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WIR vectorstock_43821-1-1Week in READ-view is a post I have posted on Sundays telling you what I have been up to this week and what I read or am reading. The Sunday Post is a meme sponsored by the awesome Kimba at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Real Life & Blog News:

Ok so I was a liar, liar pants on fire. I wasn’t ready to come back yet. So I spend a lot of time just setting up posts and doing the Bloggiesta stuff but I also spent a lot of time reading. It was a nice break but I am back now and will resume visiting blogs/ sharing and commenting.

I have a lot of really great stuff scheduled for April as well as a bunch of reviews. I have to be honest I read a lot of great book this month and only DNF one book that I was super bummed about since it was a book two but UGH! it was so slow and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I have a great App Review for a great game coming up and it might be my favorite App Review to date. I can’t wait to share it.

I also came up with a new feature that I am hoping to start in the next couple of weeks called How does your garden grow? I love to garden so I thought why not sure my garden with you. You can watch it grow with me. I will also give a few gardening tips and also tell you some stories about gardens in the past. I will include pictures and you can follow along on instagram if you have one, just head on over and send me a request, I will be happy to follow you back.

Otherwise it has been quiet around here. Ryan’s new meds are still settling in since he has had a couple of ups and downs this week but nothing compared to what it was before. Thursday was a quick trip to the vet for our Senior Citizen Buttons (cat) She is having some eye problems and we need some meds plus she needed her old lady exam. Vet said she is healthy but a bit heavy, I took that as she is a healthy grump fat old lady. The eye problem is something she has had since she was a kitten and it flares up when she is stressed. It seems now that she is older it might happen more often but as long as I have the meds I can take care of it myself. So she should be good as new by next week, still grumpy, but all eye problem free. πŸ™‚

We had a shitty breakfast with the Easter Bunny on Saturday at the Rainforest Cafe (honestly don’t know why we keep going, the food is AWFUL)Β  and I made my way to a few stores to start shopping for Easter for the kids (just a little late). Tonight is my favorite night….it’s WRESTLEMANIA, yes I am a wrestling fan 100% and I am not embarrassed to admit it. This event is the big one, it starts at like 5 and ends at 11. I might be more excited than anyone else in the house, it better be a good show since the lead up to it has been lack luster and it’s frustrating. So much wasted talent but I have my fingers crossed they have a bunch of surprises. Next week is Easter so I might not have a Sunday Post since it’s at my house and I will be doing all the cooking but you never know. I might be able to squeeze it in between making sweet pies and sweet potatoes. πŸ˜‰

Last Week on the Blog:

This Week on the Blog:

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Clicking images with take you to goodreads ~ unlike last week when I forgot to link them πŸ˜‰

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Read/Almost a DNF
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Books I got this week:

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From Author

Picture of the Week!

This is an old picture of my Julia but it's one of my favorites
This is an old picture of my Julia but it’s one of my favorites


So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading




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17 responses to “Ok, Now my break is over! ~WIR & TSP

    • Lol I’m slowly easing into it. Today I feel super lazy but this break made me realize I love doing my blog but I need the breaks to I don’t have to do it everyday.

  1. I love that picture!! I need to go through my girls old pictures and get them framed. Too bad your breakfast was awful. I’ve only been to the Rainforest Cafe twice since it is far from us and I hated it. I think it is dark on purpose so you can’t see the horrible food lol. But I hope your Easter day turns out great! I’ll have to check out your gardening post, I need all the help I can get (I kill everything lol). Have a great week!!!

    Kathy recently posted: Weekly Wrap-Up 48
  2. Bloggiesta was a lot of fun. I really should write up a wrap-up post about it but I’m kinda in the lazy phase right now. Ha! I love your gardening idea. I’m getting into it now and it’s hit or miss with me. I accidentally let my basil flower and apparently that’s a huge no-no… which I totally get now that it’s dying. :\ I’m more of a cactus person. Oh and pothos… I love my pothos. I’ve had it for 5 years and I haven’t killed it yet. πŸ˜›

  3. It’s about time you get back to blogging. πŸ˜‰ Hope you have had a nice time off..I keep saying I need to take some blogging time off but I think I am to addicted to do it. πŸ™‚ So everyone is getting Spelled which makes me think I need to get it..lol. I am trying to resist..resist…lol. Hope you enjoy Wrestlemania, I use to be a big fan when I was younger..had a bunch of magazines, etc. πŸ™‚


    Stormi Johnson recently posted: Review of Dark Alchemy
  4. Awe, such an adorable picture of your daughter <3 cute! Sometimes just getting things ready for coming back takes a lot of work. When I took a break form blogging and came back at the start of the year, it took a couple weeks getting things situated. πŸ™‚ Glad you got some reading and relaxation.

  5. Bea

    Oh, I like the cover for Spelled. That picture of your daughter is just lovely! I can see why it’s a favorite.

    I’m glad that Bottoms is okay, grumps and all. πŸ˜€ I’m very glad to hear that Ryan is doing better and I hope that continues. *fingers crossed*

    Have a good week and good luck hosting Easter dinner!

    Bea recently posted: Sunday Book Share #134
  6. Omg I love that picture of Julia! Poor Buttons, I guess we all get old and grumpy and need our meds someday, right?

    I’m glad to hear Ryan’s still doing better – even if there’s some adjustment, it sounds like it’s going the right direction. Is he still having trouble with the shakes?

    Is Easter already Sunday? Crapola I’m not ready – i don’t even know what were doing? Better talk to Franky’s mom. Thanks for the reminder! TTYL!

    Berls recently posted: Sunday Post | 79th Edition
    • YES EASTER IS NEXT WEEK! I am finished with the kids but since I don’t buy candy it just a bunch of toys and games.

      Yes his hands still shake but it’s a side effect and it should go away when he stops the meds. It looks worse than it is. The Doctor said if he shakes to the point that he can’t hold a pencil he will need to stop but it hasn’t gotten that bad.

      Yes we will πŸ™‚ Lets plan to be in the same old people home together our room will be full of books πŸ˜‰

  7. You’ve had a busy week, Michelle! And the picture of Julia is gorgeous. What is it about b/w photos that seem more emotional and artsy?
    Too bad Avalon Rising didn’t do anything for you, sometimes it’s just so much better to DNF – it’s not as if you don’t have any other books you could enjoy instead πŸ˜‰
    Have a great week ahead, happy reading and happy Easter πŸ™‚

    Lexxie recently posted: The Sunday Post #25 – Easter Break
  8. Sounds like you had a productive week! It’s so nice to schedule posts ahead and it always makes me feel happy when I am ahead. I am looking forward to your new garden feature, I only have a small balcony so not much to garden, but we do have some plants and the supermarket I always shop gave away seeds for veggies and such, so I am going to try and grow some of thsoe this year. I am hoping to eventually have a big garden and grow some veggies, fruit and such myself. I hope you have a great week!

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #119
    • You know you can get a box to hang and use it to grow herbs they grow good in pots and hanging pots. I love my garden and I haven’t done it in the last 2 years because of the old neighbors that use to live downstairs took over my yard and last year the season got to late because the weather was so cold. I already made the logo and will start a post this week since my husband will be tilling the soil next weekend. Can’t wait for my daughter to try fresh veggies from the garden since she never had them before.

  9. What a beautiful picture! I can see why it’s one of your favorites. The Rainforest Cafe food is AWFUL! We’ve gotten drug in there a few times when the kids were younger and it was always just bad. Luckily we don’t have one near us. I’m excited about my garden too! I was hoping to spend some time cleaning out this weekend but it’s been way too cold. Next weekend it’s happening though. I’m hoping I’ll have better luck with summer squash this year as the last couple of years have been terrible. Any tips on that end would be appreciated! Glad you’re making progress with Ryan’s meds even with the ups and downs. It’s got to feel good for things to be getting better. Have a great week!

    Katherine recently posted: This Week in Reading - March 29
    • It does feel better to know he is moving forward, he even went to a friends party last night (downstairs from us) and didn’t have a meltdown or get mad he stayed the entire time. I was very proud of him.

      The Dinner food at Rainforest is ok not great but BREAKFAST IS *GAG* they are not meant to make breakfast

      I am so excited about my garden last year we didn’t do it because the weather was to cold and then it got to late but this year it’s all about me and my daughter so we can grow tomatoes. She never had a home grown Jersey Tomato πŸ™‚