Monthly Book Report ~ March was slow but my best reading month.

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I am starting to see a light at the end of this busy tunnel. It still a bit away but I can at least see it. I am trying to manage my time better and one of my goals for April is to get at least an hour or two a day to read. I am a rather slow reader but I think I can do about an Hour or Two reading even if not in a row but at some point during the day/evening. Maybe even leaving a half hour before bed to read. This coming month is also the 24 hour Read-a-thon which I am SOOOO excited about because I really need a day to just read all day. I am really looking forward to it and even if I can’t do the entire 24, my goal is to at least read 2 books and maybe half way through a 3rd.

This year hasn’t been what I had hoped for but it’s still early and I still have plenty of time to catch up. Don’t count me out just yet. Sometimes I like to take a slow start and finish off with a BANG! 🙂

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8 responses to “Monthly Book Report ~ March was slow but my best reading month.

  1. I’m so glad you mentioned Dewey’s — I need to have it on my calendar before I get all booked up! Trying to decide if I’ll skip the gym that day or take a 2 hour break from the readathon… hate to miss the gym, but would also really like to dedicate myself to Dewey’s this year!

    • Maybe instead of the gym you could do something else? Like a half hour of yoga or going for a walk. I am going to try and move more on this one because I ALWAYS fall asleep. My husband might take the kids out that day so I can read all alone which would be awesome.

  2. Slow start but like you said you have a while to catch up! Yay, for read-a-thons to help catch up! 🙂 Everytime I plan to do the 24hr RAT it never goes as I want. 🙁

    • I warn my family that I am off limits that day. It’s my time.
      I really hope to catch up, I had such high hopes for this year but it just doesn’t seem to be happening, I think I took on to much at once.

  3. Ooh the 24 hour is coming up? I’ve never done that one… and ooh hope you’re liking Six of Crows! Reign of Magic looks prety awesome too…

    • You really should try it at least one. Even if you don’t make the full 24 it’s so much fun to do.
      I am liking Six of Crows but have put it aside for now because good gravy it feel like I have been reading it forever. Great story, great characters but it’s taking very long for someone that reads very slow.

  4. Aj

    I’m so excited for the Read-a-thon! I hope April is less busy for you and you’re able to get lots of reading done.

    • It seems to be a little busy but not as bad as March, thank goodness! 🙂
      I love the read-a-thon, it’s one of my favorite events. I am already getting books ready to read! 🙂