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News at Home: So Much Going on!

I’m sorry to have disappeared on y’all again, but OMG I have had – and still have – so much going on! It’s fairly impossible for me to even begin to catch you up on everything that’s happened in the past 6 weeks that I’ve been gone. Work has been a lot, but that’s nothing new or unexpected.

What was new and unexpected is that Kiko (my husband) got promoted! Yay! Trick is, his promotion meant a change in properties – he’s maintenance for apartments. And that change in properties meant it was time for us to move. So yeah he got a promotion that would start two weeks from the day he found out… and guess where we needed to live when he started his new promotion? At the new property. So we had two weeks to get packed up and moved. Thankfully we don’t own a lot of stuff and are not attached to what we do own, so it’s probably a lot easier for us than it is for a lot of other people. But still, two weeks is not a lot of time. Especially when you’re still working a full time job and working part time at the gym. Oh and those two weeks just happened to coincide with the weeks of parent-teacher conferences, so weeks where I’m at school until 7pm meeting with parents. Exhausting! Needless to say, I had very little time or energy for the blog.

Once we got moved in, we still had to get unpacked. Since I do very poorly living in boxes, that was one week of hell, followed by a weekend of non-stop unpacking. So a week later we were unpacked and settled into the new place. Which I love, by the way. The only negative is that my commute went from 12-15 minutes to 22 – 30 minutes. Not a bad commute, but still requires an adjustment.

And as soon as I got settled, it was time to start my Spin Instructor training. Yep… I had already committed (and paid for!) a 3 week intensive spin instructor course through my gym. Today is the final class, followed by a couple weeks of intensive one-on-one work with a certified instructor and then teaching a mock class. Finally, late April, I can audition for a position teaching at my gym. The workload for this course has been intense. Homework includes taking several spin classes, setting up a playlist (which took me 6+ hours, at least), and then creating our set. I worked on three songs for my set yesterday and it took me 4 hours in the spin studio. Both mentally and physically exhausting!

Plus I got CPR certified yesterday – a requirement of the course and, frankly, something I’m really thankful to have. But holy crap, I’m exhausted y’all!

And all that has been going on amidst a MAJOR change, which I’m super excited about but not quite ready to share. Hopefully by next week’s Sunday post I’ll feel ready to fill you in!

Blog News

I seriously hope to have some posts this week. After spin training today (10 -2), I need to pick up groceries, clean the apartment and get ready for the work week. If, after all that is finished, I still have time I will spend it updating my goodreads (OMG that is so out of date), visiting y’all, and getting some posts ready for the week. Fingers Crossed

Last Week on the Blog

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7 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | So Much Going On!

  1. You have been super busy, you poor thing! Yay for Kiko’s promotion though! So after all this gym training stuff are you going to work there full time and not teach or are you still going to be doing both??

  2. Omigosh! That means I’m actually going to have to take a spin class when I’m there in August?!? LOL
    You have had a lot of change and just a lot going on of late, my dear. Congrats to Kiko on the promotion! And I’m happy you’re enjoying your new digs even if the commute is an adjustment. Good luck with everything that’s on your plate. And I’m eager to hear the other news. I had a dream about you last week – so I’m curious as to whether it was prophetic. 😉
    {{{big hugs}}} & soothing vibes <3

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