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Reading & Blogging:

I DECORATED THE BLOG!!! Since they wont let me do it in my house, I figured they can’t stop me from decorating the blog. 🙂

My reading and blogging is still a little slow but yesterday was my daughters showcase so that means CHEERLEADING IS OFFICIALLY OVER!!! I finally made myself sit and read, I set an alarm on my phone that says Electronics off…READ. I started using it this week and it has helped keep me on a better schedule.

I am starting to work on Blogging stuff for December and of course will be doing the Out with the Old/In with the New again. I have lots to say about this last year and my plans moving forward. I look forward to writing those posts. I will also have a new Afternoon Tea and Books in December since I got myself a fun new box of Christmas Teas to share.

My TBR List Meme went through a minor change this last month and I actually feel less stress about reading the books. From now on my November Pick will be reviewed the last Saturday in December. So each review will be the last Saturday of the next month. I thought this would make it easier especially for all my mood reader friends. I plan to change the rules on the post and on tab.

Aurora Rising was SOOOOO good. I did love the characters and can not wait for the next one. (Did you see the cover, it’s gorgeous! Kal) I found the book a little confusing at time but overall a great read, my review for the will be next Saturday for the My TBR List Review.

Kill the Farm Boy was this months winner so I plan to start reading that today and also squeeze in The Winchester Academy Series since they are short/Steam reads and I have been dying to read them.

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What I grabbed:

Winterwood was in a book box, I will share the actual book next week to avoid spoilers.

Gideon the Ninth is a book I have been wanting since it came out but it was rather expensive. I got a gift card last week and the price came down on the hardcover. The book is gorgeous and the edges are sprayed black. Totally worth it.

Challenges & Readathons:

COYER START NEXT SUNDAY!!! You still have plenty of time to sign up! ^^^See link above! ^^^


On the Blog:

What you missed:

Week in READview:

Real life:

  • Cheer Showcase was Saturday and I am super proud of my daughter and all the girls. They came in 3rd place and while I do believe they should have been at least second I am super proud of them.
  • This was a crazy week of just getting everything organized for the showcase and cleaning the house before the decorations go up next weekend. Today I am hoping to do a quick clean on my daughters room…quick…from my lips to gods ears.
  • Thanksgiving is almost here and I have to prep some stuff next week to cook. I also took out my big book of Christmas Dinner so I can start planning. I have notes about what I name for dinner since 2008.
  • I almost burned the house down….see below.
  • Work sucks and I really need a new one or a penis, since that is what you seem to need to get any respect, since I can’t really get one, a new job it is….I plan to do some serious looking in the new year.

What I am watching:

I have been switching back and forth between watching Hallmark Christmas movies and also True Crimes stuff with a bit of Disney Plus thrown in. Now that cheer is over, I am planning to spend more time binge watching a few Christmas things on Netflix and finally watch Dark Crystal and watch Willow (It’s been forever since I saw it)

What I am playing:

The Sims Discover University came out on the 15th and I can’t even tell you how much I love the CAS and game play. It add so much fun to the game. My current household teen, aged up to adult and went to college, she passed 4 semesters with A+ and is now living in the city with her boyfriend. University isn’t easy and I think that is what I loved most about it, it really made you manage time. I am planning to do a sims story on the blog either next month or in the new year. I can’t make up a story but I am rather good at telling them so I thought it would be fun since they do some really funny stuff.

Just for Fun:

This happened on Friday….


So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading


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20 responses to “The Sunday Post ~ The year is almost over ~ Week in READview!

  1. Your Christmas design looks great. I hope you can find some more time to read soon.

    Aurora Rising sounds good. I might have to check that one out. Sounds like you’re having fun with that Sims game.

    That does sound creepy about the old extension and almost getting a shock, that would give me a scare. Glad to hear you’re alright and fixed it.

  2. Congratulations to your daughter and her cheer team! And I’m really glad you didn’t burn your house down. Your blog looks great, as always. I’m starting to think about tweaking my design again, but I still love my Bookwyrm.

    Also, your new books look so good! Well, Gideon the Ninth looks a bit too dark for me, but Winter Wood is on my this-looks-intriguing-check-it-out list. (As in, borrow it from the library and see if I want to read it/own it.)

    Have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard recently posted: The Last Moriarty by Charles Veley
  3. I’m busting up about your “almost house fire” – wine and electronics apparently don’t mix too well for you LMAO! I’m glad you’re okay and go ahead and get that extension replaced just the same, eh?

    Congrats to Julia ! 3rd is great and best part… y’all are done until next year! Yay! I know you’ll enjoy the time free up… how does she feel about it being over?

    Have a great week 🙂 <3

  4. Yay for cheerleading being over! For us it was soccer and I remember those days of pure bliss when the season ended no matter how much I loved soccer and loved watching them play. Love the decorating! Normally we are over the top when it comes to decorations but this year is not that year. Next year all 46 nutcrackers are coming out and my house will become Christmasland but I needed this year off. Have a great week!

  5. I do like your banner it’s cute. I am trying to figure out if I can Christmas mine up but not sure yet what to do…lol. It’s funny that you read Aurora Rising and loved it as I just watched a video where someone DNFed it…lol. Hope you enjoy what you are currently reading!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Stormi ox

    Stormi recently posted: The Week In Review #275
  6. I’ve been kinda wanting to decorate too, I don’t know what’s wrong with me! Although it IS almost thanksgiving so maybe that’s it! Anyway the blog looks nice.

    I had to snort at your burning the house down thing. Mixing wine and electronics lol!!! I always like the Tea posts also.

    Congrats to you and your daughter on Cheer Showcase! Have a great Thanksgiving!!

    Ooh Willow!!!

  7. You go right ahead and bling out your blog for Yule. Nobody can stop you 🙂

    Sounds like you have some good books on the go! I’ve seen Kill The Farm Boy at the bookstore and wondered if it was any good.

    PS: Don’t burn the house down 😉

  8. I love the decorated blog headers you have been doing! My daughter and I are talking about doing a quilted wall hanging for each month because the first thing I ever made at Learn to quilt was an October Halloween quilt. We are enjoying talking about themes for each month as a starting point. I may have to start setting an alarm for bedtime because I just keep going because I have stuff to do but then the next day I am more tired, etc. as I sleep less. I did finish my final book for Read a Series in a Month last night / this morning, about 1 am. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with family and good food! Hopefully also some relaxing and reading!

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Lethal Redemption by April Hunt
  9. OOh nice! I really enjoyed this edition of Winterwood! Still need to read it though! Lol. Still need to read Aurora Rising too, but that new cover for book 2 was awesome! I’ve a bookmark set so I at least know the who’s who! Lol. I really enjoyed Kill the Farm Boy! I still need to read the rest of the trilogy, but the first book was quite fun! I hope you enjoy it and your other reads lined up for the week!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂