Out w/Old In w/ New ~ Recap of Jan 2014

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Berls @ Fantasy is more fun and I are recapping 2014 and looking ahead to 2015 the next 12 days. Feel free to join us!
I’ll be sharing highlights month-by-month and giving you a peak at what’s ahead in 2015.

Out With The Old: 2014

Some Quick Facts:

January was a month of setting goals and introducing new things. Taking time to read over the old posts made me realize a lot of my goals from last year never really happened but a lot of amazing features were started this year even if some evolved into something different I still want to do some of the goals I didn’t get to this year.

Whats to Come in 2015

Features and Memes

I did a couple new ones this year and have a few new ones that I can share

2014 Features/Memes

App Review ~ I am loving this feature and so far have two that were posted. I plan to do more of these next year with a little help from my little people (at least on some posts)

Life of a Blogger ~ This is the meme created by Novel Heartbeat I did it a few times this year but I think it will be a regular Meme for me in the new year. It’s fun to be able to share with you all a little about the person behind the blog.

Monthly Rewind ~ This was a recap of each month and I enjoyed doing it, however I changed it around a little and instead of saying the books I read it will highlight some (not all) of the books I would like to read.

2015 Features/Memes

Because Reading Top Ten ~ This was my sons idea and I am sure it’s been done but I am going to do top tens of random things not all bookish, my son suggested Pokemon so I might, for him, do a top ten of his favorite Pokemon ๐Ÿ™‚

My Pinterest Cookbook ~ I have been trying to get this one going but it’s a lot of work. So this one might not show up until Feb but I am so excited about it. I will pretty much take a recipe from Pinterest make it and tell you how it is and if I changed anything. All recipes will be put on a board on my Pinterest so you can find them or pin to your foodie boards.

Just a Random Post ~ This was something I was going to do in 2014 but it never came about so now I figured out what I want to use it for so I am reintroducing it in 2015 as a discussion post that will be pretty much random stuff to chat about (bookish and non bookish).

Thank for stopping by to check out my Out with the Old and In with the New

Have a great day and Happy Reading


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10 responses to “Out w/Old In w/ New ~ Recap of Jan 2014

  1. Just read your review of Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong, I have it on my reading challenge list for 2015! I really like the sound of your My Pinterest Cookbook feature, I am looking forward to your first post! And discussion posts and top tens are always good. Although it can be hard to think of a topic or find time to write them. I am a bit behind on scheduling my Lola’s Rambligns posts, I am only one month ahead instead of 2 or 3 and it’s making me anxious.

    • It’s worth a read for sure but it’s very slow, I am looking forward to the next one. I felt the first was a build, a slow build but a build non the less. It’s a hard thing to do the Pinterest Cookbook so it might not be a lot but it will be every so often. It should be good ๐Ÿ™‚

      It really is hard to come up with original topics but I figure even if its something that happened to me that day that I want to share I will use that as the post name. Just random whenever ๐Ÿ™‚

      Limabean74 recently posted: Out w/Old In w/ New ~ Recap of Feb 2014
  2. I like the sound of your upcoming features! I actually have a bunch of random posts typed up (some for over a year!) that will likely never see the light of day! Random posts make me nervous, and in fact one of those posts is about how they make me nervous. LoL

    I’m always finding recipes on Pinterest! And my mom has made a lot of them, too. Sometimes I’ll make a quick tweet when one is a success, so I’m looking forward to see what you’re making!