Sunday Post with Berls | COVID Quarantine Week 22

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News at Home: COVID Quarantine Week 22

This week was okay. Dante is still eating, drinking, and pooing well (last week’s problem). He’s basically eating like a 1 year old, even though he won’t be 11 months until this week. He drinks 4 oz of formula with his breakfast and morning snack. Then he does about 2 oz with his lunch and afternoon snack. All 4 times, he drinks from his straw cup! Then he has dinner, which he know eats a full 2 hours later with us and drinks water from a “open” cup (a cup that you drink the same way as an open cup, but its setup to not spill… which is a very good thing because when he’s done he basically just drops it like a mic drop lol). I’ve been given him Miralax every morning. I hope to get to a point where he doesn’t need it, but so far, he’s just staying regular with it, so I know without it he’d be constipated. The doctor has assured me that I can’t give him too much and it won’t hurt his system, so it’s better than letting him get constipated.

Dante has gotten too tall, however, for me to keep working at my couch desk. He comes over and pulls on the computer. So I’ve had to start working at my desk (which is actually preferable anyway). But my desk is in the no-baby zone. So he can’t come to me, which makes me feel bad. He can come to the edge of his gate and look at me and talk to me (or yell at me as he likes to do since his only real word is “hey” so far). And I can still watch him. So it’s working.

I’m not loving my job. It’s just so BORING. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I’m working from home and can’t naturally assume more challenging tasks. And I still don’t really know anyone. But it allows me to work while taking care of Dante, which a more challenging job wouldn’t let me do, so I need to be thankful. Not to mention, I almost was unemployed, so I know i’m lucky. I think my feelings are exacerbated by the fact that school is starting and all my teacher friends are either already with their kids (virtually) or preparing to be. And y’all, I stopped teaching because it was the right thing for my family, not because I didn’t love it. It’s my calling and I’m really sad to not be in the classroom. Even know… actually ESPECIALLY now. Technology in the classroom is one of my strong points and I know I would be an asset in this challenging remote world. My Kinders always did so well with technology, to a point that people would come observe and be amazed. And, I also wish I could be with a group of kids providing them stability they must be longing for in this confusing world right now.

So yeah, my heart is not in my job right now. If only going to the classroom (to do a much more challenging and important job, with way more required skills and education) didn’t mean losing $15k a year, unaffordable and inadequate healthcare, poor work-life balance, and disrespect. Our system is so messed up. If they treated teachers right, they’d have way more good ones sticking around.

Anyway that’s my week. Mostly good, with a side of ennui. LOL!

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Sunday Post with Berls | COVID Quarantine Week 22

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10 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | COVID Quarantine Week 22

  1. Hey Berls! I’m sorry to hear about your job- that sucks- and I agree, we don’t value teachers nearly as much as we should. It’s crazy. And especially now with everything going on and this pandemic…

    I hope you have a good week, and that your reads are good also.

    And thank you for sharing my post on Twitter!!!!!!!!!

  2. I wish teachers were paid what they deserve. And they definitey should get more respect, too. I’m sorry you had to leave, because I could tell you were a terrific teacher. But I’m glad you’re not teaching in-person right now, because I really don’t think it’s safe. And I know from experience that it’s tough having a little one and trying to work from home. (Robin was about a year and a half old when I started working freelance.) But as you say, it’s a blessing that you can, and that your job lets you be home. .. These aren’t normal times, and I think everyone is a bit discombobulated by all the ways life is different right now. Hang in there!

    Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard recently posted: Death at High Tide, by Hannah Dennison
    • Thanks that’s really kind of you. I agree, teaching in person right now would be bad right now. I know I’m blessed to have my current situation, I just hope that someday teaching becomes a viable option.

      Working from home with Dante has been challenging, but doable, because my job is so easy. So I need to count that it’s boring as a blessing.

  3. Yes the world is crazy and some things just don’t seem right. You are right about being lucky your job is boring because a stressful job would be even harder with childcare and everything going on in the world. Plus good $, healthcare and hours. It’s not forever. There are so many people out there struggling and I worry about them.

    My daughter is also having the daily Miralax and they insist it is fine no matter what it says on the package. I don’t think she went to regular milk at 9 months, maybe, but more likely breast milk in a cup. She definitely wanted to be a big girl by 9 months but at a year old she was just 17 lbs. and off the chart for height. 22.5 inches when she was born. She ate well but she moved all the time when she wasn’t sleeping.

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Sunday Post – 16 August 2020
    • Yeah I’m so lucky – bored is probably preferable right now πŸ˜‚. I’m not bored on a daily basis, just in my job. Dante keeps it from being boring.

      Dante wants to be all grown up, I swear. Every transition he hits early and I’m not ready but he is. I feel like before I know it he will be off to school!

      I hope you have a great week!

  4. His momma is tall so I can see how he would be tall. I love that he says Hey. That must be so fun as he yells Hey from the other side of the room. LOL.
    I wish they had a better teaching system because you are so good at it and make such a great teacher. Maybe when Dante goes to school you can go back so you have the same hours and time as he does as he gets older.

    I am about 50% on blogging, I am trying but spend more time organizing right now. Still trying to find a routine at home but with a small house it’s hard to find the peace to really focus.

    Have a great week, Berls! Happy Reading! oxox Miss You!

    • Yeah he’s definitely taking after me – I just hope he doesn’t also take after me with weight πŸ™„.

      I think maybe when Dante goes to school it will be possible. Who knows by then maybe our country will have figured out how to pay teachers right. I hope so.

      I’m working on my blogging routine too, I think I’m finding it. 🀞

      Have a great week 😍