses and some chocolates (YUM!). So lots of very nice treats to feel appreciated.

I had  a great chat for our Psy-Changling Readalong and then it was back to “mom-ing.” Kiko really wanted to give me a break, but he seems to be catching what Dante had. His stomach has been hurting all day and just a little bit ago he ran for the toilet. Please let my REAL Mother’s Day gift be that I don’t get sick!!


I went back to the gym this morning and it feels good to be settling into our routine. Dante woke up seeming pretty well today, so we were off to daycare after all. Kiko said he didn’t feel great, but he felt better than yesterday. And I still feel fine *knocks on wood*

Work was slow again – has it always been this slow and I just was busy with Dante? I really think it’s slower than usual… I hope. I’m working on learning how to create Power Apps, so that will be a nice skill to have under my belt.

This evening my boys seem so exhausted. Neither one has a fever or is throwing up, but man, Dante is just super low energy and they’re just cuddling on the couch watching TV while I bustle around trying to keep things taken care of. On the plus, life is really so much easier with Dante in daycare and me at the office. I’m getting so much more time for everything.


I am scatterbrained today. I can’t find my headphones even though I could swear I left them charging on my desk. I spent 10 minutes looking for my car keys after I drove home from the gym. Like I was in my car and had just used them to drive home (push start ignition, so not in the ignition, but still on my person) and couldn’t find them. I barely made it out of the house 5 minutes late and that 5 minutes made my drive take 15 minutes longer. It was just an off day, overall and I was so happy to get Dante and come home.

The report from daycare was a little worrisome for me. They said it’s to be expected that kids will take some time to adjust, but he was crying was fussing (sort of crying, not exactly) when I picked him up. And they said he really didn’t much of anything at all today, but he did nap. Part of that could still be getting over the bug, but that’s not typical of him. And when came home he played a little, but basically he was fussy to eat, ate dinner, got fussy again, and went to be 30 minutes earlier than normal (despite having taken a nap). So I’m a little concerned, but I’m reserving to see if things get better.


Today was better – I wasn’t scatterbrained at least. I got out the door on time, but still rushing. I think I need to rethink my morning routine. I don’t like feeling rushed, especially getting Dante ready. I’m going to try getting up a like 15 minutes earlier tomorrow and see if that doesn’t make a difference.

Dante is still struggling at daycare. I mean, they said he did fine, but he’s not eating or drinking well. So I’m sending him with a cup from home tomorrow and a couple little Gerber fruit pouches. They are more like a snack than a meal but they could be a good back up if he’s not eating.

He is so tired and hungry when he gets home. We’ve started doing bedtime about 20 minutes earlier than before and he goes straight to sleep. And I think tomorrow we’re going to try an earlier dinner too, rather than just a snack. I’m getting home a full 45 mins – 1 hour earlier than I thought I would thanks to less traffic both on the way to work and the way home.


This morning was good! I got up 15 minutes early and that made everything go so much smoother. And Dante didn’t even cry at drop off! I was certain it was going to be a great day. It wasn’t bad,  but it wasn’t great.

First off, I tried to donate blood at our work blood drive. There’s a huge shortage, it’s been a problem for months. Well, my iron was too low.

Then, work was just BORING. I was struggling to come up with things to do. I even programmed everyone’s email address into the copy machine for scanning. That’s how bored I was.

And to top it off, 30 minutes before work ended I got a call from daycare. Dante had thrown up this morning, but they hadn’t called because it was just once and kids throw up. Which I totally understand and am fine with. Appreciate even. But then he had started having diarrhea and was just lying around. So they were concerned.

So I left work and on my way to get him I called the Dr’s office and talked to the on-call nurse. Based on what she said and what I’m observing tonight Dante may have been still sick this whole week, but he’s actually coming out of it I think. Which is good. I’m staying home with him tomorrow to see how he does.

In other news, I gave up looking for my earbuds and bought new ones yesterday. They arrived today. And while we were cleaning up Dante’s toys, we found my missing pair. He had stuffed them (in their charging case) in his train and they were wedged stuck real good. So now I have 2 pair. 🙈


The day started off well and I was pretty sure Dante was doing better. He ate half his breakfast and was playing. Then about 10:30 he just got super fussy and clingy. Didn’t want to play, just wanted to lie in my lap. So I called the Dr’s office again. They told me to let them know if he had fever or threw up again, but otherwise it sounded like normal stomach bug. Thankfully work was SUPER slow so I basically just held him all day, even during my 1 meeting. I put him down for nap around 12:30 and he slept until 3. And when he got up, he threw up. So I called the Dr again and they told us to come in – the had a 3:50 appointment so we were in pretty quick.

Well – long story short – they feel like he’s just fighting some bugs (possibly more than 1) and to just keep him hydrated, offer food gentle (BRAT Diet and similar) and limit dairy (none if he throws up). He just lay around the rest the afternoon and was to sleep by 8.


This morning Dante woke up sick still. He slept until almost 10, ate 1/4 of his oatmeal and that was it. He drank some water and apple juice but otherwise refused everything. He just wanted to lie in my lap today and fell asleep a couple times in my lap. His temperature was up and down, always above normal, sometimes low-grade fever but it got up to 102.9, so we had to do Tylenol a couple times. Since he refused pretty much all liquids, we had to use a medicine syringe to force Pedialyte every 30 minutes or so while he was awake. It’s been an emotionally exhausting day and I’m just hoping and praying my baby wakes up feeling better tomorrow.

Blog News

Last week on Because Reading

Y’all it looks like a lot because I did a 3 posts with multiple short reviews…. so most of these books are quick reviews.

FitReaders (hosted by Jen @ That’s What I’m Talking About & Felicia The Geeky Blogger)

My big goal for 2021 is to get down to my goal weight. It means losing 70 pounds this year. This week was not as good. My stress over Dante being sick this week really has not helped my efforts. I was back at the gym and that was great. I just didn’t do great on food choices. I haven’t weighed in the past couple days, so I’ll report my progress next week.

How was your week? What are you Reading?


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6 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | The one with the sick Dante

  1. Poor little guy! It sounds like he got a humdinger of a stomach virus. (Did they check for COVID? There were reports early on about it causing gastrointestinal issues in some people.) I hope he has bounced back to his normal, happy self this week.

    Also, happy belated Mother’s Day!

  2. Well I’m glad you didn’t get sick and now have 2 pairs of earbuds. I think I have like 10. I keep buying them when there are deals. I’m sorry Dante has been so sick. At least he is getting some sleep and you were able to work with him on Friday. I do love you are having a better schedule with the gym and work and him able to learn things at daycare.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

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  3. Yay for a lovely Mother’s Day for you but bummer for your kiddo there. Sounds like a stressful and miserable week for you both and hopefully he and Kiko are feeling better. It sounds like the work routine is going great. That’s kinda funny about where he stuffed your earbuds. Cheering you on that next week will be back to normal and you can keep working on your FitReader and challenge goals.

    Sophia Rose recently posted: Death with a Double Edge by Anne Perry
  4. Sorry to hear Dante is still sick. That can’t be fun. I hope the little guy gets better soon.

    At least your TBR pile didn’t grow this week! That’s always a plus side for us readers, at least sometimes. Lol. Hope this week will be better for you and Dante.

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂