The Sunday Post ~ What happened to last week? ~ Week in READview!

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Week in READview:

  • Did you miss us last week? On Saturday the blog went down, it was suppose to be a routine maintenance but it turned into a nightmare that lasted until Tuesday. While I do like my host, he does has a tendency to go MIA for a while and not give updates on what is going on. When the blog did come back up it was from May 2020 but he was able to fix it, thank goodness and we are back in business.
  • So last week you might have missed our NEW holiday hop we are hosting. If you are interested you can find the details and link below. We are very excited about it and hope to get more people to join in.
  •  So I was reading two books and I just sort of stopped reading. The holiday came fast and this is the first without my dad, so my focus was a little off. I like the book I was reading but it wasn’t catching my attention and I figured I would put it aside and try again another time. I am going back to the anthology I was reading and going to pick another book to start when I am done. So I didn’t have a TBR List review yesterday like I usually do but this year is stupid and I am just over it already.
  • Thanksgiving was nice, My sister, mom and I split the cooking since we couldn’t be with the rest of the family (my moms side, it usually about 17 of us). It was a nice quiet day and we really had a nice night. Christmas eve and day are probably going to be quiet also, with just us again.
  • I found the hardest part this year is going to be the present buying. I might have to actually go to a store and I am not very happy about that. I haven’t been to a store since March. With the numbers going up so high, I did most of my stuff on-line but the kids are at that age they don’t know what they want and I think a trip to target might be needed next weekend.
  • The house is decorated! We didn’t put out a lot of the breakable stuff since Poppy Von Schweetz is so new and we skipped the Tinkerbell on the tree just incase (the tree is wired to the wall). So far she has been very good but we still have 25 days to go. *fingers crossed* Dexter was just standing there so I took him in the tree picture too! 🙂

  • Going to spend the rest of the week finishing up design work and also doing a bit of blogging ahead. I know Berls has killed it with getting ahead, I am hoping to get a bit ahead but I plan to take off the last week of the year so I will have time to get my shit together and start the new year all ready and organized!

Restarting Kings of the Wyld, I had put this book aside for the can you read a series challenge and I can’t get it out of my head. So I want to read and finish it because it was fantastic and hilarious. I need to finish it. Krampus is very good so far and I stopped to read my TBR but again going to finish that. This year I seem to be the starter and not finisher of books. This year messed up my focus, I need to get back to living because I am not sure what I am waiting for to happen to start being a normal human again, time to get back to being a human regardless of what is going on in this world.

I did get a book this week but it was from the book box, I will save it for next week to give time for others to get it since it was sent out late and the post has been super slow.

Challenges & Readathons:

It’s almost time for a new COYER. Sign up will be live on December 2nd and this will be out biggest COYER yet!
We even plan to have a Facebook Live in the COYER group just because it’s that big and we want to be able to explain
and have all your questions answered!

Come join the hop! The holiday hop will be a chance to virtually visit each other for the holidays,
beginning Monday December 14 – Sunday December 20, 2020. You can find all the details HERE!

On the Blog:

What you missed:

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So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading




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20 responses to “The Sunday Post ~ What happened to last week? ~ Week in READview!

  1. Iza

    What a scare you must have had ! And it’s fortunate that you had the blog saved somewhere… Dexter looks like a very reasonable dog. I decorated the house yesterday, but everything is out of reach of my youngest cat, who’d like nothing more than to play Tarzan !

  2. This year is definitely stupid. I’m right there with you in the “what am I waiting for??” I have been using the “not normal” as an excuse for bad behavior and that has to stop.

    I’ll definitely be checking out the holiday hop and I am so glad your hosting issues were resolved!

    Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter recently posted: The Sunday Post {11/29/20}
  3. We are not onto the holiday decorating yet but my daughter will be having finals soon so maybe after those. It’s nice you had family even though it is smaller and more quiet. I kind of like that. Stay safe and well!

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Top 10 of 2020
  4. Sounds like a nice Thanksgiving with a few family and wow, got your tree up and it’s still standing with the pets around. 🙂 Hopefully, your book mojo will be back and you can finish them. Glad the site issue got fixed with nothing getting lost. Whew!
    Can’t wait for the new COYER roll-out.

    Have a good week, Michelle!

  5. I remember the hazards of having a cat and a Christmas tree! I’m glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. I would imagine the 1st holiday without a loved one is always a challenge, but I think this year it would be especially tough! Hugs!

    Samantha recently posted: #SundayPost: November 29
    • We had wired the tree to the wall when we got Auggie and Calliope (Cats), they are awesome and don’t really touch anything, Now with Poppy (kitten) she is into everything but we are trying to make her understand what she can’t touch, however she has a mind of her own. Dexter (Dog) is a good boy , he gets excited when we put the stuff up.

      You might be able to put a baby gate around the tree (if you know someone that has one) so the puppy can’t get close to it.

  6. Sorry to hear about the hosting issues. Glad that got fixed. Your Christmas tree is very pretty – and I like the Santa hat topper. 🙂 I don’t do much holiday shopping (there’s only one “kid” in the family these days (my niece) and all the adults just draw names. Hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish my shopping online because I have zero desire to go into a store. Ugh. Hope you have a great week, Michelle!

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books recently posted: The Sunday Post #231 | November 29, 2020
  7. Is it just me, or was this quiet Thanksgiving kind of a blessing in disguise? I think I’m more rested and accomplished more than normal for this time of year.

    LOL – > “but this year is stupid and I am just over it already” 😂 yep! I just hope it doesn’t bleed into 2021 too badly. Because I love how we’re all acting like this shit will be over with the magical flip of the switch to 2021. Sadly, I think we’re deluding ourselves. But I feel like 2021 will be a gradual improvement, whereas 2020 just kept getting worse.

    Love the Christmas decorations. Are you still doing your elf? Kids outgrown it? I remember you used to do so much fun with it.

    Have a great week 😍! Talk to you at Bookclub later?!

    • For us it was good, I think with the loss of my dad it made the holiday a little easier to just have us and it might make next year a little easier.
      I am not thinking it will all be better but I feel like instead of doing down next year will go up and I feel like I can stop waiting for whatever I am waiting for and start my life again.

      Yup we still do that elf but in a different way. I posted on Facebook what we are doing, it’s so much fun! I will be at book club. I can explain there too.

  8. Oh no sorry to hear about the blog issues! That would be frustrating. Glad you’re back up though. I remember coming to your site last week and seeing it down- I was a little worried! 🙂 Glad too that you had a nice Thanksgiving. Ours was quiet as well. what can you do with this dumb pandemic?

    Love the pics!

    Be well this week! 🙂

    • It came out of nowhere and I was totally not prepared for it to be down for that long. I am so glad it came back, for a while I thought maybe I lost it completely, it would have been very 2020 if I did.

      I think with the loss of my dad it is good that we are with each other and not a lot of people. It’s good to be surrounded by family but I think we needed this to help with the holidays. It might make next year a little easier.

  9. I can see holiday shopping being harder now that the kids are older and everyone knows there is no Santa the list don’t get made as well…lol. Hope you get a day where you can go out and do a quick shop!

    Have a great week and happy reading!
    Stormi ox

    Stormi Johnson recently posted: The Week In Review #328