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Week in READview:

Real life:

It snowed this week and we are getting another 6 inches tonight…Is it spring yet? Otherwise things have been pretty good, nothing major to report. Yay! 🙂

Blogging & Reading:

I found out on Friday that Blog Ahead started on Friday, I totally missed the sign up post so I plan to participate but I am going to jump in next Friday. Since I am at the moment still about a week ahead I should be able to finish out this month and start April with a few posts I have wanted to do. I also have to prepare the blog for when I will be away. Berls will hopefully be back soon (if she didn’t do a post today) Our schedule is perfect, I just now need to find time to visit like I want too, some weeks are better than others and sometimes it just doesn’t happen at all.

I am apparently unable to contain myself from grabbing books because once again I grabbed I few more than I intended.

COYER is officially over. COYER Summer will be here before you even realize and I think we will be going on a Treasure Hunt! 😉

My first Afternoon Tea posted this week and I loved doing it. I got a few more teas and I plan to try and do one once a month. It goes live in the afternoon and if you are a tea drinker I have found some really yummy teas, my be worth checking out! 🙂

My TBR List went live yesterday, if you have a moment stop by to help me pick a book I will read this month, it would be greatly appreciated. The selections are all MG Books. 🙂

What I am watching:

I was able to finish Bates Motel last weekend and have once again returned to binge watching Bones. I am hoping to do a binge watchers club post in a few weeks and figure out what to watch next…I am thinking Gotham.

What I am playing:

Star Stable had the last update to a story quest that has been going on for a few years now. It was so emotional and I was able to finish it all in two days. I am looking forward to seeing what quests they come out with next. Now I have about 25 horses to train and get to level 15.

(Read, Currently Reading & Next)

I had a hard time with Immortal Plunder, I found the MC very immature and it just wasn’t grabbing my attention. The cover is stunning but I don’t think it was what I was expecting.

I just couldn’t wait to dive into Warrior of the Wild, I am hoping to be finished with it today.

What I grabbed:

For THREE days I debated if I wanted the Physical, Ebook or Audio of The Priory of the Orange Tree. It is a 838 page book so I knew it would be huge as physical. However the price was at least $12 cheaper in Ebook so I grabbed that however, I might also use an audio credit since I love the girl who reads it’s voice and also might want to have moments of listening when I can’t read it but I am still trying to decided if I want to do that or not.

Grim Lovelies I wanted for a while so it was on sale this week on Amazon for 2.99 ebook, so I grabbed it. Tara West is Keepers of the Stones series I one I have been wanted to read for a while and it was FREE so I grabbed it! 🙂

Warrior of the Wild is one of my most anticipated and I had preordered that and got it on release day. I have already dived into it because I COULDN’T WAIT!

On the Blog:

What you missed:

What you might see this week:

  • Feb Book Report
  • A Monster Like Me Spot Light Post
  • My TBR Winner
  • Sunday Post

Just for Fun:


So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading


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20 responses to “I can’t stop grabbing books ~ WIR & SP

  1. I am curious about Warrior of the Wind! 🙂 You sure are racking up more books than me this year! Though I might have some for next Sunday to show off. 😉 That seems to be the theme, one week nothing the next week everything! 🙂

    Have a great week!

  2. Warrior of the Wild looks awesome. I need to get that one. And Priory looks amazing too. 838 pages- wow!

    I need to work on getting ahead too. I was for a while but I’ve been slacking lately. 🙂

    Hope you don’t get hit with snow too bad… have an awesome week!

  3. I hope you are staying safe and warm! I need to find time to get ahead on my blog, but it definitely won’t be this week. There is just too much going on. I understand not being able to resist bringing in more books. I’m guilty of that too, especially lately. I hope you are loving Warrior of the Wild. It sounds so good. The Priory of the Orange Tree is one I want to read too. I hope you enjoy all your new books! I hope you have a great week, Michelle!

  4. I forgot about blog Ahead…again! LOL Maybe next time as now I’m bust with some other things. It’s turning cold here too but no snow. I can’t wit for spring and reading outside:)

  5. Its snowing here today and this week is suppose to be really cold. Unless it gets me off work, I’m not amused!! Sigh. Oh well, I am sure that we will be complaining about the heat and humidity in no time!
    have a good week!

  6. I always feel that Coyer comes at the most busy times in my life and I can’t participate as much as I wanted. I didn’t even realize that it had ended. Will have to count and see how many books I read in total. I think i forgot to link up everything.

    We just finished watching The Gifted Season 2, it wasn’t as good as we hoped. It’s a decent series, but the pacing was too slow in this season. Sounds like you’re enjoying your binge read of Bones.

    I am sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy Immortal Plunder, the MC is pretty immature and naive at first, I think the author did that on purpose as she really grows and changed a lot throughout the series so far.

    I also have troubling with grabbing too many books at times. I’ve been buying quite a few books lately. The Priory of the Orange Tree looks interesting. It’s so hard to decide what format to get a book in at times. I hope you have a great week!

  7. We’re doing Blog Ahead, too. Shari needs us to get ahead on posts for her vacation, too. Yay for a nice book haul. Yes, your pirate book does have a gorgeous cover. Too bad about the heroine.

    Have a good week, Michelle!

    • I think for unplanned breaks especially like the ones we have been having being ahead would be ideal even if we did just a few random posts for the next three months.
      I am so bummed the book didn’t work for me.

  8. It’s nice she is doing the Blog Ahead as weekly with a choice of how many weeks, it will fit for you just fine. I’m just practicing the skills not signing up this go round. I want all the books right now so I get you on that! Have a good week, hopefully with some sun even if the temps are cold!

    • I do like the idea of it being weekly. I hope she keeps it like this. I find it easier to follow.
      This year has some great releases and I can’t contain myself. Lol
      I hope for sun also but this week is going to be very cold.

    • I don’t focus enough to listen to book, my mind tend to wander but if I find a narrator that I like I can listen to it.

  9. I’ve heard so many good things about The Priory of the Orange Tree! I’m planning to buy it myself, but I really need to finish others that I’ve started reading already 😉 Happy Sunday!

    • Me too and it just sound like such an epic fantasy. It is rather long and I have a feeling it will be read more around the summer when I have more time to read.