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News at Home: COVID Quarantine Week 33

As far as weeks in 2020 go, this week was a good one. Work was busy but really good. I had this major project – long story super short it involved moving 900+ attendees for a daily meeting into a new Teams platform. It took HOURS but it went off without a hitch and I really made a name for myself – lots of people emailed commenting on how smooth the transition was, I got a shot out at the daily meeting, and my boss was super grateful. It honestly wasn’t that hard – just tedious – but if I didn’t know what I was doing and wasn’t a good communicator it could have been a disaster. And it’s really nice to get recognized. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have 900+ people learning who I am. Always thinking about future job moves, ya know?

Speaking of – my boss discovered that HR never sent her my 90 eval because of COVID. But realizing that made her realize that I will be hitting 6 months in December. And after 6 months employees are eligible from promotion or transfer. So she called me and we had a chat. She basically said that the entire team was thrilled with me and that she selfishly wants to find a way to promote me because she knows if she doesn’t, someone is going to steal me away. She said I’m getting a reputation for being “someone who delivers” and that’s only good for her if I stay with the department. She told me she has 1 position open right now – a Sr. Data Analyst – and she wants me to think about it and if I’d like it. If not, she is also open to recrafting the position into something else I might like to do – she floated the idea of project manager by me. She said that she couldn’t make promises but she sees me as someone talented and it’s her job as my boss to help me grow – she also said that if that meant helping me grow in a different department, she would do it, though I had to clone myself first. LOL!

So yeah, work was a total win this week!

Dante’s been pretty great this week too. He took several 3 hour naps – although Friday he decided to skip nap altogether. For Halloween we dressed him up as a little bear and he was too freaking cute.

Other than that, he’s just been doing his typical cute things. I really love this age. If only he would start talking!

This has been the first election that I can remember that I haven’t volunteered from early on. I usually at least help get people registered to vote and I was super active on Obama’s campaign, going door to door and making calls. Well between Dante and COVID I haven’t seen the opportunity – I’ve helped my mom and some friends who had questions, but that’s about it. But I got an invite Friday to do some text banking this weekend and decided I would at least try and see if I could manage it. So I spent several hours yesterday (10 – 4) texting voters in Texas and I’ll be doing it again today, Monday, and Tuesday (I can easily do it while working). It was super encouraging and a big reminder of why I love to volunteer. Politics can be so ugly, but when yo volunteer you get to see the positive side of it. Good people working hard to either make their voice heard or help others.

I found it really exciting to see the lengths people are going to this year to vote. I’ve never seen anything like it. I talked to a few people who are flying back to Texas just to vote. I talked to a truck driver who is missing out on a load so they can get back to vote. I talked to people who have walked hours to vote because they don’t want to use a ride share with COVID. It makes me really pissed at Texas for being one of the worst states in terms of disenfranchising voters – mail in ballots were not offered to anyone outside of the norm and there was only 1 drop box per county (in a state where counties are the size of entire states!). We’re also one of the states that don’t allow people to register when they vote – they have to register in advance and via mail and all kinds of shit. Anyway, Texas has not made it easy and people are fighting so hard for their right to vote. It makes me excited because for the first time in a LONG time, Texas is actually a battleground state. And for every Trump supporter I talked to, I talked to another 5 or 6 people who were going to or had already voted Biden. If Texas doesn’t go blue, I’ll at least know I did to make it happen.

So while I’m at it – have you voted?! And please, please Vote Dems. I usually am someone who just wants people to vote and I hope you vote with me. But this year, there is just was too much at stake to be passive about this. I worry about the future of America if we have another 4 years with Trump. And I feel like Republicans have lost a lot of trust for supporting him (believe it or not, I’m usually a split ticket voter and have voted for republicans, libertarians, and green party candidates over the years). I’m incredibly hopeful but after 2016, I don’t trust the polls.

Anyway, that’s it for me! I hope you had a good week!

Blog News

Thanks to a couple of Dante’s 3 hour naps I’ve managed to do some catch up blogging. So, I’m very much hoping to fall into a rhythm again this week – probably not until after the election since I plan to volunteer as much as possible until the polls close Tuesday. So starting Wednesday, hopefully I’ll be caught up and get back to visiting. Thanks for your patience with me. I am reading replies to posts and enjoying your comments!

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7 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | COVID Quarantine Week 33

  1. Dante’s costume is adorable! I loved the pictures.

    I’ve been glued to the US election coverage this week and I’m, quite frankly, disgusted that so many people voted Trump despite knowing how much of a despicable human being he is! (Not to mention appallingly bad President.) I can’t believe the race is so close but today brought some relief with Biden/Harris now leading in the remaining states…

    It’s awesome when people regonise your value and all you have to offer. I hope things continue going well at work! Although, being a project manager… That’s been my job for the past 6 1/2 years and I can’t say I recommend it! 😂 (But it can’t be that bad or I’d have quit already so… Maybe my husband is right and I like it – and the stress and hassle – really? Somewhere deep down inside?)

  2. Jen

    Sounds like a wonderful week for your job! Congrats on the recognition and accolades. Well deserved!! I hope this week and today (election day) go smoothly for you. It’s a big stressor. I went ahead and voted yesterday via absentee and turned my ballot in directly to the town clerk. I’m staying off social media and news and will check in before bed – maybe… depends if I feel I can sleep or not. *HUGS*

  3. That was cool about your job! Sounds like you have a good boss! 🙂 Dante looks so cute!!!

    I can’t wait for tomorrow to be over and I don’t have to see another freaking vote for me I am the best commercial! I will be voting so if I don’t like the outcome I can complain. 🙂

  4. That’s great you had such a good week at work. And that 900 people heard of your name thanks to your work and that you handled that transition so well, that’s great. It’s so nice to be appreciated for the work you do and it sounds like your boss really told you what great work you did. I hope the possible promotion works out for you! Dante’s Halloween costume looks so cute! I hope you’ll have a great week!

  5. I am so thrilled and proud of you. You are such a star; they are lucky to have you. The bears are totally cute. Did he grow or roar? My daughter didn’t really get talking until 18-24 months so he has time. Great about the reminder for people about voting. Here in NC they made it easier but the lawsuits will be crazy if anything is close. There are some nasty things going on and Trump only encourages it. I have voted all presidential election since I have been old enough. I have voted mostly Republican but honestly I may never vote Republican again as I am completed disgusted with them. Keep up the great week! At least the ads will stop after next week mostly!

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Audio: The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman
  6. I wish I worked in a place where one gets recognition for what they do. For years now I’ve only done the bare minimum, because nothing can change things, so why bother. I’ve been exploited enough. Things are really looking good for you though! I hope you get a position you’ll find comfortable with. And good job on volunteering! I hope a change is coming.

    Roberta R. recently posted: Tooting Your Trumpet #16