#Review ~ Get Dirty (Don’t Get Mad #2) by Gretchen McNeil

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Please note: If you have not read the first book this review will contain spoilers.

My Review:

This was a great end to this series, I would have been very happy to have a book 3 but everything was tied up very nice at the end and I still love all the characters as much as the first one. The twist at the end was just fantastic and I devoured this book in two days.

The book leaves off about the same time as the last one ended maybe give or take a week or two. They need to find the killer before it’s to late and clear there names. Margot is still in a coma, Bree is being held in juvie for something she didn’t do and Olivia and Kitty are trying to find out who is causing all the issues. The characters in this book are amazing and I love the different POV. I thought I loved the 4 main characters in the first book but this book just tortured these 4 girls but I loved them even more. They are strong girls and willing to put up a good fight for friends. I wish I had friends like these in High School.

The story was intense and there is a lot going on as all the pieces of the puzzle start to be put together and you get a better picture of what is going on. The first book left you with a lot of questions but I think they are all answered in this book since when I was finished I really was rather satisfied with how it all worked out.

Looking for a little mystery, friendship and revenge? You need to check out this series. This book would make a great movie 😉 I can’t recommend enough, a must read for lovers of a good story with some pretty amazing characters.


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4 responses to “#Review ~ Get Dirty (Don’t Get Mad #2) by Gretchen McNeil

  1. OK I’ve been commenting over here all week seems like, but I had to read this when I saw it in my feed. I loved the first one and haven’t seen too many reviews of this one yet. I’m set to snatch this bad boy up when it comes out in a week or two- can’t wait to read it. I loved Bree. Also this is the end? I wasn’t sure if there were two or three. I guess it will be nice to be done- the wait for a third would be tough. 🙂

    Greg recently posted: Tomorrowland
    • And I Thank you for stopping by 🙂
      You will love this book, so much happens and OMG! I hope you are as shocked as me lol It was really good and I was super bummed this was only two books. I already miss those girls.

  2. So I skipped to the bottom of your review since I haven’t read the first one yet. Sounds like you liked it so I need to read the first one..as I bought it cause I have this one to review…lol. 🙂

    Stormi recently posted: Friday Meme’s: The Thickety
    • It was great, I wish she had made it to go on to another book because I loved the characters but it finished the series up nice and yes you do need to read it. I actually enjoy books like this it was a fun read.

      Michelle recently posted: My Adventure at #BEA15