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Blogging News and Bookish  News:

  • So blogging has been about a week ahead. Which is a good things but I want to try to be about two weeks if possible. However I am ok with how it’s going right now because I want to concentrate on reading.

Speaking of reading…My mood has changed so drastically that I can’t even explain how I feel. I am off Middle Grade for now and am all in with Fantasy, Reverse Harem and just DIFFERENT. I am taking full advantage of KU and just loving the options that I am finding. I can’t get enough of these fantasy books. I am also falling for Historical Romance. This I think is exactly what I needed to get me back into that good reading place. Before you wonder Six of Crows, I am loving but have put aside for now. I feel like I have been reading it forever, for a book that is 400+ pages I think with the size of the text on each page it could easily equal a 700 pages book with larger text. If I don’t get back to it before the read-a-thon, that will be my first book that day.

I LOVED the Dragon’s Gift which is a reverse harem, I was so invested in it that I needed to work but wanted to read so I had my phone read it to me and I must say, I actually enjoyed it. I did have to follow along but it did exactly what I needed it to do. I am not big on Audio books but this was actually like me reading in my head. I might do it more often and it also helped me read just a little faster plus the book was really good and I am currently devouring the second one.

Yesterday was This Month’s My TBR List. Stop by and vote (if you can) what book I should read this month!

Last Week on the Blog:

What you might see this week:

  • Binge Watchers
  • Review The Haunting of Andler House
  • My TBR List Winner
  • Week in Read-view & The Sunday Post

Berls also has most of the week covered, thank goodness. I am hoping to add more reviews and a few Friday posts.

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What I grabbed

Off the Blog Updates:

  • Last weekend we had to take Calliope to the vet because she has a pretty nasty stomach issue. Thankfully it was only a viral infection and she is doing much better. They are both fitting in nicely but still a little nervous around us, especially my son. We are working on him but they will get used to him eventually. They are loving my daughter and sleep with her which is fine with me since the dog likes to sleep on me and I have no room for anyone else. 🙂
  • It snowed on Monday…Like 5 inches of snow. It was suppose to snow on Saturday but it didn’t, thank goodness, now we have to wait and see if it will snow like they say on Tuesday. It had all winter to snow…just sayin.
  • Work has been so busy and once again I had to take stuff home. I am hoping to spend time today getting it done. I have just been so busy with work lately, I feel like I need a weekend to just relax.
  • My daughter started Softball so thankfully, my husband takes her to practice. He does softball and I do cheerleading. After the 14th we will be going to games once a week. I love that she wants to do it but it does make the week rather crazy
  • Last week was my daughters spring break and now this week is my sons. This makes me very happy since now I wont have to get up at 5am I can sleep in until 6:30 🙂
  • It’s a WWE Wrestlemania weekend and I am looking forward to watching it tonight!


So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading




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36 responses to “It’s beginning to look a lot like winter….wait! what?~ WIR & SP

  1. I’m happy you’re taking advantage of KU and enjoying it and the variety of books you’re offered. And I’m happy you enjoyed Dragon’s Gift. 😉 I can’t believe you got more snow – we got about 4 inches this past Friday but it’s already melted. :/ Good for you getting on top of blogging. You’ve set reasonable goals and seem to be doing well in accomplishing them. But I understand life being busy…I can’t believe you’re having to bring so much work home. 🙁 I also can’t believe you kids have different spring breaks! It’s a district wide thing here. Oh, and I hope Calliope is still doing better.
    Anyway, hope your week is off to a great start, Michelle! {{{hugs}}}

    • It’s suppose to snow sort of again tonight. I am just so over it. It’s a good thing we are busy but also bad because I do have to take stuff home but it’s easy to do most of it at home. I also tend to prefer it.

      My kids are in different schools so they have different spring breaks, my son is in a special needs school so the schedule is different from my daughters school.

      Calliope is a BEAST! She is much better and if it was up to her she would eat 24/7 lol But she is my gorgeous girl! 🙂

  2. From middle grade to reverse harems, that’s quite the about face, haha. I feel like reverse harem books are popping up everywhere all the sudden! Hurray for getting to sleep a little bit later this week 🙂 Have fun watching WWE and have a great week!

    • My blog is usually YA and MG but I haven’t read them in quite some time so I think my MG is on hold at the moment lol. That would be quite the jump. lol
      They did pop up suddenly and I think I like it because it focuses more on the Female Character and not all about the male character.

    • I started seeing them last month and was just curious, then a friend read one and enjoyed it so I figured why not. They have gorgeous covers, so far the Dragon Gift is fantastic, I am really loving it. YES check it out, it’s really good!

  3. All of your books have super cool covers! Why are the covers for fantasy books so cool looking? Have a good week! 🙂

  4. I love the covers for the dragon series! I hope you enjoy them. I can’t handle a readathon right now. Maybe soon but hope you enjoy taking part. Have a good week reading!


    • The read-a-thon is the 28th, I am preparing like crazy for it so I can have the entire day/night to read. It is my favorite event.
      The Dragon Gift Series is fantastic! Highly recommend!

  5. Right? It snowed here twice last week! Glad that fantasy and reverse harem (that’s a new term for me :)) are working for you! And I hope to go back to Six of Crows someday too- I feel weird for not liking it since everyone else seems to!

    Wolves and Daggers and Dirty Deeds both look AWESOME!

    Glad Calliope is doing alright!!

    • It suppose to warm up….I hope but who the heck knows anymore!
      It was new to me also but I am really enjoying it. 🙂
      Did you not like it or did you find it just way too long? I am liking it but it seems so long, I might have my phone read it to me and see if that helps me read it faster. 🙂

      • It is too long but for me I just wasn’t feeling it. Someone said it’s a heist story and has a slow build-up, and that’s probably true, but I just wasn’t into the whole assemble-a-team thing. I was bored. Which is weird cause everyone loves it, but oh well. 🙂

  6. That’s nice you are a week ahead with your blogging. I am only posting two reviews each week and I am usually a few weeks ahead nowadays. That sounds good you figured out what you’re in the mood for. I read a bunch of Reverse Harem books so far and am enjoying them so far.

    I bought a copy of Dragon’s Gift when it just released, but haven’t read it yet. So I am glad to hear you enjoyed it. I did read one of Jasmine Walt’s other Reverse Harem books, Ghosts and Curses, which was great.

    Chasing Christmas Past has a nice cover, with the steampunk and winter-y elements combined.

    That’s great to hear the cats are settling in nicely. I always like seeing all the pictures you post of them on Facebook. they are so cute! Have a great week!

    • I would love to be more ahead which will give me more time for other stuff but at the moment it is what it is and I’ll get it done when I can.

      I think I am looking into more adult reads but not Contemp or NA, something different so I am really enjoying them. Thanks for the recommendation I will check out Ghosts and Curses.
      I am also in a Steampunk kick which I am LOVING!

      They are and we are just loving them

  7. Oh wow. So many gorgeous looking books and fun genres. I like to mix it up now and then so reading stays fresh and enjoyable too. Have fun!

    • I KNOW! the covers are just amazing! I can’t pass a gorgeous cover! 🙂
      I tend to forget switching or just reading what I want because when I get in a rut I always feel so pressured to read books I have to instead of want to.

  8. Glad the kitties are settling in and hopefully there will be no more stomach issues! I’m really struggling with reading right now. I think I’m just tired but so far the only thing that’s really clicked lately is a Jill Shalvis book so I’m thinking maybe I just stick with that genre for a bit! Have a great week!

    • I have a feeling once they are old enough to eat adult food I might switch them to something for sensitive tummies just to be on the safe side.
      Genre change always works for me and I need to remember that when I get in a rut. 🙂

  9. So happy for you that your slump is over. The covers on your books are awesome and I hope that you enjoy reading them. Have a great week!

    • Thank you! It feels good to be able to read again.
      I am so in love with those covers. I seem to be cover shopping lately! 🙂

  10. I just recently read a reverse harem book, and loved it. I will have to check into some of the one you mentioned now. The Melanie Karnak books look amazing! I’m off to check them out too. 🙂 I’m glad to hear that Calliope is feeling better., and you can keep your snow please. We had about an inch overnight here. Don’t know where that even came from, but it will melt off today at least. Have a great week.

    • Melanie’s Steampunk fairytale series is AMAZING! I am so in love with them but currently trying to figure the order. She writes great steampunk.
      Check out the Dragon Gift Series. I am so loving it and the characters. Haven’t been this excited about a series in a long time! 🙂

    • That is why I love it so much, give you a chance to sample without having to buy it. I didn’t realize how much I like reverse harem.

  11. Yay for Reverse Harem!! I love them! My favorites are the CL Stone books (specifically the Ghost Bird series). KU has so many books that you can find just about anything to try out! I love it.
    Hope you have a great-and snow free-week!

    • OMG thank you for the suggestion, I am going to add them to my wish list! I use KU once in a while but lately I’m in such a mood that it has come in really handy and totally worth it.
      I also hope it will be snow free but I heard it will be 70 by the end of the week, fingers crossed! 🙂

  12. You got some pretty covers this week! I’m glad you seem to be finding your way out of your slump by switching up genres – that’s one long slump you’ve been in 🙂

    Don’t forget, you do have Task it Tuesday this week 😉 I put it on the calendar. And yeah, what’s with this freaking weather?! I have no snow, but I also have cold temps and no heater because our apartment complex already switched over to air and we can’t have both at the same time. We’ve been doing a lot of heating the place via the stove, the oven, and a running shower. I know, wasteful but what’s a freezing girl to do?

    HUGS! Have a great week my friend 🙂

    • I totally forgot about Task it Tuesday. Do you have a template for it, I need to go look.
      It has been a rather long slump and I think I have been forcing myself to read books that I though I needed to read instead of reading books I want to read. These are so good I will be pushing for you to read them soon. For once I think I will finish the Can you read a series in a Month!!! 🙂

      • Yay!! Congrats on breaking the slump AND killing th challenge 👍Yep I made a template and I’m pretty sure I shared it with you. Let me know if you can’t see it.

    • The Dragon Series is fantastic, I am LOVING it. Also thanks for voting! I am so excited about this weeks picks! 🙂