#Review ~ Big Rock by Lauren Blakely

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First Impression:

The cover….my daughter (9) and I quote “OMG, Are you going to read that? What could it even be about?” “He’s naked, MOM!” When she gets older I’ll remind her of this moment when she reads this book. This is my first, Lauren Blakely and I am pretty sure it will not be my last. I loved her writing, her story and her characters. This was such a fun book and it had me laughing quite a bit. The banter between the two MC’s is flirtatious and it works because you know these two are destined to be together.

The Story & Characters:

  • I love a friend to lovers story and this did not disappoint
  • I loved reading in a Males POV and I loved being in Spencer’s Head.
  • Charlotte is a cute characters and I thought Spencer and her were meant for each other.
  • Banter in this book is exactly what you want in a friends to lovers story. I really liked in intensity of it and how you can see when it switches from friends to more.
  • This is also a fake fiancee story and I enjoy those too, they are so fun.
  • I really liked Spencer’s Family. This wasn’t a boy with a rough life this was a rich guy with a great family behind him.
  • Of course all books like this have a conflict and this one I liked. I was over done and it really worked for the story and Spencer’s personality.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I really enjoyed this book, I love reading in Spencer’s POV and I think the banter was fun and perfect for the story. Regardless of what my daughter may have thought of the cover, I liked it and the story was a PERFECT fit. Highly recommend, can not wait to read more from this author.

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16 responses to “#Review ~ Big Rock by Lauren Blakely

  1. I love the conversation with your daughter! To be honest that’s pretty close to what’s running through my own head which is why I get most of my romance books in ebook form! I’m so glad to see you enjoyed this. I love a fake finacee and friends to lovers story so this has been on my TBR. It sounds like such a fun read!

  2. Omigosh! That’s hysterical about the convo you had with Julia. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m so happy you enjoyed Big Rock, Michelle. I’ve not read anything from Blakely either but I have quite a collection of her books. This one really appeals for the friends-to-lovers, the great banter, and the male POV. I can’t wait to start it. But wait I will…I have some of her’s that count for COYER and maybe I’ll get one of those read first.
    Happy weekend, my friend!! {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Glad to hear this was a good one! I also like friends to lovers romances, so nice to hear this book had it. And well done banter is always so fun to read. Sometimes conflicts can be a bit of a hit or miss for me, depending on if it feels realistic or not, so it’s nice when you find a book with well done conflict. Although I have to say that with that cover I did expect a book focused a lot on sex, but from your review it sounds like it has a very well done romance too. Great review!