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News at Home: Special Visitor!

The highlight of my week this week was a visit on Friday from Brandee! Her mother-in-law lives about 10 minutes from me, so when they come in town to see her, Brandee and I make a point of getting together. We had planned for me to get off work early, hit a happy hour, and then get Dante from daycare so she could meet him. Well, if there’s anything I’ve learned since becoming a mom is that babies constantly change your plans! And he did.

So on Thursday my husband got a call (because I missed it on my phone – I was in a meeting) from daycare that Dante had a fever and we had to pick him up. Well when Kiko got there they said he had a fever of 100.3. Which, I’ve learned is a very low fever in infant world. But daycare considers anything over 100.2 a sign of contagious illness and you have to below 100.2 for 24 hours before baby can come back. Meaning, they not just sent him home early, but we couldn’t bring him to daycare on Friday. This would have been just fine if Dante were actually sick. But my husband immediately took his temperature when they got home (5 minutes from daycare) and it was 97.0. And he didn’t seem warm or sick to him when he got to the daycare either. He played and napped like normal the rest of the afternoon.

Because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to work on Friday, I stayed at work a little late. But when I got home around 7, I found a perfect baby. He had a temperature of 97.2 and was happy as could be. So I’m a little bit pissed at his daycare. It worked out this time, but I’m wondering if it would be so bad to say I need you to SHOW me that he has a fever in the future because I don’t know that I believe them. Although, after talking to Michelle I’ve learned that a baby that needs to poop can also have a fever. Well guess what happened between the time they took his temperature and my husband picked him up? He pooped. But what are we supposed to do about poop fevers?!?! We can’t afford to be called a missing work every time he needs to poop!

This week it worked out to my advantage because I got to spend a lot more time with Brandee than I would have. I got in about 4 hours of work from home, thanks to Dante napping great and playing on his own beautifully. And Brandee and I visited for about 4 hours too, I think! She got to meet Dante and hold and play with him — and he took a 2 hour nap, meaning we had some great uninterrupted chat time. And she gave Dante a great gift, including some books of course! One of which he already loves 🙂 Some highlights from our time together:

Blog News

I think I did pretty good with blogging last week. I wrote some posts and did some visiting. Not up to 100% connections as I would like to be, but better. 

COYER continues to go great! I’ve read 25 COYER reads, 6 of them buddy reads. I’m participating in the final readathon, reading at least 1 recommended read.

I’ve also been making progress on my 2020HW and have read my 1 book for the month (plus some).

Last Week on the Blog


How was your week? What are you Reading?

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11 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | Special Visitor!

  1. That sounds fun that Brandee got to visit and that you even had extra time due to Dante being home. That is strange the daycare send him home due to fever and he was fine. Never heard of poop fever before, but yeah that seems annoying if they send him home every time he has poop fever. let’s hope that doesn’t happen often.

    I didn’t do any buddy read,s but I think I did pretty well with my Coyer reads. Still have to count them all to see my total. Have a great week!

  2. Sorry to say that poop fever is a real thing. Be sure to let your daycare provider know he is prone to this. I have a child like this in my daycare class. We don’t call until after he poops and we recheck his temp or unless he’s obviously sick. Also, while Texas is notoriously lax when it comes to daycare, it’s possible the state has a regulation concerning fevers and when children have to go home. The state I teach in does. I’m glad you and Brandee still had time together. Dante is so adorable!

    Bea's Book Nook recently posted: Jax Reviews Salvation Day by Kali Wallace
  3. I worked in a daycare throughout college and I had no idea a baby could spike a fever due to the need to poop but it makes sense. I also know that I didn’t have a thermometer sitting around and if I thought a baby was really sick, the director would come in and check temps and such. So, unless there was lots of snot, lots of coughing, lots of diarrhea, etc, I didn’t take temps. Glad Dante was okay though!

    Samantha recently posted: #SundayPost: Job interviews
  4. That’s outrageous! I’d have been on the phone to the daycare immediately telling them it was nonsense! They should at least check the temperature a couple of times over a set period of time and get consistent high readings before pulling that crap. Grr! But at least it worked out ok and I’m glad Dante wasn’t actually sick. It’s awesome you got to spend time with your blogger friend too! (I don’t “know” Brandee myself.)
    Awesome pictures! Dante is a little cutie.

  5. Love the photos! I want to see you and Brandee and Dante! I’m sorry about the fever but that is how it is and it is frustrating. There are all kinds of frustrating things about daycare but overall it is necessary and I thought it was good because she didn’t have any siblings for playing.

    You’re doing a wonderful job with COYER. Have a great week!

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Sunday Post – 16 February 2020
  6. Aw how cool you guys were able to get together! Glad you had a nice visit. And hopefully the poop fevers stay away for a while haha. Sorry I couldn’t resist. 🙂

    Hope you have a great week!

  7. Poop fevers are a pain in the ass… lol 🙂
    It’s probably all about the money also, not their kid and they are still getting paid.

    I was able to do some blogging stuff but you know this week was a little heavy. Things are getting better so I should be all in next week. This is my long weekend until May so I plan to enjoy the days. 🙂

    Have a great week, My Friend! Happy Reading! xx