The Sunday Post ~ Who am I right now?!?! ~ Week in READview!

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Week in READview:

Real life & Blogging:

I blogged this week, like no lie I actually have two weeks worth of posts and I WROTE A FUCKING REVIEW!!! WHAT?!?!? Who am I? I have another review to write but I plan to do that today, plus a few other things. I spent a lot of time last week and this week planning what I wanted to do but instead of thinking about what I wanted to do, I actually write it down and put it in my calendar. This made a huge difference because for some reason my anxiety wont let me write stuff down. Soooo I started to follow the plan instead of listening to my anxiety. So far it has worked. I still have a few things to iron out but overall, I am super proud of myself for being able to get passed the anxiety and do what makes me happy. One step at a time. 🙂

Now I need to work on the visiting again during the week and not just the Sunday Post. (I do love the Sunday Posts)

We had a hurricane this week that came up from Florida. A lot of people lost power, I realized NJ has some really weak ass trees. They were falling down all over the place. My sister lost power at her house for 3 days but we didn’t. She brought all her stuff over to keep in our freezer, plus my nephew came over to do his college work that was due. The rest of the week was rather uneventful. My husband took off this week and I took off Thursday and Friday, which was nice. I plan to take the rest of the weekend to relax and spend next week catching up on a few things, which believe it or not, is not a lot of stuff. I do have more ideas for the blog and need to start working on logos and stuff for them. I am very happy with how things are going and have my fingers crossed it will stay like this moving forward!


Guess what…I READ A BOOK! like seriously who the f#$% am I?!?! I got back into reading a little Madison Faye and she totally hit the spot but I also realized I am craving some spooky reads and a bit of Sci-Fi or Fantasy.


What I grabbed:

So this book came in the mail, no idea why but I think I won it from BookCon…I think. I really don’t remember but I am not complaining because It looks so good and I love the cover. So Thank you Holiday House!

I wasn’t going to get Deal with the Devil but at this point no one can stop me. #sorrynotsorry. Wait until next week, I may have a problem, Lol 😀

On the Blog:

What you missed:

What you might see this week:

  • Summer Scares ~ Spooky Reads to take to the beach
  • Wow ~ The one about the House and the Sky
  • Review ~ The Girls Save the World in this one by Ash Parsons

Challenges & Readathons:

Can you read a series in a Month will be back in September, SIGN UP NOW!

2020 Read Assignment Fall Semester sign up is Live!

COYER is Now ALL Year Long!

Did you know, you can totally join the group and participate in all the fun without being a part of the challenge? While prizes (giveaways) are only available to those that participate in the COYER Year Long Challenge, you are still welcome to join in on all the fun in the group. So if you see a Readathon you want to participate in you are more than welcome to join or if you want to join the book club you can totally do that too. You don’t have to be in the Year Long Challenge to join in on the fun! If you interested Join the group! It has a lot of really awesome bloggers in it and it’s so much fun! We even do a secret Santa in December.



So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading




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30 responses to “The Sunday Post ~ Who am I right now?!?! ~ Week in READview!

  1. Congrats on getting some blogging done! I’ve been working on getting back into writing reviews as well. I don’t remember talking about books being so hard before. I second guess everything and it drives me nuts. I do find I’m more anxious over writing about books I didn’t like that are super hyped. I keep thinking a mob will come after me or something because I don’t like a popular book. Which is also why I no longer participate in discussions on Twitter. Twitter makes my anxiety go out of control.

    I read five books last week and DNF’d one. It was a pretty great reading week. I’ve been doing my best to try and get through my NetGalley books for ARC August.

    • Thank you, I almost feel like a real blogger again lol.
      I try very hard to stay away from the hype books but some of them I can’t help lol
      That is one think I actually stopped doing was getting Arcs. I only have a few pub companies I work with otherwise, I avoid netgalley and edelweiss and only use them to find new books to buy when they are released.

  2. I’m really curious about Eleanor, Alice, and the Roosevelt Ghosts. It’s on my wish list, so I hope it’s a good one!

    I’m happy to hear you were okay with the bad storms. And yay for reading and getting blog posts scheduled. I have some things scheduled, but I really need to take a week and just schedule ahead as much as I can so I don’t have to worry about things last minute all the time. LOL


    ShootingStarsMag recently posted: Summer Reading: Enter to Win the Grand Prizes!
  3. vvb

    Glad to hear you came out alright from the hurricane. Looking forward to see your Spooky Reads to take to the beach.

  4. Glad you broke out of the funk for some reading and a review, Michelle. Eek, didn’t realize the hurricane hit so far north so I’m glad you were safe and didn’t lose power. Our old trees drop killer branches every time we get high winds, too. Congrats on the book win and the purchase.

    Have a great week, Michelle!

  5. That’s awesome you got some blogging done! Sounds like following the plan worked. I do most of my visiting for Sunday Posts as well, it’s hard to make time for visiting. Too bad about those trees falling over due to the hurricane and your sister losing power, but that’s good she could store her freezer stuff at your place. I have Deal with the Devil on my wishlist, it sounds good. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Have a great week!

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #399
  6. Sunday Post is SO fun. I am new to it, I don’t know why I didn’t start it years ago since I have been blogging so long. But I love the interactions and seeing the reading and blog updates from everyone.

    I have been curious about COYER, never really joined to be honest. I always get on it too late and then I am like oops. Now that its year long I won’t feel guilty about it lol

    I have been curious about this Kit Rocha book. I do love a librarian theme.

    • Yes, I love catching up on everyones week and seeing what they read or grabbed.

      You are welcome to join the group even if you don’t participate in COYER this year. We have so much going on. If you just want to stalk for a bit you can totally do that too. 🙂 Such a great group of bloggers in there also. We even do a Secret Santa in December which is always fun.

      I am excited to read it and have heard so many great things about it.

  7. Yay! Glad you were able to get blogging things done! I usually make myself write all the week’s posts on Fridays, though lately I try to write two or three during the week so I’m not too consumed on Friday after work.

    Nice new reads! Those are all new to me ones. I hope you enjoy them all!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  8. Yay!! Lol look at you (us actually, I blogged this week too and have 1 week worth of posts!!). I’m excited to see if we can keep it up. And yay for the reading too… I haven’t finished a book (that’s not a reread) yet but I’m hopeful that the two I’ve got going now will make it.

    So glad you didn’t lose power or get hit by any of the trees (house or vehicles)! Stay safe!

    • *high five* I am determined to try and do as much as I can. I have so many fun posts I want to do in the next 4 months that I will be so sad if I miss doing them again.

      *knock on wood* we usually don’t lose power, we think because we are on the same grid as the hospital that is up the street. We have our cars in the driveway and no trees to fall on it.