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Recapping 2018 and looking ahead to 2019

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Out with the OLD: 2018

Challenges used to be my thing. And in 2018, I didn’t really do well participating in any of them. Even the very few I bothered to sign up for (the ones I co-host). The only challenge I think I really did well with were the Can You Read a Series in a month Challenges… because they fit my mood. Binge read a series? Yes please, that’s what I’m already doing anyway.

But not doing amazing participating in challenges is not that big of deal. What I feel very bad about is being a pretty sucky co-host. My heart just has not been in it and Michelle has been doing most the work for the challenges on her own. I jump in a host a twitter party, fix a post, do some of the social media… but the ideas, the planning, all that has been really Michelle.

In with the NEW: 2019

In the interest of being a better co-host, I’ve quite literally JUST decided that participation in challenges will be pretty back-burner for me. What I mean is, I will participate only in challenges I’m co-hosting and my #1 goal in those challenges will be to do my part as a co-host. Any actual reading that goes with it will be a bonus.

Check out the challenges we are hosting at Because Challenges, our new site for all our challenges. Here’s my goals for participation in each of them:

2019 Bookish Resolutions

  • Post at least one time a week
  • Visit blogs at least one time a week
  • Work on something for one of our challenges at least one time a week

2019 Reading Assignment Challenge

I’m going with Professor AuthorLuv for this semester, beginner level class. My author will continue to be JA Huss, as I’ve been working on trying to read all her books for a couple years now and I’m getting closer. If she’d stop writing (gasp! no, don’t do that!) I’d have a chance.

A Year in Anthologies

I’m going to go for just 2 anthologies. Seeing as I’ve read a grand total of one over the past 3 years, I feel like that’s a big goal honestly. I own several though, so it’ll be nice to actually start reading them.

Posts in July & August


What are your challenge plans in 2019?

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Have a great day and Happy Reading!

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6 responses to “2018 Out with the Old, 2019 In with the New ~ Berls’s Challenges

  1. Jen

    I am not a big official Challenge person. Mostly because I want to read what I want to read, and I hate having to find something to fit a challenge. Also, it stresses me out trying to track so many different challenges (I’m a challenged challenger?!) I do the GR “how many books will I read” challenge and the Audiobook Challenge (how many will I listen to). but that’s about it.

    Good luck in 2019! I like your goals and attitude!

    Jen recently posted: Looking Ahead: 2019
    • I love the concept of challenges – that I’ll do better at something that I want to improve – but when they involve a lot of tracking and doing what I don’t really want to do/reading what I don’t really want to read it just becomes stressful. I like the GR challenge because of how simple it is. I used to do the audiobook challenge to – I stopped because I was always passing the top challenge pretty easily (so it wasn’t a challenge anymore). Good luck with your challenges!

  2. Good luck with your goals this coming year!! I added some reading challenges but at the same time I decided not to fret about if I meet them or not and just read. I have some other things in 2019 I want to concentrate on that may take me away from reading but that I really need to do so I am decluttering, reorganizing and buckling down with some things and relaxing my reading. 🙂

    Stormi Johnson recently posted: 2018 End of the Year Survey
  3. Some things aren’t a critical need and you can tailor your plans to suit the mood like reading challenges. 🙂 Glad you’ve found your comfort spot and it looks like a good plan for you, Berls!

    Have a great 2019!