Out with the Old, In with the New ~ March 2016 Recap

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Berls @ Fantasy is more fun and I are recapping 2016
and looking ahead to 2017, for the next 12 days.
Feel free to join us!
I’ll be sharing highlights month-by-month and giving you a peak at what’s ahead in 2017.


out with the OLD: 2016

This month I was delusional, I still thought I was coming out of a slump and we all know I was not but this month I realized something I had forgotten…again. Catching up is more stressful than moving forward so this month I realized that missing a post or two isn’t the end of the world and other bloggers who have family, jobs and other hobbies know that real life sometimes gets in the way so missing a post or two on one or two days…even a week, isn’t going to be the end of your blog. You might lose a few followers but the loyal ones know and will stay around…so…

in with the NEW: 2017

I figured I would stop trying to catch up and just move forward….two weeks forward to be exact. I want to try to keep the blog ahead by two weeks so that I am not always stressed, I don’t have tons to do and can spend the time on family, jobs and other hobbies without worrying if I have to finish a post. Easier said than done? Probably but 2017 I plan to try to keep up because I suck at visiting friends also but more about that later in the year.

Posts in January ~ 28 post this month

Books I read this month ~ 5 books read

Wanna read the synopsis for some of these? click HERE to see my March Shelf on Goodreads.

Books I reviewed this month ~ 5 books reviewed

My Favorite Book this month:

This series turned out to be one of my favorites and it’s so cute. Great read for middle grade or younger. Stitch Head is such a cute characters. Need to read the last two in the series, I can’t wait to get them 🙂


What are you looking forward to in 2017?

Thanks for stopping by to Check out my recap of 2016 and what’s to come in 2017

Have a great day and Happy Reading!




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6 responses to “Out with the Old, In with the New ~ March 2016 Recap

  1. My goal is to be 2 weeks ahead too. That was my goal last year and I did pretty good at the beginning but then slacked off as time went on. I had to go out of town unexpectedly back in November and REALLY could have used that buffer. The visiting everyone is so hard! I don’t want to miss out but at the same time some days it just isn’t possible. Hope you can avoid the slump next year!

    Katherine recently posted: The Perfect Christmas - Romance Review
    • I have a feeling I might slack too which is why I made it one of my bookish Resolutions so I can hold myself accountable 🙂
      I agree, it is hard to visit everyone, a few months back I tried to visit at least 5 blogs a week or 3 blogs every other day. It worked out pretty good but stuff got weird at home and I never caught up. I hope to get back to visiting again, I miss all my bloggy friends posts 🙂

    • Was the challenge Blog Ahead with Herding Cats and Burning Soup? I love that challenge, i didn’t get a lot done but I did get a lot drafted and felt like I accomplished a lot 🙂
      I agree, would love the chance to be less stressed with posts already scheduled ahead of time, would give me more time to visit blogs too if I was.